• I think my favorite George Clooney movie is still, "O' Brother Where Art Thou" ... Even if he was only lip-syncing Man of Constant Sorrow, it still makes me smile every time I see it.

      I was watching a bit of Ancient Aliens earlier this evening.  You know how much the History channel...

    • I suppose it's better to imitate that than imitate daddy shaving with a real razor blade. 

      "Daddy, what's a 4 letter word for defecate?" 

    • Oh I have to tell you another thing, Mr. Smith that just created more laughter for me than even Patton Oswalt or Louis CK.

      My son has an open door policy as far as his bathroom facilities (as well as his bride) and so there is the grown up toilet as well as the tot's pot.

      So here...

    • I gotta tell ya that:

      Sometimes I see things

      That no-one else seems to see

      and that worries me.


      I hereby render unto Mr. Smith the Dayly Poem of the Day Award for this...

    • As an afterthought, ADVISE & CONSENT.

      I will go with that even though I now hate Congress.

      There have to be rules.

      And certain treaties and certain pacts that look like treaties, rule the globe and US.


      by Richard Day 8 hours 33 min ago in What, me happy with Congress?
    • Thanks trking!! 

    • Thank you,  I came here just to read you. 

    • I read the original chart awhile ago.

      I am really not prepared to comment right now without links.

      But I know this:

      Wisconsin per Walker is funding a ridiculous study on Solar and Wind for 250 grand WHICH IS NOTHING but a hats off to big oil interests and which will mean...

    • I've got nothing intelligent to add. Just want to say that it's fascinating reading all around. I hope you're right, Q.

      PS This would make a great book topic

    • Again, don't TELL me what I do, SHOW me.  I've responded to PP maybe twice in the last year (if you dispute that, show me with quotes of what I've said).

      I think I have shown with examples from this thread. But showing you wasn't my purpose. It was to push back and challenge...

    • There were probably people shouting the emperor has no clothes at George Washington and ever since.  It's the second part I have yet to see. And the people will have to agree. Most of the rest of your post refutes that second part. I'd have more respect for the movement if they advocated voting...

    • The real problem is that voting registration is not automatic. Voter registration is about suppressing the vote. Registration was initially used to make sure that immigrants did not vote. The current registration nonsense is about keeping blacks and Latinos from voting. There is no major issue...

    • He's been talkin about me again, ain't he? Backstabber. Ah may go off my but here and there but ah ain't completely irrational. Gots me a paper to prove it, dagnabbit. But that reminds me - what will the gods-given-right-to-drive-a-gassguzzler and leave on all the lights folks do when it doesn't...
    • I have a slightly different take - that there are people screaming "the Emperor has no clothes" and they're teabaggers, libertarians, neocons, etc. - there's no silence for silent protests to be effective. If we had a system where 50% turnout was required for the election to be certified you could...
    • Quinn puts forward pretty well what a rational people would do, given a limited amount of time to act rationally, the less than perfectly rational is more than possible.

    • Nice.

    • The American people have the most massive and powerful lever to affect our ruling class, the vote. Your problem, and mine to a lesser degree, is how they use it.

      What ever your political view there are smart articulate people who could run a good campaign, that would get 1% of the vote....

    • BTW for Presidential elections the worse turnouts were in the 1920s and 1930s. Current turnouts are higher than in the 1990s. Turnouts do fall dramatically in the midterms, but your hypothesized vision of voters staying home in higher numbers than in the past does not hold up during Presidential...

    • When it happens it will be very quick.  I would say within 10 years in this country. 

      Nano fiber was first developed in the early 80's at U of Pittsburg. Solar has been in R&D for the last 30 to 40 years. It is ready now.  That is how long nano tubes have been around. Getting the...

    • Ok


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