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    Wolfrum’s Morning: Remembering

    memorial Day
    Let us remember.


    Memorial Day: David Blight takes a look at how it all started. Also, take a look at CNN’s Home & Away presentation.

    Obama in Joplin: President amazed by destruction as death toll climbs to 142.

    Afghanistan: Death. And NATO’s apologies.


    Sean Kingston: Music stars give injured singer the good words.

    Buckeyed: Jim Tressel sneaks away from the Ohio State football program.

    Rampaged: Rampage Jackson beats Matt Hamill. Quite easily, actually.


    Oliver Willis: Guess who needs her hand for notes again? Go on, guess.

    Steve Benen: Tim Pawlenty thinks Obama’s a “doofus?” How Presidential.

    Hammer of Truth: Remembering all the fallen this Memorial Day.


    Sara Palin
    Taking some time off pretending to be a presidential candidate, Sarah Palin pretends to be a biker.


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    Thanks for posting this. I had mentioned Blight's work in Ramon's blog. I hadn't seen the NYT today. (Hey it's a holiday).

    Pawlenty evidently not ready for primetime.  Of course, who among the GOP wannabes is?  A year or so ago I thought Pawlenty might be the most likely GOP nominee.  

    Bachmann's sweet as candy

    But Pawlenty is one fine stew!


    Bachmann's bonkers

    But Pawlenty is plenty.

    My state is nuts.


    I thought Daniels or Portman were the ones to fear.

    Daniels took himself out a couple of weeks ago.  

    I was thinking Pawlenty because he wasn't well known--generally a good thing for Republicans given that they are the US's leading FUBAR party and anyone winning that nomination with a chance to win the general has to construct themselves into shape and form hitherto unobserved and unknown in this universe.  

    Plus as a Governor people will think he knows how to run something even if he doesn't.

    Really a bunch of complete jokers on that side.

    Yes...but I'm thinking of the long lead up BEFORE he took himself out.

    Zero charisma, but still a smart guy.

    Let's not forget


    Thanks, Lulu.  We remember.

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