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    Manny Pacquiao - Floyd Mayweather dream fight means Domestic Violence charges can be ignored

    When the stories of Michael Vick's abuse of dogs came to light, there was understandable outrage from both the public and the media. But the case also seemed to serve as a wake-up call for some sports journalists, who seemed to realize that something was amiss with their own lack of outrage over athletes who commit domestic violence against women.

    "Why is it, then, that we barely shrug when we hear of athletes beating up their wives, girlfriends or acquaintances?" wrote John Sleeper of the Everett, Wash., Herald.

    Which brings us to last night's fight between popular champion Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley. Following Pacquiao's lopsided victory, sportswriters and others were quick to clamor for the brilliant Filipino to fight the undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

    Sportswriter Skip Bayless tweeted about the possibility of such a match. USA Today and other newspapers and magazines discussed the fight. No one, however asked the important question: Why on earth would Mayweather deserve the fight, and why are the Domestic Violence charges (which could net him up to three decades in prison) being ignored?

    Perhaps no one showcased the lack of interest in the domestic violence charges better than CNN's Roland Martin, who tweeted:

    "Maybe if @ is focused on Manny, he won't keep getting in trouble with the law. If he refuses to fight Manny, his rep is hurt."

    You see, maybe a fight that would bank him nearly $50 million will get Mayweather to stop beating on women. And it would keep Martin's opinion of his reputation high.

    The fact of the matter is that Mayweather is innocent until proven guilty (which didn't seem to bother anyone in Vick's case). In June, he will face the judge and jury for three charges of felony domestic violence, as well as charges for grand larceny and robbery. He is also facing new charge in a different case. But none of that seems to matter. After all, a great fight hangs in the balance.

    More than anything, the interest in the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight shows one thing crystal clear - most sportswriters and many sports fans still don't care about violence against women.


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    For me it's because a person's situation outside their professional career is irrelevant. That is an issue between them, law enforcement, and their family.

    A fighter doesn't earn a fight by scoring high enough on some scale of Wolfrum political correctness. They earn a fight by achieving excellence in boxing. Period. Pacquiao and Mayweatherare are ranked #1 and #2 on the pound-for-pound best fighters in boxing list. This is inarguably a world-class bout between two fighters who have inarguably earned their ranking. That is the ONLY metric by which the boxing profession should be judging match ups.

    If a person has been accused of domestic violence (or any crime) and can excel at their profession while addressing the legal and social obligations placed on him by the responsible authorities, why the hell should a sportswriter refuse to do their job -  writing about the sport they cover - and instead turn sports into the Nancy Grace show?

    It isn't that sportswriters don't care (and it isn't that I don't care). It's that in America, the legal system handles determining guilt and punishment. Not sportswriters and not sports fans.

    you're a moron. Just because people want to see pacquiao destroy mayweather, it doesnt mean they are for violence against women. Maybe before writing a dumbass story like this you will think about the fact we want to see violence against mayweather for beating a women.... another fight isnt going to be the magic enabler for beating women for him. hes got more money than you could dream of. if he decides to be a pussy and beat his woman hes going to do it regardless. Your article is garbage, and you are an idiot. Go waste some more money on more shitty ppv matchups and enjoy!

    Happy Mothers Day to you too.

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