• Why on Earth should Clibton debate somebody she has already beaten? She might as well debate Martin O'Malley.

    • And Bernie got hit in the face.

    • Coates is an extraordinary person and commentator. He says:

      ..killing Roof does absolutely nothing to ameliorate the conditions that brought him into being in the first place...

      ....And killing Roof, like the business of the capital punishment itself, ensures that...

      by NCD 29 min 20 sec ago in Killing Dylann Roof
    • Sanders had the most to gain from this debate, especially in California, but even the hoopla without the debate may help him in that race. Clinton's refusal to debate as promised is the real story because it would only further increase her negatives possibly even more that skipping the...

      by Peter (not verified) 2 hours 22 min ago in UPDATED Sanders Has No Business Debating Trump

    • Awfully late for that, but better late than never :-)  thanks

    • A lovely haiku set, Peracles, but more importantly, my condolences on your dad's passing.   


      A parent's passing
      is more than a sad event,
      it's the end of youth.

      For we've lost the path
      our parents made for us and
      now must walk our own.

    • :) Dagblog was a place I got to write when I was working serious life stuff out. I'm here as long as you want me - but there may be breaks every once in a while.

      And as for Trump, they won't. This country wants a dictator and will fall in line. I think some of my rough experiences a...

    • This weekend my dad's

      one of the fallen. Flying

      home's not quite the same.


      All those years waiting

      patiently till patient ran

      out. Tired of sitting.


      Memorial Day - 

      still see him up in the...

    • NY Times again uses the scary +2% number and ignores the +18% poll, even though they were released the same day and the latter had a higher sampling plus was stable for 2 previous periods and is more respected. It's so nice to have multiple polls so you can pick the one that pleases you, in this...

      by PeraclesPlease 12 hours 46 min ago in The Polls. Again. Sigh.
    • Oh Momoe I added the last part tonite. 


      At any rate, this blog was supposed to reveal my love for this Canadian ION presentation.

      I finally finished it.

      I like that.

      I finally finished it.

      A nice line, actually. hahahah

      by Richard Day 13 hours 39 min ago in MED SHOWS
    • Thanks DD!  In my last post before this one, I said I was taking two weeks off to go to my grand-niece's wedding, assuming I would need an extra week off to recover.  It was a lovely time, the ride from NYC to Harrisburg, PA (and vice versa) was done in two segments which I tolerated...

    • Nice to see to back, Orion. Great post. I only hope that, if Trump is elected, that our checks and balances system (which still seems to work) prevents him from doing his worst.

    • I was worried about you.

      I was even thinking about a blog about you.

      But there you are!

      Dick's dissipation

      Dismal and Disappointing

      Distant and dismissed


      Oh I am glad you are back

      Even though my fingers do not...

    • WTF?  "The Battle of Huế began on January 31, 1968, and lasted a total of 26 days. During the months and years that followed, dozens of ...

    • Israel left Gaza, and hundreds of intact structures, agricultural resources/greenhouses, many of which were looted within days of withdrawal in 2005. Gaza elected Hamas terrorists to run the place. Egypt has a wall around Gaza too, and floods the tunnels, as Hamas in Gaza exports...

    • We killed 600,000 in the Civil War - talk about a primitive people.  If you say "Shiites" and "Sunnis" and "Ba'ath" and "Salafists" and "Sufis" and "Wahabbi" you clue in on the fact that "Islam" is not a unified religion, just as Protestants and Catholics fought each other in Northern Ireland...

    • Of course there is no way to 'do the debate without helping Trump' and damaging Hillary.

      Bernie has always been all about Bernie. I am afraid we would see that illuminated in bright lights if he was on the stage with Trump.

      The Bern is about The Bern.

      He might even glow...

    • Could never dispute what you say or said. Main point is that Bernie picked two people who are of doubtful use in uniting the Democratic Party, and advancing a progressive agenda in the US.

      That Hal or anyone else did not help illuminate the bright side of the appointments  hasn't assured...

    • Careful!  You can hurt your back doing that!

      by Michael Maiello 1 day 7 min ago in You've Got Mail (Bomb)


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