• I did not catch the sense as it were.

      The link did not work.

      And then I discovered two or three links the next day confirming that Palin has problems with addresses. hahahahah

      Thanks for pointing this out.

      By the way, Klondike Barbie aint that bad a label. hahahah...

    • I am kind of surprised at the editorial's surprise.

      This is the perfect time move pieces on the board, regardless of how it might look afterwards.

      by moat 14 hours 37 min ago in Saudi Crapshoot in Yemen
    • I find that in many cases fiction and drama can make things clear when the real world, for whatever reason, cannot.

    • If real world events themselves won't 'drive home....the point of accountability' for punditry, politicians lies or illegal war, a fictional book with war, sex and incest will do it?

      Sounds like more make believe entertainment, an escape from reality, the problem is too any...

    • Just ran across another piece on the topic of "Arab identity" @ Asia Times:

      Gaza and the end of 'Arab gallantry'
      The lack of reaction on Arab streets and among the region's...

      by artappraiser 1 day 10 hours ago in A War of Choice.Not
    • A reaction to a provocation is not a strategy..

      Well put. !

      I'll leave you to have the last word . Unless someone else decides to rattle your cage. 

      by Flavius 1 day 13 hours ago in A War of Choice.Not
    • Arthur, it's true and Mr. Smith does rule this place. I do read here as often as I can, I just don't comment or blog much anymore. It's that stupid job thing. :)

      by tmccarthy0 1 day 14 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Oh snap! I'm sure she does think that.

      by tmccarthy0 1 day 14 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Hahaha... that is hilarious. I guess Sarah isn't the only uninformed Republican out there. 

      by tmccarthy0 1 day 14 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Haha, I'm pretty sure her head is empty.

      by tmccarthy0 1 day 14 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • A reaction to a provocation is not a strategy. If one has the power to implement a strategy, the response to a particular act becomes part of some larger plan. Realizing this element cannot help one wonder what are the details of that larger plan.

      There probably is a larger plan underway...

      by moat 1 day 16 hours ago in A War of Choice.Not
    • That is an interesting and maybe an enlightening article. It might be completely accurate and might be strictly informational with no spin or bias. In that, it may be unlike so much of the news we hear in the U.S. My guess is that it is largely accurate but that the same sorts of distortions are...

    • It is fixed.  Had it up and running by 9:30 am.  It was so hot none of us could sleep.  Went to Home Depot early before the sun came up.  They open at 6:30 am.  Figured it all out.  No one got electrocuted. Even drew a few neighbor's interest in what we were up to. We all got a nice afternoon...

    • We are going to go early to vote.  It is a short trip to vote early. They closed my voting place and I will have to drive to the county line to vote on Tues. Early vote I have to only drive a mile and a half.  So we go early.  I went to the new voting place for the primary as a test run.  They...

      by trkingmomoe 2 days 10 hours ago in GOV'S BIG DEAL & SAM DILDO
    • "I get 50% and Mr. Smith gets nothing."

      Sadly, that makes you the best agent I've ever had, DD.      hahaha

      (Thanks for the kind words.)


      by MrSmith1 2 days 11 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Oh Mac, I forgot.

      I ran  into Missy lately and I asked her to view my favorite Blogger, Mr. Smith.

      And Missy has shown up for a couple of months?

      Take a look at Creative Corner which really is ruled by Mr. Smith.

      As  I  told Missy, You will like this guy and his...

      by Richard Day 2 days 13 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • They just had a earth quake up there.  I wonder if any more marbles fell out of her head.   

      You're presuming some remained there to be jarred loose?

      by Austin Train 2 days 17 hours ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • haiku:  Palin also knows

      the Gettysburg address is

      in the Yellow Pages.



      by MrSmith1 3 days 1 hour ago in 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue
    • Thanks trkingmomoe!  


      A warm autumn day ...

      confused air conditioners

      don't know when to stop.




      Changing Google themes

      is a sure sign that Christmas

      isn't far away.





    • Once again you have me laughing so hard. hahahhahah

      Yeah, Florida almost looks good compared to these states. hahahah

      God I hope you end up with Crist.

      I used to despise Christ. 


      Anything is better than Skeletor.


      I like...

      by Richard Day 3 days 6 hours ago in GOV'S BIG DEAL & SAM DILDO


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