Boycott Trump

    I encourage all people to make a concerted effort to boycott Trump. I see that there already is an "app for that" and lists being compiled by different groups.

    In addition to not buying from Trump or any of his different investments, an effort is needed to identify which sources of income feed the Billionaire cabinet and do all we can to weaken the flow.

    We live in a market society. Let us the pick up the tools laying at our feet.


    Don't know how it relates to the app, but Huffington Post's fashion & lifestyle editor suggests a way you can do that to businesses linked with Donald and Ivanka, from a spreadsheet list that also contains the most effective info. of phone numbers and emails of the retail representatives where you can tell them you are boycotting.

    P.S. I have an inkling that lots of fashion and lifestyle people wouldn't need a simple list of products without contact info. because they would loathe the stuff already without knowing it was involved with the Trumps.wink

    That list of retailers is a good start. The people I have been talking to in Brooklyn want more information about where their buying choices get involved. I will try to get some of that figured out.

    I am getting to realize the idea of boycott is the ultimate expression of local politics. If you aren't regularly buying branded diamonds in your county, being asked to stop does not mean very much.
    But I bet a six pack that there is something in every county that could not be purchased.

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