• Nice one, Missy!

      Please try to keep your
      imaginary distance.
      my folks are watching.

    • Alive on the page, indeed. Thank you Missy.

      by flowerchild 2 hours 53 min ago in A Memory For Memorial Day
    • It is very near ...

      imaginary distance

      carefully portrayed.

    • Thank you, flower. This is a touching reminder of so much that we forget ... including the intimacy of a handwritten letter. It's the only form of non-verbal communication that can convey the emotion and subtleties of the person behind the words. In this particular case, its very simplicity...

      by barefooted 6 hours 54 min ago in A Memory For Memorial Day
    • We do need to remember the personal cost of war, momoe.

      I wonder how many members of Congress have kids in the military? About 1%, according to this ABC article from 2006. How can someone so far...

      by flowerchild 14 hours 16 min ago in A Memory For Memorial Day
    • Actually, Mr. Smith, it was your haiku that inspired me to share the letter.

      "haunted by foxholes"

      That one line sparked the idea, so it should be me thanking you and any honor you feel is well deserved.

      by flowerchild 14 hours 32 min ago in A Memory For Memorial Day
    • Wonderful.  Perfect for today.  

      We have had too many years with "chicken hawks" belittling the people who want to avoid war in news programs. We all need to remember what war does to lives.  

      by trkingmomoe 20 hours 38 sec ago in A Memory For Memorial Day
    • A Beautiful piece of writing, flowerchild.  Thank you for sharing this letter.   It is important that we save these pieces of our family's emotional history.   Thank you too for including my haiku in your intro.   I feel honored.

      by MrSmith1 23 hours 50 min ago in A Memory For Memorial Day
    • I couldn't agree with you more. The mass exodus of my generation has created a vacuum in my small neck of the woods. A lack of economic opportunity coupled with gentrification projects have turned some of the most historic black churches in our community into abandoned buildings in disrepair....

    • Here's an article about gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District and how it is pushing Latinos out. ...

    • Are Republicalns more idiotic than I thought?

      Clinton won Florida in 2008, but the part stripped all delegates (similar to Michigan). What would have been the point of giving her more votes?

      by Anonymous PP (not verified) 1 day 20 hours ago in Breaking (Old) News: Bush and Cheney Lied us into...
    • Good one, moat!!

      A faraway look
      does not demand great distance;
      just hope for nearness.



    • It is very near.
      The incredible distance
      is an appearance.

    • There it is.

    • Jeb isn't a very good campaigner and never has been. He got into office at the end of the peak of retirees living in Florida.  They were all mesmerized with Fox and many were very old. Demographics dramatically changed in the bottom half of the state since then. 

      It is not going to be...

    • Thanks Wattree - American blacks suffer terribly from impoverishment - the direct outcome of racism and greed.  My belief is that the only way we can reverse this is for poor, struggling, working-class, and the few remaining middle-class Americans of all races to unite against the forces of...

    • Bloody hell, Obama ran on "dumb wars" and still dragged out Afghanistan. We just needed to invade Kabul, ring it (or all gov buildings or something) with explosives and tell them "next time you help Al Qaeda, these go off" and go bye. Even primitive 7th century theocracies understand this much....
    • Container ships made delivery cheaper, high oil prices made delivery more expensive. Productivity is improved by speaking the same kind of English, decent infrastructure, processes, agile programming, teamwork, high morale from good conditions and fun work, being healthy and well-rested, etc. Or...
      by PeraclesPlease 2 days 10 hours ago in Free Trade

      To repeat myself. .When the incremental tax rate was 84% the IRS didn't collect that from Charlie Wilson on our behalf. Because he never  got it. The GM comp committee would have been voted out of office for using  $100K of shareholder funds to "incent" Charlie if his actual  incentive...

      by Flavius 2 days 12 hours ago in Free Trade
    • Getting goods to market became less of an issue with containerships.

      " Productivity" improvement  doesn't result from Joe Lunchpail working a fraction of a second faster but from engineers improving the process e.g. via robotics so Joe produces more with the same amount of effort.

      by Flavius 2 days 13 hours ago in Free Trade


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