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    Donald Trump gets Koch blocked

    Mark the day: April 29. It was the day Donald Trump officially became irrelevant to the GOP.

    It seems the Kingmaker Koch Brothers aren't fans of Trump. And none of Trump's pretend billions will save him. From ThinkProgress:

    “Donald Trump is exposing himself to a lot of attacks,” said (David) Koch. “As much as I like Donald, he’s sort of asking for it.” He laughed again, then observed that “Donald’s political positions over the last 10 years have been highly variable and unusual. He’s a wonderful guy, but I don’t think he should run for office.

    Noting Trump’s love of press, Koch said the “Celebrity Apprentice” host is “getting more publicity than he ever dreamed about right now.” But, he added, “at some point I think he’s going to drop out of the race when he realizes that he’s really not qualified to be President.”

    This doesn't completely take Trump out of the national spotlight, of course. Because After thrilling Conservatives by becoming the world's most famous Birther and then thrilling them more by questioning Obama's educational accomplishments, Trump is still in the game. I mean, we still need to know if Lil' Jon, Hope Dworaczyk, Meatloaf or other B-Lister will win Celebrity Apprentice. So he's got that going for him.

    Mind you, none of this matters to Trump. After all, he has never had any intention of running for any public office in the first place.


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    David Letterman: "I know someone very close to the Trump Machine....and they have told me repeatedly relax, it's a joke."

    I had to come back to this.

    I mean the pic is so picture perfect. hahahahah

    As I think I pointed out somewhere else, the parrot is dead!

    The absolute best sketch they ever did. Thanks for the memory DD.

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