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    The Tao Te Ching at Chapter 22


    Yield and overcome.

    Bend and be straight.

    Empty and be full.

    Wear out and be new.

    Have little and gain.


    Therefore wise men embrace the one.

    And set an example to all.

    They shine forth.

    Not justifying themselves.

    They are distinguished.

    Not boasting.

    They receive recognition.

    Not bragging.

    They never falter.

    They do not quarrel.

    So no one quarrels with them.

    Therefore the ancients say: Yield and overcome.

    Is that an empty saying?

    Be really whole.

    And all things will come to you.



    Alex Jones is being sued.

    This jack-ass accused PARENTS

    of the victims of the Sandy Hook

    Massacre of being actors.


    Parents and siblings and other relatives of the dead

    and wounded victims of this shooting were

    attacked by a man with one aim in mind:

    I can make money off of this tack.


    I was taught when I was a child that nothing

    is free.


    I do believe that we (US) live in a country with

    Free Speech. But speech is not always that free.

    There are limits.

    In Britain, an outlandish gay man sued some newspaper

    for calling him ‘out’.


    This man’s name was Liberace.

    Of course, everyone knew that Liberace was gay?


    This suit would not be enforceable in this country

    today, because of a Supreme Court case entitled

    ‘Sullivan v. the New York Times’.

    A celebrity cannot sue a newspaper for defamation based

    upon a standard of preponderance of evidence.


    The plaintiff must muster more evidence than might be required

    in another forum.


    The Supreme Court in Sullivan proposed that there

    must be limits put  upon libel suits due to the dictates of

    The First Amendment to the US Constitution.





    Sullivan does not forgive all defamers.

    There are limits to free speech.



    In this day of Twitter and blogs and…..

    The masses have decided they might write anything.

    Anything at any time.


    But Alex and his speech have hurt folks.


    I recall the pizza shop owner and he only lost

    his tile?



    I bring all this up today because of Rush.

    I have not written about Rush for years;

    Probably because we have a Rush Doppelganger

    In the White House.


    Some right wing nut in New Zealand attacked two

    Mosques last week.


    There was a diary left by this Nazi who had killed all these innocents.


    The diary clearly outlined an aim to kill all Muslims and

    Liberals and he even lauded the efforts of Trump…..?



    Alex sinned the worst sins of course.

    As far as using his free speech within his aura.

    Alex actually attacked the victims; and then

    there is the definition of 'victim'.


    Parents, due to the republications of Alex

    had to close up and move.  The moves were

    Due to death threats coming from Alex Jones’



    Then we must acknowledge the recent suicide

    of one of the parents of the victims. (supra)


    But Rush disturbs me much, as he always did.


    Here is this right wing Nazi white supremacist prick

    who cites other Nazis like trump in his diary.


    What does Rush do?


    Oh the killer was a lefty pretending to be a righty

    so that he could kill folks under cover and the killings

    would be ascribed to a righty?

    Or Rush would say that anyway?


    Yeah, I know this is nonsensical.


    But damn…..


    Again, Rush’s Doppelganger is currently in the WH;

    And Rush is an idiot and a liar and a ….


    But Rush has been paid billions of dollars over the

    Years for lying and covering up and making things up and….


    All Alex Jones wished to do was to make money like Rush.

    Alex had no other aim in life.

    But Alex is now in a place where he might lose everything as

    the victims of Sandy Hook attack him through the courts.

    Alex is the celebrity; the victims of Sandy Hook are not.

    And Alex has no cloak to save his ass under current laws.

    Rush wins and Alex shall eventually lose.



    So we must make money by lying about victims

    Of atrocious crimes?








    What goes around, comes around and sleeps on your lawn:



    More a fan of "Revolution Blues" - "t was such a drag to hear him / all night long..."

    Once lived on that stretch of beach as well (and perhaps almost died there - the follies of youth).

    You picked up my leading line from that song.

    I still spin the whole album from time to time. The "Nixon Resigns" headline on the newspaper on the cover gives a point of reference for listening.

    To continue the line:

    "That was me with the gun, setting him free near the factory where you build your computer love."


    "We got a lot of guns and ammunition - just to keep the population down..."

    First trip to Simi Valley a long way back... a Spahn pilgrimage?


    A National Rifle Association official emailed a known Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist to question the events that unfolded in the Parkland, Florida mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year, according to emails cited by HuffPost. Mark Richardson, a training instructor and program coordinator with the NRA, reportedly emailed Wolfgang Halbig to suggest that Nikolas Cruz was not the only shooter involved in the massacre. “Concerning what happened in Florida yesterday, I have been asking the question and no one else seems to be asking it. How is it that Cruz was able gain [sic] access to a secured facility while in possession of a rifle, multiple magazines, smoke grenades and a gas mask?” Richardson reportedly wrote from his official NRA email address. “Just like [Sandy Hook], there is so much more to this story. He was not alone.” Richardson is said to have then ended the email by thanking Halbig for “all the information” and “for what you do.” According to HuffPost, Halbig is known to harass the parents of children who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting—which killed 20 children and six adults in 2012.

    Yes, Richard, the immediate response does point to a hair trigger.

    There is something going on.

    On Alex Jones on Sandy Hook:

    AA Alex has lost advertisers and....

    But he is the celebrity being sued.

    And his victims have lost a lot.

    And this suit or set of suits will kill him financially.


    How free is free speech?

    These victims have been so terrorized.

    Can you imagine losing your young one and ending up with death threats?

    Of course you know.

    I just brought up Rush because he is accusing the shooter in NZ of being a secret

    left wing.....something?

    That is all I got.

    Thank you for the sites.

    Now Alex claims 'temporary' insanity with regard to the Sandy Hook Massacre?

    Temporary (or 'regular') is not a defense in a civil suit as far as I can tell.


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