Woke & cancel culture gone wild

    I got "news" for Reuters that's not really news: at an "army war college", the faculty study and teach the techniques and strategies of military leaders of the past without regard for which "side" they were on,

    Exclusive: Pennsylvania candidate Mastriano posed in Confederate uniform at Army War College

    "The faculty photo did not get the team's attention; the photo has since been removed because it does not meet AWC values," the college said

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    — Phil Stewart (@phildstewart) August 26, 2022

    Some might even admire leaders they still consider an enemy, go figure! It doesn't tell you jack shit about their current ideological preferences.


    You mean the impressive Rommel for example?

    Are we for or against the Romans? Is Hadrian good or bad? 

    Is it ok to cheer Hannibal and look for his famed crossing point?


    The Hannibal enigma appealed to me for the sheer effort of getting the army across the mountains,” he says. “I have been in the field for long times with 100 people, and I can tell you it can be pandemonium. How Hannibal managed to get thousands of men, horses and mules, and 37 elephants over the Alps is one magnificent feat.”

    But he was a damn Carthaginian!

    found via:

    Don't even need to read - it writes itself.

    "moralistic scientism -- a belief that science infallibly validates lefty moral sensibilties"

    just the kind of imposed government morals about everyday life that people come to this country to escape, including the groups that came before it was a country.....

    too rich - the news about proudly toxically masculine anti-woke internet play actor Andrew Tate:

    It's like no REAL toxically masculine character (like say, in a Tarantino or Scorcese mob movie) would make such a stupid mistake.

    correction and my bad - even though it's not a big matter in the scheme ot things, the pizza box part of the story was made up and shouldn't be repeated and that's part of our problem, so mea culpa

    On woke hysteria in NY publishing:

    two cheers for MIT:

    so Fox News is reporting that Rep. Katie Porter is NOT woke as if that's a bad thing!

    where are they going to go with this new angle?

    anecdotal evidence that there's a lot of anti-car urban people that have sucky obnoxious attitudes:

    it's not stopping:

    Uh, 2 1/2 yrs ago.

    And maybe it comes across like telling women to smile more.

    Anyway, they explain their reasoning.


    crosslink thread:


    very striking to me and I think related > this Wisconsite who doesn't tweet much at all, and rarely about politics, and showing zero interest in regional politics, was moved to make this reply to Lt. Gov. Mandel Barnes goodbye message

    You did literally nothing your entire life and will continue to do nothing,,,just glad you are out of the Wisconsin government,,,,should move to CA where there are more of your kind

    — Rob Duberstein (@RobD40) January 3, 2023

    This is a great example, Wisconsinites just don't like elite effete liberal types who do nothing but agitprop talk and writing - get your ass out of here, you belong in CA - I betcha anything he voted for Gov. Evers, tho, because he's like a real person who does stuff, get it? Every popular politician in Wisconsin is like that, they are "real" and not like "California people". (Myself, I've heard enough snooty New Yorker jokes from Wisconsinites to last more than a lifetime.)

    They really don't like anyone that acts *elite* and have a strong "full of yourself" detector (took a while to see in Trump, but many more do now). For that reason I do suspect Wokeness is more hated there than in Florida, perhaps much more. I can hear it now Hey get a load of them fancy pants, all those people do is police language and want to run other people's lives...

    oh joy Patrisse Cullors has a new book out:

    I don't understand.  A book review that's not a book review?

    Here's Cullirs' father btw - https://www.litcharts.com/lit/when-they-call-you-a-terrorist/characters/...

    Culolirs blew her chance at a valley magnet school but still got to UCLA, where studied religion & philosophy?? I guess set her up for the work she does.

    you got me wondering how she might 'splain Herschel Walker's family values wink

    no words

    At 15 i was showing my butt to anyone who'd look. $500 million? You betcha.

    Traumatized for 50+ years, so traumatized that they couldn't speak about it until now.


    victimhood is the new black/Black?

    Money is the great equalizer 

    This story is free for a limited time.

    "....We used to call this kind of thing sexist, but now we're meant to call it progressive instead...."

    So Cori Bush can't resist trolling Bryon Reynolds with the white supremacy thing:

    Yeah what a clueless thing to do when Dems have a great opportunity to win people over,  Cori can't resist turning off black men. If I just had these two tweets, I know which one I would choose...the one who is fixated on skin color or the one who is not?

    Cancelling human rights


    Watching war documentaries on kids (males)18-25 fighting.Feel the privilege.

    touche, tankie wokesters


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