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    Wolfrum's Morning: Two days after Tuesday

    It's two days after Tuesday.


    Tornado Update: The relief effort in Joplin is winding on.

    IMF: Has Christine Lagarde got what it takes to become the new boss? Maybe. And at least chambermaids will be much safer.

    Republican Medicare Woes: The GOP is working on better messaging for its budget, as "suck on this and die" didn't seem to do the trick. Meanwhile, the latest Gallup Poll of GOP Presidential candidates is pure misery.

    Mladic Nabbed: Police in Serbia have arrested a man suspected of being former Serbian military commander Ratko Mladic, the highest-ranking war crimes suspect still at large from the Balkan wars of the 1990s. War crimes. There's an idea.

    Arizona Shooter: Jared Loughner found incompetent to go through a trial for the Arizona shootings.


    American Idol Crowned: Scotty McCreery wins American Idol. So, there's that.

    Mavericks Move to Finals: Nobody could have anticipated that the Dallas Mavericks would become the dominant team in the Western Conference. By far. On to the NBA Finals.

    Kardashian News!: Kim Kardashian is engaged to NBA player Kris Humphries. So, there's that.


    Crooks & Liars: I've been assembling Mike's Blog Round-Up at Crooks & Liars this week. Here are today's links.

    GOP Budget Falls: The Paul Ryan/GOP Budget went down in flames in the U.S. Senate. Let the fallout begin.

    Spy Talk Blog: "As expected, there was more to the Gingrinch/Tiffany's story than originally reported.


    Zach Galifianakis has a chin.


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    Suck on this and die.

    Hey, we should make t-shirts! I posted about the Gallup poll before I read your links. Sorry to steal your link-y thunder.

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