• Too nice to clutter up with a comment, but I will anyway. Just Lovely.

    • I have no idea why, but I get a kick out of this.

      That is all I got!

    • Well you have a point.

      A lot of them are just plain bastards.

      The rest are bitches.


      by Richard Day 2 hours 19 min ago in DOGS II
    • When I was a child, someone taught me to crochet. I loved doing it, but I only knew the barest minimum of how, so my efforts were pretty sad. I decided to make a shawl for my mother for Christmas. So I did ... I couldn't do corners, so it was more or less a big, holey scallop shaped thing...

    • Many of your neighbors have dogs? Oh. My. God. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The dogs are starting to take revenge. And they are so damn clever about it, pretending it's an accident and giving that I'm so sorry look. Its so cute...

      by ocean-kat 4 hours 28 min ago in DOGS II
    • There never was a war on Christmas. That's just a strawman set up by the right wing to rile up the base. For example as long as Christians have been celebrating Christmas by sending cards Christians have been sending cards that say, "Happy Holidays." Now its suddenly not ok. Then the politicians...

    • Very thoughtful, Resistance.  Thank you.  More than anything, Christmas has always been a time for sharing love.  I think Jesus would find that a worthy use of his day.  May your holidays be joyful.  Merry Christmas.

    • The promoters of the Christmas war, remind me of the Temple merchants whose tables were overturned by Jesus.  

      Today’s merchants of Christmas, religious and commercial interests, don’t want anything to overturn their money making plans.

      It isn’t about the Sacred...

    • Is that what it is?  Our being Virgos?  Lol, I don't know, but I do love Christmas and I can't remember another time when it has been so politicized.  Who would have ever thought? 

    • Loved "Diminishing light". And so many other greats.

      Lots of great philosophy and stories in the play. Canadian Club, what a laugh. Reminded me of a book scouting trip to Montreal with my son. Just after driving across the border station we were motioned to pull over. I parked, really...

    • A wonderful post, Ramona. Just great. It takes a Virgo to really understand the joy of Christmas.

    • Thanks, Ramona.

      by Oxy Mora 7 hours 59 min ago in Are you doing all right?
    • Good one, Oxy.  I've often wondered how torturers must feel when they hit the light of day and realize what they've become.  As you write, the "stink" must never go away.

      by Ramona 8 hours 38 min ago in Are you doing all right?
    • I agree, barefooted, obviously!  But what they're looking for is the single best post from a blog in 2014, chosen either by the bloggers themselves or by readers. 

      But I still think Dagblog doesn't get nearly enough attention, considering the wealth of talent here.  Wish I know how to...

    • Much obliged, Day.

      by Oxy Mora 10 hours 28 min ago in Are you doing all right?
    • I like this too!

      Dutch is a prob because it always takes me back to Ronny?  hahah

      I can't get rid of these feelings!

      Although I still have thoughts about Ginger?

      Thank you



      by Richard Day 17 hours 28 min ago in Are you doing all right?
    • Okay this is the third attempt. I have these tech issues that have nothing to do with Dagblog.

      I ended up with crampons when I purchased this mess with Target a month ago or so.

      How am I supposed to walk on cement and carpet in this building?

      I thought I was purchasing...

      by Richard Day 18 hours 25 min ago in DOGS II
    • Thank you, Smith.

      by Oxy Mora 19 hours 1 min ago in Are you doing all right?
    • I was thinking about you Ducky.

      If you were a PR guy, how would you handle this debacle.

      Following all this flack(is that the word?) damn, I could sell tickets  from here to Sunday?

      I mean how much advertisement do you really need to sell a film?

      I wanna see it....

      by Richard Day 19 hours 4 min ago in The Big Hollywood Crack Up
    • What a wonderful piece of writing.  Bravo Oxy!

      by MrSmith1 19 hours 22 min ago in Are you doing all right?


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