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    Mitt Romney is just not very good at this

    If there’s one thing that’s glaringly apparent in the GOP nomination process, it’s this – Mitt Romney is just not a very good candidate for office.

    It shouldn’t be this way. Romney is very intelligent, attractive to the point it almost appears he was assembled by a crack team of human designers, and well spoken. Add to that the fact that he can afford the best campaign advisors money can by, and he truly should be a juggernaut of a candidate.

    But here’s Romney’s flaw in a nutshell – he is unwilling and unable to own up to who he is and what he has done.

    He is unable to own up to his record as the Governor of Massachusetts. This really shouldn’t be that hard. He was a Republican who became governor of a very liberal state. In a country where state’s rights have become all the rage, why can’t he own up to the fact that he governed it as conservatively as he could, but still had constituents to please?

    He is unable to own up to his own wealth and privilege. For God’s sakes, he intimated that he’s middle class. He tried to say he spent time in Paris as a street urchin (he actually lived in a mansion). He tries to make his time at Bain Capital appear as though it was philanthropic, that it was all about job creation. Here he is, the leading candidate for the Republican party, and he’s practically apologizing for being rich and successful.

    Romney comes off as completely out-of-touch for two reasons – 1) He is. 2) He pretends he isn’t. Say what you will about guys like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, but at least they know who they are and why they do what they do.

    Mitt Romney, for all he has going for him, is uncomfortable being Mitt Romney. He is unable to take command of who he is and what he has done. This is why he is a lousy candidate. This is why he’ll never be President of the United States.


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    I suspect that after he wins the nomination (sorry, A-Man, I think he will) that you will see a whole different Romney.  Primary Romney can't own up to his past as the moderate governor of a liberal state.  General election Romney may try to run on it, particularly in the absence of a right wing third party candidate.   He'll figure that the Tea Party voters will have nowhere else to go.

    But I don't think he can overcome the economic stuff.  He'd have to develop enough of a sense of humor and charm enough to make light of his wealth, rather than trying to deny it.

    I tend to agree with you on this, but then one has to ask what the moderate independents are going to react to that.  As much as people want change, if they perceive Romney as pretty much the Mormon version of Obama, they may just decide to stay the course.  At least they'll know what they're getting.  It is places like Ohio and PA that the race will be decided.  Romney will win the McCain states.  He has to peel some of the purple states Obama won if he is going to take the prize.

    This really sums up a big problem Romney has.  It is put on top of his inability to deal with his more liberal past as Governor, as Destor brought up. 

    Whether it will be enough to keep him out of the WH is another matter.  The economy this summer will be the biggest deciding factor.  The trends look good for Obama, so Romney's deficits as a candidate will probably keep him from taking the purple states. 

    The Ohio and PA contests will be particularly brutal for him I think.

    C'mon, you've been around how long?

    Obama couldn't acknowledge who he was - a yuppie suburban kid who grew up on Partridge Family and Maui Wowie, and then followed a fairly typical path into law school.

    Gore acknowledged who he was - and they trashed him for it. Same with Clinton - just too white trash for their books.

    W recreated himself as some ranch hand, buying his cattle-less ranch about 2 years before his run. The press lapped it up.

    Romney I'm sure is fine with who he is, and fine fudging the facts to win the nomination. To do anything else would be stupid.

    I think in the debate arena last night, 'Myth' proved that the declaration cited in your post's header is on target.   I, for one, am thankful that he makes it so apparent that he seems to be incapable of even minimally sustaining the facade that he can, or even wants to, intellectually or emotionally relate to the '99%' of our country.

    The most telling moment (of which there was plethora of options to choose from) was the smugness of his expression and tenor when uttering the single word, 'Maybe' in response to will he publish his tax returns.

    But here’s Romney’s flaw in a nutshell – he is unwilling and unable to own up to who he is and what he has done.

    I believe, for those who care enough to focus, that the 'flaw' of who he really is and what he represents is glaringly obvious.

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