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    FISCAL CLIFF: A Grover Norquist Production appearing soon at a theater near you!

    What a bunch of hooey!

    Who would have thought - even as little as two years ago - that Social Security, Medicare, and the rest of the New Deal would be available to be negotiated away under any circumstance? Yet, all of Washington and the media  is abuzz about this manufactured "crisis" wherein the "reasonable compromise" involves doing that very thing against allowing the EXPIRATION of the un-funded, budget-busting and supposedly TEMPORARY Bush Tax Cuts.
    Ultimately, we are told the working class must take wage cuts, surrender our retirement and our health care and other social safety nets (V.A. benefits, Unemployment benefits, etc.) - all in the interest of a "healthy economy."
    There is something distinctively wrong with that equation. When you start figuring out what it is, you begin to understand that this whole "fiscal cliff crisis" was more about its performance and not its end product, and that we have all been played for suckers in assuming the roles we were assigned in this cheesy little drama.
    Those who would destroy the middle class for their own gain (The Grover Norquists and Wall Street, etc.) have already won. Long live the oligarchs.


    Credit where credit is due...Norquist merely plays piccolo...The Times beats the drum...but no orchestra performs as an ensemble without a talented and flamboyant conductor...The Maestro (His-Own-Bad-Self) Obama.  


    It ain't the music being played, it's us...

    The opening act? Titled: "The Catfood Commission."

    You are precisely right, jr. None of it would have been possible without the complicit willingness of Obama and the rest to stay with the script provided for them.

    Oddly, Obama never again came as far left as the Catfood Commission--that was the HIGH water mark of progressive formulae!  What a scandalous putz!

    Good to see you writing again SleepinJesus.

    What the heck can we do about this enslavement, to the oligarchs?

    They control the banks, the media, they control the voting apparatus, the gerrymandering, the financing of their preferred candidates. It's all fixed.  

    Hi, Resistance! I think it begins by being smarter consumers of the "news." And by understanding the way the media and the message is used to sell the impossible such as framing the dismantlement of the New Deal as simply another budget-cutting "austerity" measure.

    It has been frustrating to see so many of the supposed Progressives sucked into this "fiscal cliff debt crisis discussion." The Catfood Commission was, to me, tantamount to a crazed mugger putting a knife to the throat of us, the Middle Class. The response should be one of fighting back with everything you've got. Or perhaps even negotiating to see if your wallet will suffice in getting the mugger to go on his way so we can live to fight another day. Yet Obama and the Dems and the media and TPM and the DNC and even many here at Dagblog instead got into this game where the negotiation became all about just how deeply we would let the mugger slice away at the muscles and sinews pulsing beneath the blade.

    And that was exactly the response that was expected of us by those who have written the script for this drama. What was once sacrosanct and protected as the very foundation that supports the existence of the middle class is now nothing more than policy items to be funded or not. What actually comes out of this "fiscal cliff" negotiation is of no real importance to the larger objective of getting Social Security and all the rest established as a legitimate and sanctioned target for ongoing assaults upon the middle class by the oligarchs who own Washington.

    I've never really seen such a wide assortment of otherwise intelligent people act so foolishly as they got on board and took the scripts provided for them in this production. Four years ago, these same people would have said it was impossible to dismantle the New Deal. And now, they're playing it like a chorus in an off-Broadway musical singing in unison about the deal that needs to be struck in support of a proper finish to this cheesy little drama. FEH!

    But back to your question, I've actually written a great deal about what it is I think needs to be done instead. From the archives, I would suggest you look here and here, just for starters.

    I look forward to the discussion. This is not our brightest moment in the Class War (or, more properly, "Class Assault") that has been visited upon the workers and the middle class and the poor for over thirty years now. I just hope it doesn't actually represent the death throes of those who refused to fight back in defense of our New Deal gains that gave rise to a Middle Class in the first place. We needed combatants. I look around, and all I see are fools.

    But if we do not do what they tell us to we will make 7 bucks an hour and have to purchase our own uniforms and then have to pay our emergency rooms when we get sick and we will have to spend 8 bucks an hour on milk and we will have to say 'sir' whenever we go to work!

    the end

    You forgot, we'll work for 7 bucks an hour and pay the taxes, so we can pay the National guard, hired to protect them, from us.  

    Okay, I'll bite, I hereby render unto RESISTANCE the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site; given to all of him from all of me!


    I enjoy reading this mans take on things.

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