Bad Boys/Bad Boys (watcha gonna do...)

    All good fun when Trump or Nugent talk about their "2nd Amendment rights" or bombing Planned Parenthood clinics or "bleeding out of wherever", but make poor Barron have a bad dream and our 1st Amendment rights go out the window - as Kathy Griffin's finding out.

    (as if he hasn't watched Chuckie & other horror movies and not that anyone cared about say Chelsea Clinton's feelings when attacking her father. As if they cared about Seth Rich's family when they made up a fake murder scandal...)

    Fuck them, and fuck all the news outlets that condemned her and censored the photo but refused to take on Trump and the GOP too hard for all their outlandish, violence inciting asshatery where real people got attacked, like that black guy who got punched at a Trump rally, or the reporter who got decked by a Montana Republican candidate. Whiny little bastards can dish it out but squeal about their kids when they get hit back. Sad!, right Donald? And besides, it was just locker room talk, amirite Kathy?

    (And someone's writing Melania's Tweets for her, so don't get me started on her questioning Griffin's psychological health - at least she got rid of the psychopath in her bed, and now we have to sleep with him)

    And certainly they're lacking the classical chops to appreciate her parody. As metaphor. (and poetical justice, not literal) - bring down the king. By impeachment, or 25th Amendment, or resignation. We don't need violence, and we certainly don't want violence, as it would only make the pathetic prick a martyr. Let him be chased out of Washington by dogs? well again, t'would be poetic justice, but no, it's an age-old metaphor, not a request. Impeachment, indictment and conviction are quite sufficient.

    So "'Lay on (with the humor), Lady McDuff, and be damned he who first cries, 'Holdenough!'""



    [Photo by Dave Martin]



    Trump and his cohort are snowflakes. Kathy Griffin is a friggin' comedian. The Montana Repubicanmguy actually struck a reporter. The Texas Governor joked about shooting reporters, but Griffin is the bad guy? Ted Nugent was invited to the Trump White House!



    1. First Amendment isn't there to protect hate speech from criticism, but rather, encourages criticism of it.

    2. So you say you wanna be avant garde? Do you realize that before it became popular with the elite monied class to support the controversial, that meant you would be unpopular and suffer in poverty and ignominy?

    3. The question of the future: What is "popular taste" these days? As in: what would get you: a) high ratings, or b) taxpayer supported art, or c) crowd source funded art?

    P.S. As to channeling iconography like Judith & Holifernes or Samson and Delilah. That is Jewish Old Testament fire and brimstone stuff of a vengeful yahweh, not of the world of "turn the other cheek" of the Christian Gospels. If you want to go there, be aware that you are also aligning yourself with: Islamic militants, Wahabbi  justice, radical 1980's feminists, and Lorena Bobbitt, for that matter. Which should work fine if your intent is to take things in the direction of Israel vs. Palestine threads on the internet.

    Ever since Reagan we've been focused on that righteous fire-and-brimstone, Old Testament-and-Revelations-skip-the-stuff-between "Left Behind" vision of humanity and religion. But anyway, this was a bit of humor from a comedian, not the "crooked media", right up Trump's alley - don't see how he can object. Aside from inherent inconsistency and the reference to Shakespeare whose tragedies like the Greeks' are probably coming too close to home (House that Atreus Built?). Again, only locker room talk. How come boys can be boys, but girls can't be girls?

    Moter City Dumbfuck weighs in. Yeah, his threats to kill the president were "metaphor", meaning"meta for his lameass followers". Sorry, Ted - you're a dinosaur, as spunky as a go-kart, as dated as the Dodge Omni and as hateful &laughable as the Edsel.

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