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Does Obama Have the Guts to let DADT Die?

A federal district court judge has driven a stake through the heart of the 17 year old 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on gays in the military, placing an injunction on its enforcement throughout the military and declaring it unconstitutional. The judiciary is a co-equal branch of government, and the judge was doing what the judiciary is supposed to do, ruling to defend the rights of Americans under the Constitution.

Firefighting and Capitalism, from Marcus Licinius Crassus to Obion County, Tennessee

Public services, the call to duty and empathy for fellow citizens reach a new low in Tennessee. Even craven rich slave owning ancient Romans were not so odious as to offer no relief whatsoever to victims of a fire.

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi and His Teabagging Epiphany

A must read at link, Matt goes to a rally in which Sarah Palin harangues masses of scooter mounted white supporters in Kentucky.

Pentagon Won't Ask Iraq to Cough Up $1 Billion to Help Fund US Forces in Iraq, GAO Says Iraq Has $11.8 Billion 2010 Surplus

Rep. Levin (D-Mich) suggested we ask the government of Iraq to pay $1 billion of what is calculated to be $2 billion of training and equipment planned by the Pentagon for Iraq in the next fiscal year. A recent study by the GAO found that Iraq had $11.8 billion in the bank and was running a surplus. So with both Republicans and Democrats worried about OUR deficit, its a slam dunk we will ask Iraq to help out, right?

Origin of Teabagging Explained in Rhyme

Ever wonder why all those Bush/Cheney 04 stickers disappeared so rapidly in his second term as the Bush wars, the Bush economy and the country itself headed down the drain? And how did those of the Bush Base turn so quickly into Teabaggers??

Driftglass has an explantion, that will make you laugh! It's a story of the magical transformation of the Dr. Suess-like 'Sneetches' of the Bush Base!

Pentagon Central Command Wants to Open New GWOT Front in Yemen with $1.2 Billion Ante

The New York Times reports that the Pentagon is seeking $1,200,000,000 ($1.2 billion dollars) over 6 years to fight about 500 'hardcore' al Qaeda in the deserts of Yemen. Most of the money would go to US arms manufacturers to buy the usual tools of killing people, helicopters, guns, communication gear, bombs etc., and US 'trainers'. It works out to about $2.4 million per bad guy but who's counting? Certainly not General Petraeus who approved the request.



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