• it's only a pro play when you don't get burned by leaving second hand transcripts around to be hacked, con respetto.

    • Pericles, can I post this EVERYWHERE?  (Giving you credit, of course). It is, as usual, brilliant and succinct. 

    • Pericles, can I post this EVERYWHERE?  (Giving you credit, of course). It is, as usual, brilliant and succinct. 

    • Very good, JR, thank you for highlighting why the New York Times among other press outlets are a bunch of disingenuous fucktards and why Hillary was right to withhold her transcripts and other mails.

      NY Times version: "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade...

    • The Times has it right: She should'a pre-empted




    • Well, Guccifer seems to have obviated the trade value of the transcripts, we've move way beyond Trump's tax return problems, and it's become painfully obvious why the transcripts would have posed a primary contest problem.


      Perhaps we should now turn our attention to the...

    • I didn't know. Substance abuse, arrests, drag queen, dead of AIDS at 46 - tough short life for such a talent.

    • "Ragtime" was a great book and movie. Sad that Rollins died. He has a statute at a museum in his birthplace, Baltimore.

    • I was watching a video of Milos Foreman last night talking about his movies - 2 items jumped out, first Foreman talking about Howard Rollins in "Ragtime", a black man who'd just had a group of joker New York country boys defecate on his nice car, with Foreman identifying with Rollins'...

    • But actually Trump wasn't the only one - during the Republican primaries, they were *all* letting their hair down more than in past years.

      And as long as they were hanging around the Republican tent, they could all pretend that they were just expressing mainstream opinion - just Donald...

      by PeraclesPlease 8 hours 45 min ago in This Dumb Election
    • I agree that the Republicans are my deplorable than Obama thought. Republicans think Obama wasn't born in the United States and is a Muslim. The majority of Republicans think blacks are lazy. They want to monitor the polls in black neighborhoods. The Republican Party is under a 1982 consent...


      Here's a few more haikus that I found loitering on my computer:



      Where depressed gourmands,
      can go to end it all; The
      Terminal Diner.




      Dreary afternoons...

    • I'm hoping Hillary appoints Warren as Secretary of Pitbull.

      I think Obama hurt himself early by not wrapping the 2008 economic catastrophe firmly around the Republicans' neck so they were able to spin it back and with amazing chutzpah make it his fault even as he was trying his best to...

    • Who's Who

      A shilling life will give you all the facts:

      How Father beat him , how he ran away,

      What were the struggles of his youth, what acts

      Made him the greatest figure of his day:

      Of how he fought, fished, hunted , worked all night,

      Though giddy...

      by Flavius 20 hours 17 min ago in It wasn't the performance he needed
    • Thanks, DD!!    I think I forgot to add some haikus that are on my home computer.  I'll see if I can find them after I have a bite to eat.  Cheers!

    • I appreciate the silver lining you provide.
      You are right. The Republicans have become so policy free in this cycle that there is nothing to compromise with. They ended their nomination process by opening cans of dog food like Gibson did in that Mad Max movie.

      Go, Democratic Senate...

      by moat 23 hours 31 min ago in This Dumb Election
    • Great Pix Mr. Smith. My neighborhood looks just like this but the dock looks like my old one half a century ago.


      So the end is nigh

      My failings disrupt me so

      But I found some peace

      It's Friday so soon

      Where is the poem I wrote?...

    • Right on MikeM.

      Again, And I keep saying it over and over again, Cruz and Rubio and Walker and so many other repubs would have done much better and then screwed us all. hahahahah

      Bernie kept Hillary honest and what a guy!

      We must check in next week when we have 12 days...

      by Richard Day 1 day 4 hours ago in This Dumb Election
    • Very good point

      by Michael Wolraich 1 day 5 hours ago in This Dumb Election
    • Oh Missy, thanks for dropping by but I cannot top Mike W's comment; except to agree.


      Oh the colors are beautiful up here in the Great White North.

      I hope you are doing well.


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