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    Wolfrum's Morning: Random Babble

    Yes, as a matter of fact, that is Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby.


    Switching Teams: Ex-Iowa GOP lawmaker is now backing same-sex marriage.

    Just Say No: Seems the Global War on Drugs is a failure. And global wars always seem to work out so well.

    Stalemate: No movement in talks to get the insipid "debt limit" passed. Look for Democrats to begin a grand capitulation.


    Dave Neiwert: No one can race-bait like Matt Drudge.

    Newser: Stephen Colbert catches a Sarah Palin historical gaffe.

    Random Babble: Pop culture and passing.


    I'm not sure I can get more random.


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    And in the blue jumper dress is a very young pre "Fame" Irene Cara.

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