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    Land developer & GOP politician Packy Campbell - Mitt Romney thinks he's just like you

    Mitt Romney has put out a political ad about one Wayne "Packy" Campbell (or Wayne P. Campbell. Or Packy Campbell, etc.), a land developer in Rochester, N.H. and former Republican State Representative, who is struggling to deal with the complexities of not being able to take his kids to Disneyland because of Obama.


    Forget the fact that the real estate market crashed under George W. Bush. Let's focus on Packy, who is just a normal American like you and me, with a realty company that grosses anywhere between $1 million and $2.5 million a year.

    Packy is a Republican politician who has now been personally visited by two high-profile Republicans and worked for John McCain's Presidential campaign. Just like you.

    At 2 p.m., Romney will visit RSA Realty in Rochester, a company owned by former Republican State Representative Packy Campbell, a 2008 town chairman for John McCain. (McCain toured the same business in 2007.)

    Packy gets special treatment from his local government. Just like you.

    So, the matter was, for the time, closed. The hearings have been held; the people shall have their say. But wait! It wasn't—as we thought—over. Because just when the good folk who turned out in favor of the IGMR were feeling good about the outcome of their involvement in their town's affairs . . . [DRUM ROLL . . . ]

    On August 19, RSA developer Wayne (Packy) Campbell, without being on the agenda, appeared at the Planning Board meeting, with a videographer in tow, demanding that the PB hear his "rebuttal" to the IGMR. Charlie King protested (more than once), saying (to paraphrase him) public hearings on the matter have been held, the IGMR is on the way to the voters, and public input on the IGMR is, for the time, closed. Undaunted, Campbell insisted he deliver his "rebuttal" to the IGMR. He said he was told there was a public hearing that night, though did not say who told him, nor was he asked by the PB who told him. Nor was he asked how come he didn't hear about the two posted-and-well-advertised public hearings on July 15 and July 30. But even if he hadn't seen the postings, and the hype about the two meetings, and even if by some fluke his colleagues in the Brotherhood of Developers hadn't given him a Heads Up! about the hearings, wouldn't you think his own sister, then still a member of the Planning Board, would have clued him in?

    And now we return to Don MacVane. Don said the PB ought to listen to what Campbell had to say because Campbell was our elected representative.

    Packy Campbell sells at least 50 homes a year without any employees. Just like you.

    Packy Campbell of RSA Real Estate in Rochester was a bit more chipper. "The market has made its adjustment and prices have stabilized. Mortgage rates are very low and it is a great time to buy," he said. He added that is was also a great time for a homeowner to sell, especially if they owed the bank more than their home was worth.

    "A short sale," said Campbell, "is when your mortgage is $200,000 and your home is worth $180,000." He explained that the homeowner reaches an agreement with the bank to have a short sale — that is, to sell the property at a loss. This way the bank still gets more than with a foreclosure procedure and the homeowner avoids damaging his credit. "You (the homeowner) control who you sell it to and when," said Cambell. He also pointed out that the $20,000 of debt forgiveness in his example, would normally be regarded as income by the IRS, but under President George Bush's Investment Recovery Act of 2008, it is no longer regarded as "income," a break that runs until 2013.

    "It is really tough, but people have to face reality," said Campbell. "Short sales are the way. Foreclosures drag the whole market down." He has made adjustments in his own real estate and development company.

    Before the market turned sour, he had 35 employees, whereas today he has none — although he has a handful of agents selling on his behalf. "We are still selling houses. We will do at least 50 this year," he said.

    Also like you: Packy owns the building where a new restaurant opened in March.

    Packy owns a huge housing development that he promises to get up to code but never seems to do.

    Packy is all about school vouchers.

    Packy sponsored legislation demanding the government pay for home-schooled children.

    Packy owns three corporations.

    Packy owns 6.3 acres of the Granite Ridge Development District.

    Packy lives in a home worth more than $250,000.

    Final Thoughts: If Packy employed 35 people, I'd like to see evidence. I'd also like to see when he got rid of all of them. Packy went bankrupt? So did Donald Trump. Often. Perhaps like the Donald, Packy has a bit too much tied up in real estate holdings?  I'm making no accusations against Packy, and he may or may not be a fine fellow, but as the subject of Romney's first big ad buy to show how bad the economy is, he's someone living a whole different life than the majority of Americans who are hurting right now.

    Wayne "Packy" Campbell and Mitt Romney - Republican politicians - just like you.




    Obama stopped me from taking my bicycle with me on the plane last Tuesday....Packy and  I are just alike... I used to work in a restaurant when I was in college, see we are identical.

    What was the deal about declaring bankruptcy?  


    And BTW, I was born in 1948, and I heard every Christmas that I wouldn't get the things I wanted; I heard every Easter that we just couldn't afford a new Easter Outfit and Hat (those were the norms back then, for you chickies), and my clothes were sewed by my mother out of feedbags.  

    I was often not happy about hearing the latest version of "No," but I never felt like it meant America was the problem.

    What a bunch of selfish, narcissistic mo-fo's!  I am sick of all this, and am going to the Chesapeake Bay for the weekend to restore my soul.  


    PS. I like the new interface, or whatever you call it.  

    PPS.  Michael, your post is excellent, and I appreciate all the citations.  I am hoping (against hope) that we can all laugh about this someday.  Why don't I think that will happen?  

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