Election Day Clean Sheet

    Alright, you worms, taps playing 6:30a.m. reveille - get out there and blog, mix it up, do some damage. "Taxi's waiting, blowing it's horn, dawn is breaking it's early morn, already I'm so antsy I could die..." Stir it up, little darling, stir it up, right now... Ok, enough soundtrack - let's do what needs doing. Make the GOP cry.


    A big difference from 2016? 2018's barnburner election with all the new female representatives and all the new Dems in state offices taken to keep an eye on the malfeasance.

    The elaboration in his second tweet is the thing:

    To pay so much attention is being complicit unless you're like a law student.

    ugh Florida again

    Think waiting in line is bad? Lightweight - back when we were young, we waited for days...

    But Trump won Millsfield 16-5 as 2nd midnight voting township - hope that's not a repeat performance.

    Now this is an interesting point, re: 28-yr. old Miami voter who switched at the last minute from Trump to Biden. Is he more of a "normal" human being than us political junkies? Gets one thinking on the principles on which modern democracy is based--not just elites get to decide--and then back to our own founders, who feared "populism" almost as much as monarchy and taxation without representation:

    To be honest, I think of this point a lot here on Dag reading some of NCD's comments in particular. When he gets into his rants on how stupid a large part of our population is. Part of me agrees, but part of me reacts like this: that's very undemocratic and elitist of us.


    When he gets into his rants on how stupid a large part of our population is.

    I thought that was more often me. And yes, I'm an elitist but I still support democracy even if I think "those people" are making stupid choices

    Blind political junkies not able to see they are part of the problem that Trump merely exacerbated:

    singing @MarcACaputo's song here, but pollsters gotta start spending $$$ to break out Cuban/Puerto Rican/Venezuelan etc instead of just "Hispanic" vote in Florida

    — Peter Hamby (@PeterHamby) November 4, 2020

    The only polling that should be allowed is by geographic location and party registration, none of that other shit. American Floridians. Period. If there is ethnic or racial or religious tribalism, last thing you want is politicians pandering to it.

    I find this racist and disgusting.

    p.s. i.e., An American of lily white mayflower ancestry is perfectly capable of being vehemently anti-communist Cuba! An American of of Cuban ancestry is perfectly capable of being a raving far left socialist. What does their DNA have to do with it?!!!

    good point, nonetheless it should be clear by now that one of the candidates would not give a damn about what you are saying and the other would:

    Don't declare a mandate but the Republicans won't hesitate to do just that.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Mitch McConnell wins reelection to U.S. Senate from Kentucky.

    — Jonathan Lemire (@JonLemire) November 4, 2020

    Talk about gerontocracy. Six more years. He's @ 78 now. Currently with bruised hands and lips, probably from overdosing on blood thinner.

    78? If only he was the age of the candidate you've been stumping for it  wouldn't be a gerontocracy?

    by gerontocracy i mean all together sooo many really elderly running the country. If you have 1 here, 1 there, in good shape, okay, but in all of the power posts? I mean even Nancy Pelosi, she's 80. But at least she's snappy and with it. McConnell, not so much, looking ready to go downhill fast to me. Sen. Feinstein already there if one believes the gossip. Everyone ages different, but when all of them are old, percentages of becoming the falling and not getting up lady, as it were, are much higher. I can say it, I'm Medicare age, hung around with mostly older people my whole life,  and I know the truth. laugh

    oh and I gotta say it makes me uncomfortable to describe me as "stumping for" Biden. I just thought he had the best chance of appealing to the most important swings in the electorate. But there were others I felt could do that as well, Warren, for example, if she could get past the "leftie" label incorrectly laid on her. Klobuchar probably could have grown into it, too, I guess.

     If I "stump" at national level, it's for ones I think can win over more than they alienate, that's all it is.

    I really expect very little from a president. because they really DO have to try to represent everyone, or they get the kind of divisive mess we have now. If they can bring in a cabinet as competent as Bill Clinton's, I'm amazed and thrilled. I'm still amazed at what they managed to do .( Edit to add: comes to mind that Gore as a V.P. was an unusally active participant, added a lot of mojo.)

    Just to be clear I deliberately used stumping and not spinning. There's a difference. There are a lot of too old people in the federal government, Feinstein is an egregious example. I just found it a little incongruous to bring it up now with McConnell at 78 when Biden is 77, and in my opinion is also showing the effects of age. Covid was a god send for him. I think he'd be in a different position if he had to vigorously campaign

    By Ryan Lizza & Daniel Lippmann, basically confirms what Joe said here about worrying whether he'll leave office if he loses:

    1 GOP Senator down! 

    hah, looks like Lincoln Project has a kill list they are gonna tick off:

    @CoryGardner #COSen

    — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) November 4, 2020


    geez NC-11 must be a district full of horribly nutty conservatives, remind me to stay away if I ever visit the state again. Col. Moe Davis, a really nice guy personality-wise, anti-Trump, but rather centrist (for example, formerly lead prosecutor at Gitmo!), lost against this raving lunatic 25-yr.-old right-wing troll Cawthorne:

    His first tweet as a member-elect pic.twitter.com/wV5DEomrig

    — Brendan Nyhan (@BrendanNyhan) November 4, 2020


    ugh the bummer thing about Twitter is that people you follow point out bad juju you might otherwise not see:

    The above is officially a meme, this is a big shot @ The Root:

    Cool. Did we kill Christ yet? Always hated how Jews got cred for that, when it was our hit. Whypipple - 3500 yrs of successful shit disturbing. Mongols couldn't manage, nor the Persians. We built this city on rock and roll!

    Wasn't it Romans, i.e. Italians? Seems to me the real white people hated the Italians when they immigrated here. Don't think they really count as white people

    Shhhh! Next you'll be saying Greek people aren't really white and stuff.

    We're stuck with Senator Lady G, all the donations in the world couldn't defeat him

    Trying to think glass half full, he flip flops like no one else can...who knows where he will flip next

    Nate Silver a few minutes ago on the new electoral college paths

    Is that racist or antiracist? https://t.co/RhkBsXCOEy

    — Thomas Chatterton Williams (@thomaschattwill) November 4, 2020

    Edit to add: I don't vouch for the accuracy of the exit poll quoted above, I just posted the tweet for the snarky nature of Williams' comment


    ¿No se habla Español? 

    With no headway with the FL Cubans community? Come on, guys - these are the demographics you said we're yours, natural, the next generation tide...

    I saw that too. But it had extra info, that made it confusing as hell, that Hillary did phenomenally better than Joe, percentage wise. So is it a ton of extra turn out of Trump fans that didn't vote before, or what? Or they just fell in love with Trump? A friend mentioned devout Catholicism and abortion, but that doesn't fit with supporting Hillary, so that's not it:


    Again, woke Dems assumed endless immigration would signal a Dem majority into the next millennium. Didnt quite work out that way...

    NPR makes the old college try but Trump fans won't believe anything they say, of course:

    Biden might as well lose if Dems don't have the Senate, which it appears they won't, not even 50-50. McConnell would be sure nothing anyone would notice would get done, and the 'bad' would be blamed on Joe.

    Dems would get killed in the midterms as lefties and minorities wold say "Biden did nothing for me, I won't bother to vote", leading to President Donald Trump Jr. in 2024, with a GOP House and Senate and SCOTUS.  Progressive revolution delayed to 2030s or beyond.

    Saddest story, appears Melania may have to do 4 more years of Whine House Christmas decorating.

    Lol on Melania 

    Republicans will be trying to take away pre-existing condition coverage next week. They could overturn Obamacare.

    Didn't realize MI and WI tilting to Biden, with Maine he doesn't even need Nevada to get to 270. DACA youth may be saved for another election cycle.

    Biden could reverse the environmental disaster etc executive orders, and perhaps Dems won't get routed in the midterms, if "our voters is learning", see Belafonte's essay in NYT.

    With our slave state pandering Senate, 2 per state, the hopes of taking the senate appears slim, if not even an incompetent TV addicted TV host, climate arsonist, pandemic spreading, lying con man and blowhard keeps the Red states voting white.

    It's really working out as the smart people were predicting, and Trump and GOP knew too-- the big urban centers that that will turn otherwise swing states depend on counting vote-by-mail. Both sides knew this, that's what all the vote-by-mail brouhaha and crooked postmaster is all about. The Dems are ready with the biggest smartest team of lawyers about that ever. And they don't think much of their adversaries' skills so far.

     Biden expected all of this too.

    Benefit to having him being the candidate: he knows and is friendly with both sides of the aisle of the Senate and what they really think and what they can bear and what they can't.

    You know, got me thinking about how we all used to think governors made better presidents. But in this particular case where we have nut case non politician Drumpf trying to hold the office hostage, maybe it works out better having two Senators trying to get him out of there.

    Back to the urban vote in swing states. Midwest places like Milwaukee and Detroit metro areas--this is why the pro-Trump rappers thing was so dangerous near the end. Every single black male vote there matters. If they stay home it matters, ask Hillary. Can turn the whole state. Likewise the votes in suburbs of these areas--every single one equally important--they are mostly "white flight" suburbs, people who are not necessarily that racist but don't enjoy inner city "quality of life". The surburban lady who doesn't like Trump's crudeness but at the same time doesn't enjoy people from the inner city coming and breaking her front windows. (Wauwatosa rioting-that was soooo frightening to me, if it continued, I could see that turning the whole state of Wisconsin, especially after Kenosha.)

    I agree the Senate is more important than the presidency as to to reality EXCEPT THAT we have a nut case troll  populist president driving the country nuts over bullshit culture wars every single day. And then because this president is so popular with the 1/3 conservative of the country precisely because he's so good at stoking culture wars, Republican Senators without spines kowtow to his crap. They see it as this choice: be Jeff Flake or be in the Senate.

    It's like a "which poison is worse?" situation.

    Groups like The Lincoln Project formed precisely to try to solve this problem of hijacking. Remains to be seen if they were successful.

    FURTHER: if successful, they would be defining the new post-Trump Republicanism, and we don't really know what they want in the end. I don't know that, nobody does (beyond them being more liberal along culture wars lines) because they have so far focused only on defeating Trump and his submissive minions. I.E., we don't know what they favor in things like economic and foreign policy, the reality stuff.

    Agree. see my comment above, seems Biden may come out on top afterall.

    oh look here's two people agreeing with rmrd's favorite pundit, Glenn Loury about the close election pickle we are currently  in:

    Expecting a thread hijacking now...

    Just curious, if I point out that there were BLM protests in Seattle and Portland, but Biden won both states, is that hijacking your thread?

    Trump got more votes, Biden got the most votes in history.

    Biden got the most votes in history.

    I hate when people say that. It's just stupid. It's mathematically meaningless when the population increases by millions and the number of eligible voters increases every year. Eventually every voting record will be beaten as the population increases even if the turnout percentage goes down. Biden beat Obama's record even though it's a close election and Obama won 53 to 46. Part of it is increased turnout but a big part is we are simply a bigger country population wise. 

    I responded to AA's statement that Trump got even more votes.

    Good details on current mail vote issues

    A short while ago on CNN TV they reported a White House leak about Trump having a terrible temper tantrum late last night. I don't remember who was reporting, doesn't matter anymore as he's doing it now in Twitter:


    George Conway to Drumpf:

    I am a little surprised at the whiny victimhood nature of his reaction so far, I thought he might exhibit a little more tough confidence, even if fake. Maybe his psyche is already coming to terms with the idea of his own primetime news TV show as a better alternative for him to the oval office? Certainly the victim persona sells better in that milieu.

    Rick Wilson retweeted on the USPS thing:

    Hard to believe Republicans have been stealing elections for over 100 years now


    Trump campaign was livid when Fox News called Arizona for Biden — and tensions boiled over on-air

    By Sarah Ellison @ WashingtonPost.com, November 4, 2020 at 8:23 a.m. EST

    Fox anchor Bill Hemmer was gearing up to do another review for viewers of a map of the United States that at 11:20 p.m. was looking surprisingly positive for President Trump when he did a double take in the lower left-hand quadrant.

    “Have we called Arizona?” he asked, sounding stunned.

    Indeed, with only 73 percent of its vote reported, the analysts on the cable giant’s stridently independent decision desk had already bestowed a yellow check mark on the Grand Canyon State — putting it in Joe Biden’s column long before any other network was making that call.

    It was one of several times throughout the night that the president’s favorite network declared results long before its competitors — and not necessarily in the president’s favor. Trump campaign officials were livid, and the tensions boiled over onto the broadcast, where former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders insisted it was a “premature call,” and anchor Bret Baier called upon decision-desk director Arnon Mishkin to explain himself on camera, because “we’re getting a lot of incoming here.”

    “I’m sorry,” Mishkin said, “the president is not going to be able to take over and win enough votes to eliminate that seven-point lead that the former vice president has.” Told the White House was convinced otherwise, he stood his ground: “I’m sorry we’re not wrong in this particular case.” (“You don’t have to apolpgize,” Baier told Mishkin.)

    Mishkin, a registered Democrat who works for Fox as a contractor, would go on to apologize several times throughout the course of the night — not for being wrong, but for daringly delivering calls that were so early they initially looked suspect. His calls added pressure on other news outlets reporting on a highly competitive race in a country that was uniquely divided and anxious about its result. And they helped ramp up the tension on a night when Trump was brazenly urging the vote count to be stopped before all early and absentee ballots were counted

    Indeed, not long after polling analyst Nate Silver declared that the Fox News call on Arizona “looms pretty large as a check against claims Trump might make that he’s winning,” the president indirectly alluded to Mishkin in his 2 a.m. speech claiming he was on track to victory.

    “Arizona, we have a lot of life in that, and somebody said — somebody declared it was a victory for — and maybe it will be, I mean, that’s possible,” the president said. “But certainly there were a lot of votes out there that we could get because we’re now just coming into what they call Trump territory.”

    But as dawn approached, many other news organizations, including the Associated Press, also called Arizona for Biden. “Arnon was right,” Fox anchor Martha MacCallum said. “The White House was wrong." [....]


    Looking like GA is becoming a swing state very much like Wisconsin, likewise with geographically segregated populations and urban area suburbs more mixed

    Likewise looking like it might be a bad idea electorally if angry BLM protesters went and broke windows in suburban Atlanta (as in Wauwatosa and Milwaukee) and other things like burn police cars in suburban Atlanta either. (I also have this suspicion Keisha Lance-Bottoms might agree with me)

    In Atlanta’s all-important suburbs, election officials scramble to finish counting votes

    By Reis Thebault and Haisten Willis @ WashingtonPost.com, Nov. 4

    ATLANTA — Inside a sprawling county government complex outside Atlanta, elections officials are working feverishly to count thousands of remaining ballots that could swing the presidential election in former vice president Joe Biden’s favor.

    DeKalb County, home to the state’s largest city and its eastern suburbs, has reported an estimated 79 percent of its votes. County spokesperson Erik Burton said there is still a portion of absentee ballots left to be counted but did not say exactly how many.

    “The goal today is to get through everything we can,” Burton said. “It’ll be all hands on deck.”

    By 10 a.m. Wednesday, Trump led Biden by about 100,000 votes in the state, but the counties still tabulating — including DeKalb — lean heavily Democratic.

    The DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections Office was buzzing Wednesday morning, as dozens of workers in multiple rooms drudged through the repetitive, assembly-line-style process of counting the absentee ballots.

    First, about a dozen people working at computers verify voters’ signatures electronically, then the ballots are sorted by precinct. Next, workers use a machine extractor that can open thousands of envelopes in an hour and then lay them flat to feed them into another machine that will count them.

    Most absentee ballots were processed ahead of Election Day, and those left to be counted Wednesday were among the last to come in, Burton said.

    Officials have not said when the public can expect more results.

    In nearby Lawrenceville, votes are being counted at Gwinnett County’s Voter Registrations and Elections office [....]

    Because of the electoral college, presidential elections lately have hinged on a a very few voters in swing states, it's just the way it is. You don't want to loose, you pander to them instead of alienating them. Been arguing that point here on Dag since forever, seems like with some people it just doesn't sink in. (Obama got it, he had his own Sister Souljah moments back in his first primary, many have long forgotten.)

    It's official. Joe Biden has won Wisconsin. https://t.co/6W10A5Ve8T

    — Ben Wikler (@benwikler) November 4, 2020

    he's the Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

    Here's a very Wisconsin editorial, this is the way most think there:

    Editorial: American voters will decide this election. Trump has the same say as every other citizen: One vote. Count every ballot. https://t.co/LkcI57iRNx

    — Journal Sentinel (@journalsentinel) November 4, 2020

    Edit to add: that editorial goes for special interest groups, too. Like say, BLM. Not common there to cotton to bullying by activist groups or mobs unless they're Packer fans

    Trumpers claiming more votes than voters in WI. Actually 500k more registered voters than votes fast. Next state...

    oh it's going to the courts, no doubt about that, everyone knew that it would

    Meanwhile to keep you sated on the local news....

    hey, the 500K number is a problem everywhere, what a coincidence:

    What they are doing is counting the votes. pic.twitter.com/JQpKmEbHyw

    — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) November 4, 2020

    Waiting on a crack from Andrew Yang, the maths guy

    Edit to add Daniel Dale's second reply to prez tweets:

    Trying to make the Prez disappear. Seems it's working.

    on CNN the lady anchors are wisely pointing out that in 2016 he won Wisconsin by about the same tiny margin and wasn't bitching then

    A very partisan Dem presidential candidate could not have done that:

    In other news, the population of the United States increases by a few million every year. The population increase from 2008 to 2020 was about 30 million.

    good on you for noting that

    Charles Blow blowing his top?

    More Charles Blow controversy:


    Shadi Hamid is shocked by Charles Blow's NYT piece:

    Come on, seriously? This is just beyond parody right nowhttps://t.co/ELWa5Knvu1 pic.twitter.com/Xc1RGIzSE6

    — Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid) November 5, 2020

    It's 2020, and people are still peddling the narrative that minorities have no agency and can only vote one way. If they vote another way, they're betraying their race, suffering from false consciousness, or so damaged by oppression they can't judge where their true interests lie

    — Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid) November 5, 2020


    Confirms what Bob Bauer said here, that this time, they are the ones that are unprepared incompetents:

    plus don't forget his blustering is almost always all hat and no cattle


    Biden wins in Wisconsin 

    Wins despite BLM activity in Kenosha.

    Wins by a hair. So close there will be a recount without needing to go to court to get it. Recounts often change the vote. Could be a greater Biden win or a Trump win. it's that close.

    Trump won by a similar margin in 2016. 

    Won WI by 20.5k, more than a hair, and more than the 0.25% which says Trump has to pay for it, which i doubt, him being so cheap.

    It's possible that a recount must be paid for but there's nothing that says Trump has to pay for it. It could be paid with campaign funds, a dark money pac, a private donor etc.

    I heard and read experts that think they are going to end up nowhere on a Wisconsin recount. The Wisconsin polls got lots of grief for for the nearly similar number for Trump in 2016 over Hillary, so they were therefore extra extra careful this time.

    The kicker: loyal Trump supporter ex-governor of WI Scott Walker basically agrees that a recount in Wisconsin would be a waste of time and money:

    Here’s former WI Gov. Scott Walker on the wisdom of requesting a recount in Wisconsin when down by 20K votes https://t.co/A0capOI0GF

    — Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1) November 4, 2020

    Edit to add: The Hill's got the story now too:

    edit again to fix paste of tweet from The Hill.


    Trump might try one of his personally guaranteed IOU's. Add it to the $425 million coming due.

    old news I posted it upthread  Wed, 11/04/2020 - 11:52am

    PP brought up the challenge in reply. 

    Right above that I discuss why Georgia may be becoming a swing state pretty much like Wisconsin

    Every single black vote in highly segregated City of Milwaukee in Milwaukee County was important, hence the llast minute rapper thing was a very dangerous turn that concerned both campaigns AND ALSO every single vote in liberal mainly white Wauwatosa of the very same Milwaukee County was equally important.

    HENCE it was extremely threatening to the presidential vote for Biden for black people from downtown Milwaukee to be running through Wauwatosa and breaking their windows over a shooting by a black cop. We are so lucky that it didn't get worse but died down and white Wauwatosa wasn't scared shitless into voting 100% for Trump as the rioting brats apparently wanted to see happen because the Milwaukee County D.A. declined charging a black cop for murder. Thank your lucky stars that the good people of Wauwatosa don't glump all blacks living in Milwaukee with the hooligan "BLM" few that were rampaging violently through their town in late summer. Hopefully their parents in the northeast side of Milwaukee were punishing them the next day asking them wtf were you doing running around on the other side of town in Wauwatosa breaking windows, I should whup you aside the head, those are mostly very fine people.

    You never got the ramifications of the electoral college. Many of your comments in the past were quite clueless, concerning just ignoring anyone that might have certain sympathies to Trump as racist and you were always trying to convince that if Dems just GOTV nationwide with "outreach" to "the black community", the Dem's would win the presidency. NOPE, it's all about getting about the black vote AND the white liberal vote ONLY in swing states. Get it now? There is ZERO effect to the presidential race to GOTV in "the black community" in solid blue states.

    There is no reason for a presidential candidate to appeal or pander to "the black community" if there is such a thing nationwide, in anything but swing states. It's just a fact of life with an electoral college.

    And TRUMP WON ALL OF KENOSHA COUNTY for the second time. I am not surprised. I think he should thank all of the BLM agitators that came to the Kenosha riots and the counter-demonstrators like Kyle Rittenhouse who caused mayhew and murder together. Also I don't think parolees are too happy that they have to travel a long ways now to see their parole officers since the state office building was burned and suspect some business owners whose businesses were wrecked switched from Biden to Trump.

    Bang up job BLM outside agitators on keeping Kenosha Country red. I think they deserve all the credit! Don't pay no attention to what Al Sharpton said.

    Kenosha voted for Trump before BLM

    Kenosha voted for Trump after BLM

    Biden flipped the state from Red to Blue

    here's where I think Black Lives Matter unrest all summer, including looting and harrassment of surburbanites during a pandemic while there was also rising gun crime

    helped a great deal, mho,

    I think you should reply to Charlie Kirk and tell him how Trump had nothing to do with that, nor dislike of Biden (quite a few of these probably;ot their ticket and voted for him, actually) where the credit due really is, thank you BLM.

    And you betcha it's happening here in NY as well as many other places across the country,  "law and order" voting

    Some Suburban Strongholds Swing Back to G.O.P. in N.Y. and Across U.S.

    Republicans are ahead in key congressional races in New York State, mirroring a national trend of apparent success in winning back swing districts.

    By Emma G. Fitzsimmons @ NYTimes.com, Nov. 4, 2020 Updated 7:38 p.m. ET

    Heading into Election Day, Democrats in New York had high hopes across the ballot, with three House races targeted in a national “Red to Blue” campaign.

    But by Wednesday morning, those hopes were greatly dimmed: The three Democratic candidates, all women, were far behind after the initial machine count of ballots.

    Elsewhere in the state, two first-term Democratic congressmen, Max Rose and Anthony Brindisi, were in danger of losing their seats; just two years earlier, they had been hailed by their party as trailblazers who prevailed in districts traditionally held by Republicans.

    And in the State Capitol, where Democrats harbored visions of a supermajority in the State Senate, the party seemed far from that goal and may even cede ground.

    With more than one million mail-in ballots still to be counted in the state, final results were far from certain in many races. But the preliminary vote totals seemed to reflect a resurgence of Republican power in the New York suburbs, where at one time some Long Island towns were among the party’s biggest strongholds in the country.

    The Republican hold seemed to wane in 2018, with Democrats taking seats in New York and similar suburban districts in other states. But on Tuesday, the tide seemed to turn back again, reflecting the Republicans’ success at ousting House incumbents in swing districts across the country.

    That trend was mirrored nationally in results from statehouses, with the lowest number of chambers slated to change hands in more than half a century. While Democrats won both legislative houses in Arizona, they lost the House and Senate in New Hampshire.

    While some Republican candidates sought to distance themselves from President Trump, whose popularity was thought to be waning, they still clung to a Trump-like law-and-order message.

    They tied Democratic candidates to defunding the police and progressive radicalism in the party, a strategy that seemed to work in many parts of the nation, as Republicans sought to maintain control of the Senate and claw back some House seats.[....'

    Nice observations

    The polls were worthless 

    Trump and the GOP performed as they performed 

    Note: your link to the observation that Susan Collins should be on her way out according to polls.

    CNN: Michigan for Biden

    Up by 60k votes

    Detroiters are smart, know to let the other side do the protesting 

    (no BLM riots, not much BLM protesting because: BEEN THERE DONE THAT DOESN'T WORK)

    what they do instead is stay home and then VOTE. Leave the protesting to the loser right wing types who are looking for eternal tribal warfare (which is what Jim Crow wanted.)

    Chaplain in Detroit on the “stop the count” protests:

    “We’re not deterred … The Black vote in Detroit is higher than it’s ever been and we will determine the outcome — because we’ve gone from picking cotton to picking presidents.” #Election2020 pic.twitter.com/J4CLPf21yL

    — The Recount (@therecount) November 4, 2020


    They finally get it that they have the power to flip a swing state, it's not about every state, and that's where suppression will happen if it's tactically smart suppression:

    Black voters in Detroit MI have flipped the state blue. THIS is why they don’t want you to vote. Never think your voice doesn’t matter, YOU are the determining factor.

    — Lo (@lorryndaa) November 4, 2020

    Luntz's latest thoughts:

    Democrats raised over $400 million to unseat Republicans in major Senate races. It didn’t work https://t.co/xsqRYHSr4b pic.twitter.com/Cb57oNpvVx

    — Forbes (@Forbes) November 4, 2020


    also includes what I already posted upthread

    Markos of DailyKos & Maggie Haberman on Trump's future:

    But even from out of office, he could try to pressure Republican senators who preserved their majority to resist Mr. Biden at every turn, forcing them to choose between conciliation or crossing his political base.

    This is such nonsense. It wasn't Trump that caused McConnell to resist Obama at every turn from 08 to 2016. It won't be Trump that causes McConnell to do it again with Biden. It was a extremely successful strategy for republicans and they have no reason to abandon it now. 

    Tom "The Hammer" DeLay. Newt Gingrich. Even that weaselduck whatsshisname who shut down government under Obama. Yeah, the rube in the Oval Office don't much matter as long as they're pushing through their agenda. Trash the place, why not? I start to think maybe Bush really wasn't that bad, just a nice guy in over his head with handlers who did all the dirty work while he played the part. Maybe i give him too much credit, but it did seem Rove and Cheney ran the place, whereas George was happy with the simple stuff like trading Gummi bears with Michelle.

    he's being too rough on them, they're in beeg trouble, they've got to find a new hook pronto after hiring that honest vote counter cheeky

    On Fox News just now, Florida Gov. DeSantis criticized the network to Sean Hannity’s face, saying they should rescind the Arizona call for Biden.

    — Will Oremus (@WillOremus) November 5, 2020


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