Of Donna,the DNC and the usual suspects

    5.7      9.8

    5.8      9.1

    5.7      8.3

    5.3      8.0

    4.7      6.6

    4.6      5.7

    5.0      4.9

    5.2      4.8

    "Now what? "You say. "What are these numbers Flavius has inflicted us?"

    Okay, okay. If you suspend for a moment the ever popular pursuit of blaming the DNC, or Bernie, Or Comey's last minute pursuit of a Manhattan pervert (tautological?). I'll explain.

    They're unemployment %s. Left column George W's annual numbers for his eight years. Right, Obama's

    O's seem higher don't they? Because they are.

      Just suppose that the DNC had been impeccable- Not a pec on them. Would that have translated into a better margin for Hillary over the Trumper than the 3 million or so she actually scored? Or was the fact that Joe Lunchpail blamed his 90 or so months of unemployment on the party in power much more instrumental in the "death" of the Democratic  Party  than Ms. Wasserman Schultz schedule for the debates?

    "Unfair" I hear you say.

    And remember Jack Kennedy's comment "Life is unfair".

      As a charter member of the rightly disregarded coterie who believe that Obama saved not only the US economy but also world wide capitalism ( for better or worse!) let me remark that Joe L was right. When you're hanging around the kitchen for 90 months you don't go door to door handing out leaflets for the incumbent party. 

    Just maybe there was nothing the  DNC , or Hillary, or Bernie could  have done to prevent white  voters ( who narrowly favored Obama in 2008  * ) from heading for  the electoral exit when the local factory shut down. And stayed shut . And we might spend our time more usefully  by, for instance ,going to the polls next Tuesday.

    And voting early.

    And often. (oops, I shouldn't have said that.)


    *wrong;  Obama got 43% of the whites in 08



    I don't buy it. Maybe that more of these were McJobs with no benefits and lower pay, but the last 3 years were comparable with George's.

    But then most Republicans blame Obama for Katrina, so it's not even worth looking for logic in these sentiments. One team is trying to offer more benefits and safety net; the other is trying to take them away. So they reward the latter. Brilliant.

    Obama's  share of the White vote  dropped from 43% in 08 to 39% in 2012. 


    Complaisance. Thy name is Democrat. (Many others also...not all bad, but this is one for sure).

    If the party  has  some policies that are wrong they should be changed.

    Not because change itself is good, because those policies -on Global Warming, on abortion, on convenient polling , etc. are wrong. Not that I have any recommendations for that chopping block. But if we do have any, change away! 

    And it should certainly bring the DNC into the 21st century. Last election  we found that the Trump campaign had purchased all the time available on U-Tube. And was using a library of voter attitude data  to , for example, saturate black localities with 2008 videos of Michelle criticizing Hillary.

    Contested primaries are great exercises  of democracy but  have their downside.That's something that 's ready for rethinking.Why should our candidate be exhausting herself in May and June refuting 2020's Bernie  ?So change the things that need changing because they need changing.

    But don't rend the fabric of the party that won the popular vote in six of the last seven Presidential elections.

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