• Randall Kennedy is also an Emeritus Trustee of Princeton University.......ergo....there may be a fondness there for the blathering destroyer of post WWI world peace and US racial tolerance Woodrow Wilson, the apparent icon and embodiment of all that Princeton stands for.

      Randall also...

      by NCD 2 min 13 sec ago in A Step Back on Tolerance
    • Sigh, so Kennedy's an Uncle Tom - shoulda guessed.

      Which part of his statement do you disagree with, or like in the article, is it just that it comforts white folks, not that it's particularly wrong?

      As for Derecka Purnell & her black tape as metaphor, an interesting climb,...

      by PeraclesPlease 41 min 4 sec ago in A Step Back on Tolerance
    • Perhaps Somersby can read this HLS student's reaction to the incident


      by rmrd0000 1 hour 8 min ago in A Step Back on Tolerance
    • There was a great take down of Randall Kennedy's article by a black Harvard Law student on "Melissa Harris-Perry" last Sunday. Kennedy's position on the issue is of no surprise...

      by rmrd0000 1 hour 32 min ago in A Step Back on Tolerance
    • Thanks Ramona!
    • First, I don't own a thousand dollar suit. Second, if we progressives could get people as worked up about childhood poverty, inequality in the justice system, or jobs with a living wage as I apparently have by using a questionable analogy then we would be on to something. I tried to give a brief...
    • I don't think it's that we don't want to help Syrians, or anyone else in the world, it's that most of us, if we have any money left over, are more likely to give it to those in need we know personally, or to causes in our own country.  The needs are endless right close to home.


    • The GOP demonized Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was attacked at multiple clinics. The GOP demonized Black Lives Matter. Bill O'Reilly called BLM a hate group that he would destroy. Black Lives Matter was attacked in Minneapolis.If Democrats were setting a tone that led to attacks on ...

    • Blonde girls - always blonde girls... such a long way to go...


      by PeraclesPlease 8 hours 15 min ago in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
    • I always ponder the fate of my grandkids. All two and a half of them!

      I wish to tell them stories.

      Even if those stories are made-up. hahhahhah

      by Richard Day 10 hours 24 min ago in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
    • To be fair, Sanders seems to be a *small-money* politician from a small state, starting as mayor of a quite liberal college town, and as such has been allowed much more leeway in pursuing non-mainstream positions, including being a rare "independent" in a sharply divided middle left-far right US...

    • I didn't mean to sound like I was chiding us, I was being sarcastic in my title. 

    • Can you imagine, Dick, all the people trying to live their ordinary lives in daily ordinary ways without a spare thought for politics? Funny how getting by from the moment you wake your kids for breakfast til you kiss them goodnight feels pretty far away from DC ... even with all the arguments...

      by barefooted 11 hours 20 min ago in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
    • Well, I can ever so slightly manage to add the number of complaints about emails you've mentioned, but am still apparently too dim to understand why you can't manage your inbox.

    • I love your opinions Cville.

      I am not sure where you got the idea I don't?

      Anyway I shall attempt to read further.

      I do not even get his comparison!

      I do know this.

      We discuss many many things all the time and on this blog, I see little hesitancy to write...

    • Oh MY GOD I hope so.


      by Richard Day 12 hours 22 min ago in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
    • The general population grows in disgust for them everyday.  

      by trkingmomoe 12 hours 28 min ago in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?
    • Thanks for another excellent post.

      Carly Fiorina railed about Planned Parenthood killing babies to make profit by selling body parts. That was a lie. Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal appeared at a conference chaired by a pastor who advocates execution of...

    • I agree CVille. It was a very poor example, so annoying and stupid that it distracted me from reading the rest of the blog. And it was the first paragraph so it seems like it had some importance to him.

      I wonder how many participants actually had a $1000 suit. I don't even spend that...

    • Thanks for the link.  I don't agree with all of it.  Most of it is spot on for me. 


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