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Saving the Scotchman Peaks Proposed Wilderness Area

As you know I ride my bike all over Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and occasionally New England, this year it is Maine in September, where we go visit the ex-President Bush in Kennebunkport, he isn't expecting us of course, but we will wave as we ride by their compound if we can see it from the road! And I am sure he will be thrilled that the Greatest Living Democrat will go out of her way to acknowledge his New England roots.

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GOP in the HOR - Renewable Energy is Anti-Energy! Whaaaat????

As usual the TeaBag GOP is going out on a limb to protect Oil, Coal, and Nuclear energy producers. NREL - the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado is on the chopping block. I did an internship while in graduate school at the Washington State Energy Office in 1993. The program I worked for was the Energy Ideas Clearing House which was funded by grants through the Department of Energy. The funding source was through the DofE's Office of Science and Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs.

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The Genghis Law: Strength and Change Lie in Organization

After reading Kevin Drums column and Genghis' Blowing Smoke, several academic papers on the Senate rules, the filibuster, and I selected some Journal Articles to learn more about what exactly is going on and what the solutions are for Democrats and Liberals in the future, because if th

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Boeing VS National Labor Relations Board

The  National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken action against Boeing's production move to South Carolina. Republicans are in meltdown mode...

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El Fraile Island: Fort Drum the Concrete Battleship of Manila Bay


This quest for this story began with this picture. It was among he hundreds of slides I've been going through that  connect my third culture kid beginnings with my adult life. I couldn't stop looking at this particular picture, it was fascinating. It was obviously a remnant of WWII, seemingly floating out in the middle of the Ocean.

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Lopez Island Washington's Tour de Lopez

Yesterday for the first time ever, we made it out to one of the upper San Juan Islands, just off the north coast of Washington State.  The Tour de Lopez , was one of the best organized and certainly is up there for the amazing lunch put on by the owner of the Bay Cafe. They limit the numbers of riders on this ride, which is sold out every year.  It came two weeks after the Tulip Pedal which was an outstanding ride.

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Raised Undersea - South Pacific, Philippine Islands 1970's

I spent a good part of my young life in the water. When we moved to the Philippines in 1971 we weren't moving to Manila, we were moving to one of the 7000+ islands. I read a good deal as a kid and figured it sounded like a cool Robinson Crusoe adventure. It really was quite amazing to be there, then, much of the natural beauty of the jungle and the waters were in tact, big storms and development have changed the seas.

We did eventually move into Manila after 4 years on Marinduque.

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The Eyes of Orly "Tammy Faye" Taitz

Taitz learned the art of facial shellacking from the goddess of too much makeup herself, yes, Tammy Faye Baker Messner.

Anyhoo... I caught this on the Lawrence O'Donnell and The Last Word tonight.

So here is the question, is she crazy or not? I am voting for crazy.


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Tulip Pedal 2011 - One Fun Ride

This time of year in the PNW there are tons of cool cycling trips events.  They all raise money for something.  We've done many of the cycling events in Western Washington, but for some reason we had never done this particular ride.  This ride takes us through the tulip fields of Skagit Valley. The ride starts at the La Conner middle school. There were lots of riders there already, and tons of cars.

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I know my many fans who follow me here at Dag, realize I am the greatest living democrat. That is why there is so much love for me here. Well to make you all more jealous I attended the Emerald City Comicon March 4 - 6, with all the other greatest living democrats and comic book hero's and lovers. As a group we are fun, and we consider ourselves the greatest living Democrats of all time. As evidenced by this book I purchased while at Comicon.


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