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    Katrina General Honoré: Condemns Trump Administration Disaster Response

    Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, on Jared Kushner: "I don't believe he knows what the hell he is talking about."

    Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina: it's time for FEMA to hand some of this mission off to the DOD.




    On board:

    Honoré was light years more direct. McC failed was very good, but did not relate who he held to be responsible for the lack of a unified response, the situation is dire enough to be specific in criticism of the administration's lack of serious coordinated action.

    I agree.

    I thought Eaton's very very subtle suggestion about paying attention to the needs of the governors of our states (rather than the "commander in chief", he's left out of this) was of exceptional interest, though. Especially in light of having just read this And actually quite radical in that some might argue "that's coup talk". Well it's not coup talk if you are just ignoring an idiot commander-in-chief when he's babbling nonsense during a pandemic is it? Also they take an oath to the Constitution.

    Trump and the Republican Party's Heroes of Brainwashing the GOP Herd:



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