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    Oh, That Trump! What a Guy! Huh?

    So once again I have to apologize for being away after I said I wasn't going away. I went away.  But I wasn't gone. I settled in at Facebook and Twitter, talking short, saving my energies for some real stuff.

    So now I'm tussling with what some laughingly call "chemo brain", but even I can see that Donald J. Trump has brought himself around to some heavy shit.  It's as if the whole world is watching, horrified, and all Trump is willing to acknowledge is he's the supreme-top-dog-celebrity-du-jour holding the golden Get Out Of Jail Free card.  Tralalala and fiddle-de-dee. (I'm the President! Can you believe it?)

    Lots to cover, but it won't come from me. I can't keep up, let alone make sense of it.  But today a memo surfaced wherein James Comey,  famously canned FBI Director, wrote at the time and for the record that Donald Trump asked him to lay off on an on-going investigation of reluctantly canned National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  That's a big no-no, but Teflon Don lets this stuff slide off of him.  Lucky for us, those we count on are attempting to stay sane. Things are unraveling, unhinging, getting rather, shall we say, nuts.

    And, oh, the foaming! Just today!

    What??  That's obstruction of justice! No, it's not! Where's the memo? Why now? Was the convo taped? Nothing to see here. Get those damned leakers!

    In that same memo, Comey says Trump started the conversation by telling him he should be throwing reporters who leak classified information in jail.  That was the softball.  Then Trump asked Comey ever so nicely if he couldn't see his way to just let Flynn go.  "He's a good guy", sez Trump.  "Yes, he's a good guy," sez Comey. 


    I should be reporting now on what Comey said to Trump but here's the thing: I'm not finding it.  Did he wriggle, did he waffle, did he pretend he didn't hear?  Did he grunt and shrug his big shoulders?  DID HE SAY ANYTHING??

    I don't know.

    But I just want to say, Go Democrats! I mean it. GO. The ball is in your court. You're in the catbird seat. (Feels good, huh?) You can do this!  Stay calm, get the facts, don't follow dead ends, eyes on the prize. Don't back down. Don't even think about all those other times you thought you had him but you didn't.  Beat the bushes for any Republican wiping tears or rending garments. Bring them into the fold. Don't even hint you're judging the hell out of them. Grab every Independent.  Be nice.

    Go, go, go.



    Samuel 1120 at Wash Post:

    "His credibility is unraveling, with prominent Republicans now voicing concern about his erratic, impulsive decisions. " 
    A) His credibility was never raveled to begin with 
    B) have these so-called prominent Republicans just awakened from having been in a coma for the past two years?

    Oh how we've missed you, Mona. We'll take your brain, chemo or no, whenever you can spare it.

    PS But you should go easy on Mr. Trump. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.

    Part of my healing is going after Trump. Would you really want to take that away from me?



    I ask you to set aside your fake partisan "healing" for the good of the country. This whole investigation is a media plot to undermine America. #MAGA

    Hi Ramona.

    This brings back that old line about whether or not the cup is a quarter filled....

    Now if a guy like Pence were in charge, we would already have seen:

    A complete end to Obama-Care.

    The end of all abortions in this country.

    No corporate taxes.

    Absolute prayer-content in our school texts.

    The end of unions.

    The end of food stamps.

    The end of the EPA.

    The end to school lunches.


    Instead we have this monumental idiot running the repub party.


    And we all must pray that there will be no impeachment for awhile so that WE get the majority in both houses.


    Hi, Richard. You paint a grim picture, but it's pretty much what's already happening under Trump. Would it escalate under Pence? I don't see it. If Trump is forced out the GOP will get their legs knocked out from under them. They'll be whimpering in their prayer circles, pretending God still loves them best.

    Meanwhile, we little Hobbits will find our strength and the Eye of Sauron will be no more.

    Pretty sure.

    For Mona from us Hobbitses - chemical brain, chemical body, chemical brothers

    Good to see you writing again. 

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