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    As you read this, AOC has been re-nominated in a blowout win over a Wall Street Republican newly converted to a Democrat who received over 5 million dollars from panicked plutocrats, including Blackstone and Goldman honchos.


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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez*20,983   72.9%
    Michelle Caruso-Cabrera5,664       19.7
    Badrun Khan1,4605.1
    Samuel Sloan6962.4


    More importantly, her endorsed fellow Dem aspirants are in train to knock off centrist incumbents at the Federal and State level.


    Her Courage to Change PAC has deep pockets and a bright future.


    Viva Mi Reina!


    Viva DSA


    Abajo Los Pluto's.


    It is a glorious day.



    Bowman is ahead of Engel, but we won't know the final result for a while.

    If by "awhile" you mean 12 hrs, correct.  He has now declared (ed note: himself...).  The absentees, of course, weigh heavily but his margin is really convincing. 


    Engel is an extra special primo scalp to score.  




    It did seem that Engel had passed his "sell by":date.

    Nadler is next, if he is fooish enough to postpone retirement at the end of this term.


    What a total disgrace, from his complaisance with Barr's criminality to laying down and dying in the face of Gomer Pyle's disruptive contemptuous (and contemptible) outburst in committee this week!


    Nadler does not appear to be up to the task of his chairmanship.

    When you are outmatched and intimidated by Louis  Fuckin' Gohmert,......

    With the Maoist Squad tightening their control over the Globalist Party and with BLM as their shock troops Western Civilization not just our Republic are marked for destruction.

    I don't know how to defeat people who thrive on hate of country, family,faith and themselves.

    Yesterday designating the Democrat Party a Domestic Terrorist Group would have been an absurd thought but that was yesterday.

    You ought'a feel the terror, loser.


    I hope you bolt awake in a cold sweat at 4 am. 


    Reality is a bitch, and she's coming for you and your pathetic friends.

    All the Democrats have to do is let Trump govern and let the public judge the results

    COVID was a hoax . Now more than 120K have died.

    When the audience at a Trump rally cheers when he uses the term "Kung Flu", more Democratic voters are created.

    As COVID testing is abandoned, more Democratic voters are created.

    The Democratic Party just needs to have you keep talking.

    To assist Nonny in his nocturnal starts and fits, an image of Lord Jagannath (Juggernaut...) to meditate upon before bed...


    Image from… | Flickr

    Or, (to him even more terrifying...)


    AOC endorses Rep. Engel's Democratic challenger Jamaal Bowman in ...

    I have to be honest, watching people argue that AOC is as big a threat as Trump is hilarious.

    She IS a big threat to the greedy, the cruel, the rapacious, and the corrupt.

    Aoc is a black hearted commie , a clever politician and a dunce like most of her ilk.

    If she prays it's to the cult of Kali.

    I sleep surprisingly well these days and my dreams are untroubled, can you say the same?

    I'm sleeping extremely well.. I feel more secure that Republicans have no message with every post you make.


    Hang in there, I can see you're scared but we've been through worse times.

    Nadler does look tired.
    On the other hand, the Republicans have staged so many stunts, the whatever shrug upon the Chairman's part is an argument to pay attention to what the witness says rather than focusing upon the juvenile behavior of Gohmert.

    That said, I long to see the Sergeant at arms do his sergeantly duty.....there is no reason not to have Gohmert hauled out on his goober ass.


    Alas, the quintessential Sergeant who knew how to deal with Gomer has recently left us, but he lives on in film...


    Just imagine Nadler yelling at Gohmert's ass as it exited the committee room "Don't fuck with me again, Gomer!"

    I share that feeling but don't think it is helpful.
    We are in a situation where establishing what happened and is happening now is at risk of being of being erased by the people in power.
    Every other thing is theater. We cannot afford theater.

    Did you read Peter Strzok's handwritten notes of the Jan 5 2017 White House meeting? That is documented history of the vile corruption your masters wish to disappear.

    The clown Nadler was enabling was spewing opinions in service of that corruption.


    The above is from an actual interview. Trump is clearly insane. If the country falls, it will not be due to cancel culture, cultural appropriation, etc. The country will fall because of a coup conducted by by Trump and the GOP. Republicans realize that he is insane but they get money to their corporate bosses. Republicans care nothing about the country.

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