The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    Jim Crow just another name for School Choice!

    Betsy DeVos knows her history. I obviously do not, because I thought the Historically Black Colleges and University's were created because Black American's were barred from attending schools with white people. But I was wrong, I was so wrong!! Who knew. Today I learned that Jim Crow is just another phrase that means school choice! Woo! All the problems that ever existed, never really existed. I love Trumpworld. It's the best ever. 







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    DeVos the the Secretary of Education. DeVos is uneducated. 40% of the country support her boss, Trump. It is likely that given the low bar set for Trump, his approval rating will increase. I talked to Trump supporters and came away with the impression that they were hypnotized. They had no problem with Trump's Russian ties, his business conflicts, or his lies about inauguration crowd size and the size of his electoral college vote. Many in the country believe that Trump can build the military, provide cheaper health care, cut taxes, and build infrastructure. They are not responsive to simple facts or arithmetic. The only thing that can save the country from Trump is open protest like that occurring over Obamacare. Trump will never be my President.


    Most of what he promised he can't do. He can't replace the ACA with something better and cheaper. He can't bring jobs back. Cutting taxes will not create a higher GDP or increase jobs. His infrastructure plan, if he can get it passed, will not create a lot of jobs. All of that is really complicated to accomplish and you know, nobody knew how complicated all those issues are. All he can do is ban Muslims and deport immigrants. We'll see if that''s enough for his supporters.

    It's weird to me that there are people out there in our nation who are in charge of stuff who don't know anything about our history, she seems to have no idea that we barred our own citizens from higher education because of the color of their skin.  This is the ultimate in propaganda, and it's disgusting.

    What's most remarkable is that this wasn't some off-the-cuff idiocy. It's a press release that was presumably edited and vetted. The language is not just insulting to African-Americans, historically inaccurate, and politically moronic. The analogy doesn't even make any sense.

    40% of the country support Trump. They likely had no problem with DeVos' original statement. Jeff Sessions at the DOJ is putting the brakes on opposing voter suppression. Trump thinks that the Central Park Five are guilty despite the evidence. He thought that John Lewis' district had to be poor because he views blacks as poverty-stricken. We have Steve Bannon as a senior advisor. David Duke is in political heaven. Trump supporters see all this and find nothing wrong. They are deplorable.

    The analogy doesn't even make any sense.

    Exactly this Mike. It makes no sense if you know something about history and Jim Crow and institutional racism.  It's clear that DeVos doesn't know anything about American history, but here she is in charge of the Department of Education. Yikes! This must be a return to our own dark ages, a new anti-intellectualism which revolves around propaganda and outright lies and obfuscation of history. I'm reading Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle to try to wrap my head around this era. I probably need more alcohol or something for this to make sense. 

    Chris Savage from Eclectablog wrote a piece similar to yours. He was equally disgusted by Miz Betsy's comparison. In fact he tagged the piece "education, racism."

    Nice thanks for the link. 

    Oh, and also, I saw during his speech last night, (yes, I watched bits and pieces of it while old X-Files reruns went to commercial) Trump managed to drag in a young African-American woman who not only was the first in her family to graduate high school, but also college. All because she was given  an opportunity to attend a "school of choice". Apparently she did not do well in the local public school.The underfunded, broken down building local public school.

    I seem to recall George Wallace and Lester Maddox standing up Samson-like in the doorways of those great institutions of learning to defend freedom of educational choice for all students. Or maybe I disremember a bit, it's been so long.... hep me, fellas, hep me. Who would have known it'd be so complex.

    Well, it's only complex when you have simpletons running the rodeo.


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