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    Wolfrum's Morning: Spacing Out

    Enjoy the galaxy from South Dakota in this spectacular time-lapse video.


    Japan Nuclear Disaster: Official probe begins as radiation still seeps. Thus far, they've come to the conclusion that nuclear power can be dangerous.

    Gitmo: Seems there was a larger underage population hidden away in Cuba than originally reported.

    Arizona Burning: The state's third-largest wildfire rages on.

    Texas Massacre?: It's like you can't trust psychics about anything anymore.

    Iraq: Time for more mercenaries. No way this could go wrong.


    Weiner!: Should Anthony Weiner resign? Let's ask David Vitter.

    Coulter's Advice: Fringe columnist says fringe things on silly show.

    Blago!: Rod Blagojevich will soon learn his fate.


    Daily Caller: Joe Miller can't win his own elections so he's determined to keep Mitt Romney from winning anything.

    Brad Blog: More voting machine shenanigans, as Las Vegas Mayoral candidate watches her own vote get changed.

    Emma Zahn: Quantum computers, Qubits, Entanglements.

    Blue Gal: Enjoy the latest Professional Left podcast.


    Dallas Ties Up Finals: Dirk Nowitzki plays off illness as Mavericks does what it takes to even up the NBA Finals at two games apiece.

    Dock Ellis: How to throw a no-hitter on acid and more from the former Pirates' pitcher.

    Growing Gay: The evolution of the Gay celebrity.

    No One Could Have Predicted: That Eminem would say bad things about Lady Gaga. How out of character.


    Large telescopes rule. See more from the Bad Astronomer.


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    Especially the faces formed by the juxtaposing of star light and dark matter near the galactic core!

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