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    The Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2014

    Hey, Daggers, here is the link to the Jon Swift Roundup, 2014.  As Michael W. told us, this is an annual roundup of the best of the 2014 blogs, as chosen for the most part by the bloggers themselves.  We did things a little differently and held a contest, which Wattree won.  Both Wattree and Doc Cleveland are there representing dagblog. 

    I thought you all might enjoy reading some posts from an assemblage of a few bloggers you may or may not be acquainted with.  Good reading!

    Hint:  If you click on either Wattree's or Doc's dagblog will be recognized by those who know how to look at such things.  Go for it!



    This for posting this, Ramona! I've been meaning to do it but hadn't gotten around to it yet. We also need to honor the best creatives this year.

    Great idea!  Yes!

    Congratulations to you as well, Mona!  Three Daggers on the list!

    Yeah!  We rule!

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