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The Quiet Man of 2012 - You can ask, but he won't tell

    John Wayne, star of the 1952 movie, The Quiet Man, was known to be a man of few words. But the Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, makes Wayne seem a veritable chatterbox when it comes to delivering verbal (or any) communication with facts, stances and issues relevant in this Presidential election, such as: 

‘His policy on Afghanistan is described as at best ‘murky’ by top senators of both parties and he hasn’t put forth clear and concise stances when attempting to address other beyond our border issues’:

We need to stop saluting the ‘generals’

I watched a Memorial Day mini-documentary this past weekend.  It focused on a collage of yesteryear ceremonies showcasing how our nation’s populace bestows homage to our gallant warriors.  Along with the kaleidoscope of ceremonies depicting solemn and tearful observances, there were parades where bands and veterans marched as cheering crowds lined the streets, vigorously waving hand held mini red, white and blue flags. 

Our Distressed Defective Democracy

I think it is past time we admitted the obvious, shucked off our mantles of denial and shame, and own the truth. We can shout it out or sing it in harmony, as we confess the all too obvious…..

It’s our fault that our form of democracy is failing.

Oh, don’t even try to pretend you didn’t know it. 

But we can fix it!  Really!  For sure!  Yes, we can!  But, will we?  How?

I know what I’m about to propose is radical and most likely will create all kinds of outrage, no doubt including accusations complete with cheeky labels like anarchist, commie (channeling Allen West), turncoat, even twit and bloody prat.  

Oh, if you are wondering about the usage of British slang, it’s paying homage to Winston Churchill who best stated the motivation for this post when he declared:

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

Oh Come All You UNFaithful – It’s Judgment Day!

     In the movie, ‘Indecent Proposal’, a rich man offers a husband $1,000,000.00 to bed his wife.  After initial resistance by the couple, the prompt cashing of his check was all the foreplay required. Although with the dawn came seller’s remorse, what was lost could never truly be regained.

    This film created many a conversation, oft rowdy discussions, about various topics focusing on the queries of ‘what would it take for you to ‘(fill in the blank)’.  Today, when applied to the political arena, at least in the hypothetical, it seems many would rather pimp out their spouse than vote for a candidate who doesn’t share their base political ideology.  

    Selling out one’s core paradigms when casting a ballot may not be in the same emotional and moral arena as desecrating our marital vows, but how we choose to vote does employ the same process we use when making any decision.  In the end, it always comes down to our own priorities and judgment.

Oh, What a Night - Let the Silly Times Rock 'n Roll with Good Vibrations

The thrill is gone and I’m all shook up, because the mountain (at least for now) seems high enough to keep me away.  I’ve been tossin’ and turnin’,  and now, this lady is singing the blues, ready to cry me a river from trying to keep up with the chain of fools twisting our rights away, both nationally and locally.  Yeah, I know it’s all in the game, but sometimes, girls just wanna have fun. 



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