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    A Feckless, Freckled Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

    Drunk and bewildered ...
    Well, here I am, 2 PM.
    Heck, what day is it?

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    Right about the Alt Right

    I had quite a few adventures with Dagblog. My most personal moments were shared here - my drug withdrawal, the loss of my wife and my warning, which was very much validated, about the rise of the Alternative Right.

    I first started here, nearly six years ago, warning about the Alt Right - a movement of well dressed, charismatic and angry white men - ranging from Alex Jones to Richard Spencer to Augustus Invictus (a Senate candidate in Florida). I have fortunately never met the former and I have spoken to the latter, the most latter of which called me "a piece of shit."

    I postulated their rise after working for conservatives in Washington D.C. and encountering casual racist comments that shocked and surprised me (remember 2009 and 2010 were a more innocent time). This was before Black Lives Matter, police shootings, mass shootings or the decline of the American empire in full display. I responded to these comments by researching white supremacy and finding, to my disappointment, a growing and energized movement of white reactionaries fueled with all of the old hatreds - anti-black racism, xenophobia and, of course, anti-Semitism.

    Bernie or Bust Going Bust

    What many said would happen with the Bernie Revolution.

    Bernie a loner, doubts he can keep it going, hold it all together.

    Some said the Berners can't be counted on. Won't compromise even with other liberals. Won't stick around. The Bern will fade.

    Gloomy forecasts by some the revolution wouldn't make it to the midterms.

    Now it seems Our Revolution is foundering before making it to its first general election.

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    Can We Grow Dagblog?

    My first post on Dagblog was December 27, 2014; I was a butcher at a grocery store and received a small salary from the church I serve. Dagblog has opened several doors for me: I've had some paid speaking engagements, I've appeared on three talk radio shows- none more frequently than The Hal Ginsberg Morning Show, and I now hold the title of station coordinator for WCHG Allegheny Mountain Radio.

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    There evidently is nothing but T's in the Trump Team.

    It is extremely difficult for me to become surprised over anything involving this campaign.

    Even the KO's announce that the Onion is receiving way too much competition of late.

    But when I heard that Michele Bachmann was back in the news, we....

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    A Sunny and Summer-y Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

    A rusty Ford coupe
    parked in the driveway of a
    two room bungalow.

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    Stop Hating on the Clinton Foundation

    On a slow news Friday in August both Slate and New York ran thumb suckers calling on the Clintons to shut down their foundation.  This is in response to a Clinton promise that the foundation would take no foreign donations during a Clinton presidency. Look, I get it.


    OpenThread: hacktivism, Soros...

    Ironic that the new hacktivism is taking on Open Society, the one that did so much to promote transparent organizations after the wall. But the target seems to be Soros' promotion of arguments for the Ukrainian protesters in Maidan - a rather contentious issue that pitted the US left against US government actions as rather colonialistic (unlike Russia's continued influence over Ukraine, which is simply

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    Horse Race? Or Hindenburg?

    Donald Trump is clearly losing this election. What is the media going to do about it?

    Even Trump understands that he's way behind in the polls and that those polls are on the level. That's why he shook up his campaign staff this morning to make it more Trump-y. (New campaign motto: "Let Trump be Trump. We're out of other options.") He's doing much worse than Mitt Romney was four years ago, and Romney lost by a solid margin.

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    I'm Offended by my Country

    As a denizen of the Internets given to spouting personal opinions I'm not easily offended.  I can't afford to be. It's hard enough to write without having to do it curled up in a fetal position, tears in my eyes, sucking my thumb.

    But I'm offended by my country.

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    Outsourcing Political Violence: Trump and Daesh

    There are still three months to go and we've already gotten to the smirking-death-threats portion of our general election. I can't even say that I'm surprised Trump did it. I just never expected it so early, and I'm sickened by the thought of how much lower the man will sink by November 8. It will get even worse. I mean, of course it will. There's no doubt. But I'm not looking forward to it.

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    Chasing the Weasel

    How many times will we play the same game? Here's how it goes:

    1. Donald Trump says something outrageous
    2. Outrage ensues
    3. Trump pretends to be misinterpreted.
    4. Pundits argue about whether Trump was misinterpreted

    ...and repeat.

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    Donald Trump: The King Who Could Be President?

    French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Jacques Lacan wrote that, “A madman isn't just a beggar who thinks he's a king - he's also a king who thinks he's a king.” His point being that anyone who has bought into our artificially created social structures enough to believe that their birth or social standing makes them a king is living the illusion the beggar is trying to create. We enter into the world blank canvases that society paints on.

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    what's the matter with the white-trash hillbillies of Appalachia?

    Alternate title: What's the matter with the Democrats' strategy toward the WTHOA? We're deep into the election woods right now, and Hillary (with lots of help from Donald Trump) is doing a pretty good job of locking in most demographics that make up the party's base. So I doubt any Democratic strategists are fretting about their expected failure to recapture West Virginia's once-gettable five electoral votes. It's sad that so many voters have lost all hope that they are buying what Trump is selling, but there's no way the party can promise them a turnaround. Those jobs are gone and they ain't coming back.

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    A Ubiquitous Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

    In the morning light,
    a sailboat on the Hudson,
    moves as in a dream.

    Moderation vs. Violent Mood Swings

    It's been the perceived wisdom this season that Americans are outraged, and that solutions need to be drastic. But perceived wisdom, especially among self-interested media types, isn't always accurate, and doesn't always reflect what the populace expects. And change often comes when a dam bursts, not with steady trends - watching the water rise often does little to predict the outcome. (Plus my experience with earthquakes tells me that an aftershock can be worse than the original quake - effects do ripple).

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    Would You vote for Ted Cruz to Keep Sean Penn out of the White House?

    Slate has run with a thought experiment that serves as a kind of counter to calls by people like President Obama for Republicans to repudiate their own nominee, for the good of the country.  The idea here is that if populist Democrats had somehow handed the nomination to somebody like Sean Penn, people left of center would not take kindly to being told to vote for Ted Cruz in the name of apple pie and American values.

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    Coming Soon: The Trump Show Finale

    "Donald Trump has asked why I did not speak at the Democratic convention. He said he would like to hear from me. Here is my answer to Donald Trump: Because without saying a thing, all the world, all America, felt my pain. I am a Gold Star mother. Whoever saw me felt me in their heart."

    Ghazala Khan, grieving mother of Army captain Humayun Kahn, killed in action in Iraq trying to save his soldiers and innocent civilians.


    Hack Attacks - Quo Vadis?

    My biggest objection during the time we helped remove Qaddafi was not a condemnation of regime change, but "what's the precedent?" Unless you're the Supreme Court in 2000 writing a "one-time-use-only" clause into your work, or even if, there's the constant concern in both foreign and domestic policy that a new clever "remedy" will be copied and extended in ways we find unreasonable but ways the bastardizers think wholly fair. Thus part of the history of how Republicans have mimicked and abused Democratic strategy in the Senate or amazingly refused to take any action on a Supreme Court nominee based on a fairly meaningless comment by Biden lots of years ago.

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    Watch Donald Crack

    I enjoyed that Democratic Convention a lot, and mostly for the right reasons. In fact, I'm still enjoying it, because I'm currently five time zones ahead of Philly time and so watch the major speeches the next day. [SPOILER ALERT: Don't tell me who they nominate in the finale!] The Democrats presented a positive vision about candidate, cause, and country: inspiring reminders about what they are about, what we are about, and what America is about. It's great, and also I'm walking around London with Stevie's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" stuck in my head. I am one happy Democrat.



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