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    My Expectations for Libya

    While I have more or less been clear about my feelings toward war, I am nonetheless a realist. I understand that the War in Libya is happening and won’t end until all objectives are met.

    Thus, when President Barack Obama gave his speech this week explaining the humanitarian reasons for the U.S.-led UN-Approved No-Fly Zone War on Libya, I, like many liberals, stood behind my President 100 percent. And while Obama did not lay out any type of exit strategy, I have my own modest expectations on how this humanitarian war effort will proceed:

    Libya Expectation Time line

    2011-2012: Birth pangs of democracy felt.

    2012-2018: After invasion(s) of Syria, Iran, etc., Libya forgotten and unmentioned by anyone who really matters.

    2019: U.S. attacked by Islamic Radicals who hate us for our freedom.

    2020-?: Rinse. Repeat. Rely on oil for energy needs.

    Mind you, I’m a “history repeats itself” kinda guy.


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    Lovely Wolfster, you have captured the whole thing practically in Haiku form. Cool

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