"Gun control"? Things have changed


    With Like it or not, I believe he might be referring to people having something against "stop and frisk"?

    Do those people have some kind of alternative, like maybe making ammunition very hard to get?

    Or really stiff sentences for offenders using guns illegally for the "think twice before you do this?" factor? That eventually worked with drunk driving. But consider this: we basically allow the equivalent of "stop and frisk" for driving, anyone that a law enforcement officer deems to be driving erratically can be stopped and required to get out of the car and given tests.

    Why are people traveling on two feet in public spaces but hiding even more lethal equipment in their pocket given the mulligan here? They're certainly not given that benefit when trying to board an airplane with fellow citizens. They take off their shoes and jackets, leave what they are carrying to be inspected and go through x-ray machines. Even upper class privileged white people do this, go figure.

    Good luck to the woke folks hanging on to an old fashioned notion of privacy in public.

    .⁦@washingtonpost⁩ editorial board: “It’s absurd there are no national regulations or restrictions governing ghost guns, which pose a mounting threat to public safety. …let’s hope a renewed effort in Maryland to combat the problem finally succeeds.” https://t.co/JOh215vP9J

    — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) January 30, 2022

    Ghost guns matter in all your gun policy choices. https://t.co/3ucCl5tAjj

    — Peter Moskos (@PeterMoskos) January 30, 2022

    So uh how the hell do you plan to enforce this? Like you call them ghost guns cause you can’t track them and literally don’t know the exist like? Unlawfull searches I guess idk I’m kinda at a loss https://t.co/GEOfOTuJpy pic.twitter.com/hJQPxpBbnk

    — Dudeinashed (@Dude_in_a_shed) January 31, 2022

    Streets have changed. Kids got these ghost guns runnin around with one bullet, one shot then throw the gun away.

    If u do the dirt u shouldn’t run from it.

    — InvolvedMoney (@InvolvedMoney) February 1, 2022

    I'm sure ghost gun fans are happy to see activists continuing to promote the "defund police" meme, including things like taking police off traffic enforcement duty, because police are frankly: the only hope of reducing proliferation.

    "I'm sure ghost gun fans are happy to see activists continuing to promote the "defund police" .......

    Do you ever stop posting right wing Fox News memes/agitprop long enough to educate yourself on reality?

    The reality is ghost guns are legal and Republicans are fighting to keep them legal. 

    "A group of Republican representatives is hoping to block the ATF from gaining “extraordinary power over the firearm industry.”   link

    If Biden does try to ban ghost guns with a new ATF rule, Republicans are ready to block it in court, the rationale for this from the Heritage Foundation:

    "...the ATF’s new rule in effect would change that law to allow for the regulation of “almost-frames” or “almost-receivers.”.... Congress simply did not give the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives the authority to drastically alter the plain meaning of statutes, or to regulate partially finished frames or receivers that require more drilling or machining on the part of the person assembling the gun. And the ATF is not constitutionally permitted to grant itself that authority, ...".  link

    Funded or defunded, cops can't stop ghost guns.

      Republicans want the carnage to continue, so they can run on "being tough on crime".  Which they ensure will continue by legalization of any and all  guns everywhere, for anybody, anywhere.

    OMG, CA laws worked the way they are supposed to!!! At least this one time!!!

    Authorities said he attempted to buy a handgun in November but his purchase was denied. Officials believe the transaction did not go through because of a California-based protection order that said he could not purchase or possess a firearm.

    Harris was placed on leave from UCLA last year and a female University of California, Irvine philosophy professor was granted a restraining order against him after he sent emails to his mother threatening to “hunt” the professor and “put bullets in her skull.” Harris’ mother alerted the woman.

    from Former UCLA lecturer threatened to ‘hunt’ female professor


    ...we haven't seen so many machine guns used in crimes since Prohibition... - ATF Acting Director Marvin Richardson to CBS -

    Sorta along similar lines, cross-link:


    Tue, 02/08/2022 - 12:50am |

    Official A.T.F. Valentine's Day tweet!!!

    Yes, it's real.

    Ghost gun making looking more and more like a growth industry in the U.S.:

    First time a gunmaker has been held liable in a mass shooting - and not the last: https://t.co/k7LSp4an8H #sandyhook

    — Frank Figliuzzi (@FrankFigliuzzi1) February 15, 2022

    2 15yo boys arrested after they were seen on social media post brandishing guns in bathroom at Hercules Middle/High School, per @Hercules_PD, adding one teen had a ghost gun w/high-capacity magazine on campus & other busted after search of his home pic.twitter.com/wUdXNAUZ00

    — Henry K. Lee (@henrykleeKTVU) February 8, 2022

    they come in much purdier colors, after all, can match your backpack or whatever -

    Today LASPD Officers recovered a "GHOST GUN" from campus. See link for storyhttps://t.co/rzEajB3nr4 pic.twitter.com/XnljL9PYmH

    — LA School POA (@LASchoolsPA) February 12, 2022


    meanwhile the factory AR-15's and the like will more and more go places like this

    #Jamaica | Even community efforts to reduce violence in Jamaica have ended in grim headlines. Last year, a man was gunned down at a seminar for peace management and gender violence. https://t.co/zBhNtbRwfg

    — InSight Crime (@InSightCrime) February 14, 2022


    REALIZE THIS: Everything that's going on in Ukraine is going to make it even tougher to institute any kind of gun control in the U.S.

    You first had everyone and his uncle buying a gun for self-protection during police pulling back during Geo. Floyd protests and the aftermath of a rising crime wave.

    Now you've got Ukraine being a perfect example of every 2nd-Amendment dead ender's main argument.

    The Ukraine war is a like A WET DREAM FOR 2ND AMENDMENT ABSOLUTISTS:

    And don't fool yourself into thinking that the Supremes aren't paying attention!

    Just saying. 


    The Ukraine war is a like A WET DREAM FOR 2ND AMENDMENT ABSOLUTISTS:


    Lauren Boebert thinks her “in-a-lien-able” rights include military equipment.

    “Why can’t I have a bazooka or a tank?” - Rep. Lauren Boebert asked in 2019 pic.twitter.com/mXp47TV34m

    — Resist (@Resist47231614) March 6, 2022


    And don't fool yourself into thinking that the Supremes aren't paying attention!

    Just saying. 


    dupe on purpose so I can find it. The NRA extra special friends award goes to BLM (runnersup: Covid and Putin's Russia)

    Heightened violence, including new homicide records, a rise in anti-Asian hate and national attention to police brutality, have pushed more Black, Latino and Asian Americans to seek out firearms as a form of self-protection.

    My latest:https://t.co/YdRQnggTYK

    — Shawna Chen (@shawnarchen) April 23, 2022

    We don't need no cops or prisons, just guns! Heck, with guns, we don't need no law either if we keep to tribe (BLM code for tribal separatism: "community")

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