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    Congrats to Peracles Please on Joining the Masthead!

    So delighted to see this addition to Dagblog's fine masthead.  I have learned a lot, and enjoyed the writing that PP regularly contributes.  

    Break a Leg, Peracles!


    Break two - I work in pairs, or as the Brits say, "pear-shaped". E molto grazie, Signora.

    "pear-shaped"? Sounds insulting to me. tos violation?

    Grats pp.

    It's Brit-speak - of course it's insulting. Tx.

    PS - I assume "para" refers to "paranormal" - a step up from "Abby Normal", soon to be "quasi", as in quasimoto/quasinormale. It's a long path that begins with a single shtup. Oops, first ToS violation, "bad self, stop it". Yep, I'm talking to myself.

    So you've joined the elites, eh?  Ah well, I've always suspected you were just slumming ... congrats!

    Congrats PP




    (I still get to make fun of him right?)




    Of course, I just get to edit your insults into compliments, swords into ploughshares style.

    Donald's doing the same with Twitter - big discussion with management going on.


    Woohoo! Congrats!!!

    Lashed to the mast and bulkhead, working on my gone-to-sea bio - first chapter's a bit short, but once I catch the whale, it'll pick up. Nantucket's where we pick up on the action, a seaman's tale told safely on shore. Yo ho ho, bottle of rum, ah sez, now swab the deck, ye scalliwags. Looks like we're in for a strange turn of weather.

    I predicted this GREAT victory. Cheese pizzas on me  @Comet Pizza. @ realNCD

    I hear Comet offers extra "toppings". You bring the boys, or on the house?

    And they offer OPEN CARRY-out.  You can find it in the BULLET POINTS on the daily menu.  There's also a MAGAZINE with more information of menu options.  

    I thought that read "Cass and Carey", the twofer-one special.

    Kellyanne soliciting investors/newCometPizzaShop @TrumpDC HotelPizza/LoserHillary &VictorySouvenirs @realNCD

    He should let Ivanka run it as #BoysWhoWork or #Victor'sSecret - I'm sure a variety of diamond studded choke collars, gold emblazoned hoods, silken lashes and taffeta hand restraints will make the perfect luxury ensemble.

    I do hope the Secret Service can keep a secret.

    Indeed--remember, "keep it short".

    This addition continues the fine tradition of each of the masthead bloggers coming from very different places.

    Go forth and differentiate.

    Huh? That's it? I thought it was like Valhala and Olympus and we get to rut and throw lightning bolts from on high... Just how much does this job pay anyway?

    You will have to get back to us on those compensation details. What I can see through the frosted glass is a lot of paperwork and self-moderation.

    I do everything to excess except for moderation.

    Wonderful news.  Lots of luck!

    Felicitations to our trippy trepanator extraordinaire. Every one of your posts is like a slow stone drill chipping away at my fragile little neural grooves. 

    Lol. I'll bet there's a compliment in there somewhere!

    Certainly is - I feel like a non-buff Arnold Schwarzenegger already, the Buffalo Bill of Dagblog, a walk-on in Saw III or maybe Jack Nicholson in Little Shop of Horrors. Hand me a #9 drill bit, easy on the novocaine.

    Let me add my congrats here in public. I've already patted PP on the back and told him to behave himself, but it's probably worth repeating.  Lol.

    Behave? Crap, I had a blog on Beehives all ready to go. (The hairstyle, not the insect domicile). John Waters will be so disappointed.

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