• The factlessness is just a sign of the times.There were huge numbers of white liberals defending Zimmerman to various degrees despite wanting actual solutions to racism and violence on blacks by security and police.

      Jews fleeing France? It's a peak 2000 in a bad year post-terrorist-...

    • Moat ... Here . . .

      This a political organization established purely upon making stuff up.

      Luntz Global - Communication Strategists


    • Now that's a challenge - a Mr Smith raffle? They had naked weatherlady for a while - maybe naked Haiku dude? Or the stripdown Vanna White wheel of fortune thing - one piece of clothing per tetrain? Maybe everyone in the Masthead could do their part - with power comes responsibility...

      by PeraclesPlease 2 hours 49 min ago in Can We Grow Dagblog?
    • Prick Roll?

      by PeraclesPlease 2 hours 57 min ago in Can We Grow Dagblog?
    • hahahahhaahahahah

      God I love Dorothy Parker. 

      I never read or heard this line before.


      Thank you Mr. Smith.

      You made my month!

      What a line!

      I am looking for this song from Mr. Robot......

      I shall return.

    • I remember reading that Dorothy Parker line when I was a teenager and thinking it was one of the funniest, cleverest lines ever.   Asked to use the word, Horticulture in a sentence, Parker, as the story goes, adlibbed, "You can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think. "   The...

    • Excellent, Missy!! 

      Moonlight Sonata
      played like a cantata, will
      give you stigmata.




    • HA!  Wonderful, moat!!


      A smokin' Tom waits
      for the pentameter gates
      I am (something) verse.

      "I am bic", he yelled,
      but t'was easy to tell, he
      was a fountain pen.






    • I think more porn search terms in opening paragraphs would be a big help.

      by Doctor Cleveland 4 hours 15 min ago in Can We Grow Dagblog?
    • Excellent analysis and description which I hadn't heard before.

      He also won't tolerate complaints if things go very bad for the country or the world in a Trump administration.

      Who knows where that would lead with this mob he has backing him, and who they would target to take the...

      by NCD 4 hours 15 min ago in Right about the Alt Right
    • Moonlight's serenade

      staggers down a drunken path

      to rockabilly.

    • Pentameter gait
      staggers down a drunken path
      to a piano.

      Tom waits smoking on the bench.
      The moon plays another tune.

    • The problem that the country has with a possible Trump presidency is that he simply doesn't care.  If the alt-right praises him, he loves them.  If Christian conservatives find him appealing, he's all ears.  If a group of atheists on a street corner shouted his name in glory to potatoes he'd...

      by barefooted 5 hours 58 min ago in Right about the Alt Right
    • Oh Mike, you know more than I do.

      I accept your explanation.


      Hell, you are doing something right. Hell, I have been here almost 8 years.

      And we get a lot of traffic.

      I am just happy being able to blog here.

      by Richard Day 6 hours 23 min ago in Can We Grow Dagblog?
    • We had ads, remember? They never made much money, not enough to justify their clutter. Plus the existence of a revenue stream, however small, opens us up to liability.


      by Michael Wolraich 6 hours 29 min ago in Can We Grow Dagblog?
    • It would be cool if the comments could be threaded like gmail, but I don't see any drupal modules that do that.

      AA was the best news publisher.

      by Michael Wolraich 6 hours 31 min ago in Can We Grow Dagblog?
    • I read that book.
      If you believe what that guy said, you would have to accept that there is a huge political organization established purely upon making stuff up.

    • Yes, that and the constant gross distortion of liberal arguments. This jumped out at me:

      George Zimmerman was guilty, a racist, a terrible person not deserving of a fair trial… and why? Because the mainstream media said so. That’s it.

      We had some long nuanced...

    • I looked at this the first time and I could not figure it out?

      I hereby render unto Mr. Smith the Dayly Blog of the Day Award, for this here Dagblog Site,  given to all of him from all of me.


      by Richard Day 8 hours 5 min ago in The Hidden Trump Vote?
    • Ah, a man of few words. An invisible haiku, no doubt.  So clever!

      by Ramona 8 hours 51 min ago in The Hidden Trump Vote?


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