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    Head's Up People! Walker's "Budget Repair Bill" ain't all about busting Unions

    from the text of Wisconsin Governor Walker's "Budget Repair Bill":

    Page 18; Line 8: "Except with respect to sexual orientation, the contractor further agrees to take affirmative action to ensure equal employment oppotunities." 

    As proposed by Walker and his supporters, this assault on LGBT Rights will be written into Law in this State if this tyranny prevails.

    I have not yet had time to review the entire document. But this, alone. should serve as sufficient warning that it ain't only the unions that this tyrant has placed in his sights for his attack against the rights of the people of Wisconsin.

    Class War it is! Which side are YOU on? 


    Section 16.765 of JR1SB on p 17 of the pdf SJ cites seems like boilerplate BS about advocating non-discrimination in hiring by contractors. Good luck to an individual with "age, race, religion, color, handicap, sex, physical condition, developmental disability as defined in s. 51.01 (5), sexual orientation,  def. see s. 111.32 (13m)...." ...issues who seeks to prove in court they were discriminated against under this law, and were thus denied a job illegally.

    This sort of equal opportunity BS is just window dressing in the real world of American employment and justice, where proving such a discrimination case for an individual is difficult and rare. Any employer can discriminate (age, disability, Muslim sounding name...) almost any way and on anyone they want to, and come up with a basket of reasons it isn't discrimination.  If ever taken to court it would take years and cost a fortune with highly uncertain results, unless as a class action type case with overwhelming statistics, and big fee potential for the lawyers who might have to spend years working it through the system.

    Yep...and not just in employment either. In housing and health-care and restaurants.....

    Instead of top down legislation...national to state level...we're seeing bottom up legislation...states rewriting legislation to suit their needs with expectation of national representative approval. It's that old cart before the horse situation and the GOPers think they've got all the kinks worked out and it will fly without a problem.

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