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Who's watching what where

How good are you at guessing what TV shows are popular where?  I was surprised by some of what AdAge's two new interactive maps revealed.

Top Network Shows by County Type

Top Cable TV Shows by County

Counties have been assigned descriptive demographic labels like Boom Town, Tractor Country, Moneyed Burbs, Minority Central, Evangelical Epicenters, Service Worker Centers, Immigration Nation, etc.  It's a marketing site.

The Ultimate Meaninglessness of Money

If you haven't already seen today's xkcd cartoon, I hope you will take a few minutes to look at some interesting, some amusing and some appalling information about how much different things cost in 2011 dollars.  

Appointment in Samarra?

In attempting to avert catastrophic climate change and/or replace petroleum as our primary energy source, are we inadvertently hastening it? That is the question that came to mind after studying these images and their accompanying article, Geotimes - April 2008 - Desert Power: A Solar Renaissance:

Pay Cut Disguised as Tax Cut

My reply to A Better Payroll Tax Cut | ThinkProgress

How can I convince you that what you are considering is in reality a general pay cut.

What is a payroll tax to employers is a form of compensation to employees. In the case of FICA it is deferred compensation in the form of a retirement annuity. Last year's cut letting employees take the compensation now rather deferring to retirement was one thing but now to even consider cutting the employer's portion without requiring that it be passed on to employees is effectively a cut in their pay and a windfall to the employers.

Of course owners and the self-employed will love the idea but don't progressives generally support labor?

Quantum computers, Qubits, Entanglements

World’s first commercial quantum computer sold to Lockheed Martin for $10 million! including service and support, of course.

So what is a quantum computer?  From the article:


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