Don't throw away your

    confederate dollars. The South Will Rise Again.

     Let's see

    o only 15% of white Alabama males voted for Obama

    o Roy Moore rides a horse to the polls.One horse;two horses assesses. 

    o There was majority support for his posting  the 10 commandments in a court room

    o And of his hostility to gays

    o And of this: as a 31 year old West Point graduate  Asst DA , he betrayed the trust of a mother whom he had convinced to leave her 14 year daughter in his care, made use of that entry to induce the child  to go to his house, initially pretending  to be satisfied with adolescent-type kissing and having thus disarmed her (good  West Point tactics)  on her second visit partially stripped her and tried to get her to masturbate him.


    Lincoln should have let them go.




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