• This was important to me.

      Boner figured it out.

      Praise to the Speaker.

      I get so damn mad at repubs.

      The wing nuts shall always be with us, I guess.

      At least this bullshite is erased; for now.

      by Richard Day 1 hour 3 min ago in OUR HOMELAND IS SECURED!
    • Richard, the speaker would HAVE to be smarter than either of us think. He had the votes but did not bring the bill to the floor initially in fear of the wingnuts. It will be interesting to see if Republicans will now try to govern or if the wingnuts will demand a pound of flesh because Boner, er...
      by rmrd0000 1 hour 15 min ago in OUR HOMELAND IS SECURED!
    • Well, something is wrong here.


      In case I did in fact lose something; Boner caved in as the news media went onto other...

      by Richard Day 1 hour 24 min ago in OUR HOMELAND IS SECURED!
    • Nice read, Michael. I'm only on Episode 8 so no spoiler alerts please. (The better version of the series was produced under a parliamentary system).

      Sometimes I think political writers should get out of the office more. What in heck is so revolutionary about having to go from crisis to...

      by Oxy Mora 1 hour 41 min ago in Democracy's Tricky Ending
    • Well at least they voted to fund the DHS
    • They have got to be convinced that Americas sovereignty is at stake.

      A hot button issue, members of the Rights Tea Party coalition (the activists) get all fired up about. 

      For the good of the country we must come together, or were all screwed..... FOREVER .


    • "Sister Peggy Noonan of Our Lady of the Xanax Brain Cloud!"

      Reminds me of The Wild Eyed Boy from Free Cloud.

      Did Bowie invent Peggy before she was cool?

    • "Peggy Noonan, Our Lady of the Barbiturate Fugue."

      Perfect! Charles Pierce couldn't have nailed it any better! HaHaHaHaHa!

    • Ignorance is NO excuse, you cant tell me she had forgotten all about brouhaha over the shredding of Documents related to Whitewater incident at the Rose Law Firm. 

      by Resistance 2 hours 50 min ago in Hand-wringing over Hillary ... ?
    • hahhahahahahahahahah


    • Actually Resistance, I always marveled at Peggy's bottom line, so to speak. hahahaha

    • I don't diagree that action is needed. The problem is that if one side is willing to let things collapse rather than compromise, there can be no solution. Republicans remain fixed. Obama and Democrats are the ones accused of caving in to opponent's demands. How do we break the Republican...

    • Peggy Noonan apparently thinks she's not "elite", and somehow God has placed her at the gates to ward off those elite political/finance wizars who want to destroy what thinking poor people have built.

      I think she's trying to co-opt/channel Adlai Stevenson - "Senator, all thinking...

    • So, bottom line, as they say? Follow the money, and then see for yourself how closely are your ACTUAL interests aligned with those being promoted and served. The answers are quite stark and should be alarming to anyone paying attention.


    • Didn't we decide it was okay when Karl Rove et al had all their emails on private machines? Or it conveniently became a problem when the Republicans were out of office and Democrats came in?

      Maybe Hillary got used to using private email when she discovered Republicans were illegally...

    • Thanks, DDay! Cherished, as always!

    • I don't want to worry about it. But I probably will anyway.

      I'd be really worried about this revelation if Anthony Weiner were to "weigh in" on it. 

      by Oxy Mora 3 hours 31 min ago in Hand-wringing over Hillary ... ?
    • Nice to hear from you Larry.  You have been missed.  Please don't stay away so long the next time. 

      by trkingmomoe 3 hours 44 min ago in ETHICS
    • Now that you bring it up.

      How many e-mail accounts would this stateswoman have?


      No frickin way and I doubt she has time to even look at a keyboard. A person like this has a staff of many, many people and like you say, hacking does not discriminate that much.


    • Well, it's not completely silly, just overblown. Private e-mail typically means that the e-mail is going to be stored by Google, Yahoo, Earthlink, or some other ISP. (The Clinton's have more than enough money that they might easily have their own personal e-mail server, but I don't know...


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