• I don't believe that asking what you mean by military leverage over other countries constitutes a "gotcha" question. But since you do, it will just have to sit there unanswered.

      The issue of the need for icebreakers in the Arctic is not only complicated, but long-term. It's the closest...

      by barefooted 4 hours 22 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • I agree.  I hope that he will retire with peace and dignity.  I don't want to see him to through the mess and come out weakened by it.

      by synchronicity 5 hours 35 min ago in Please, Joe, Don't Run
    • I know the site is by the energy industry. I said it was a different take. I assume the restriction to one well is correct, as is the $7 billion invested in getting to drill one exploratory well.

      Obama is President of the U.S. not the Sierra Club, of which I have been a member for over...

      by NCD 5 hours 45 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Take the showdown with Russia over Donbas and Crimea, and expect there's much less we can do about it except encourage Putin to go away through others spheres. Letting Shell drill is a military tactic, not an economic giveaway.
      by PeraclesPlease 6 hours 47 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Peaches

    • Nice, Missy!


      In between the lines,
      she'd written stage directions.
      Smart understudy.

    • NCD - here are a few sentences from the Sierra Club's Executive Director Michael Brune's response to Obama's decision last month: 


      by Hal Ginsberg 8 hours 8 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Obama has previously protected the huge Alaskan Bristol Bay watershed from oil and gas drilling, and early this year he declared the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a Wilderness...

      by NCD 8 hours 22 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Barefooted - The snarky tone you employ in this comment and elsewhere in response to my blogs tells me that you are not interested in a conversation about the costs of drilling and icebreaking in the Arctic and how we can avoid them or, at a minimum, reduce them.  Instead, it certainly appears...

      by Hal Ginsberg 8 hours 27 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • In between the lines

      was a lonely place to live ...

      so she used crayons.

    • I don't generally pay attention when lay people attempt presidential speech writing. Especially when their opinion is placed in blockquotes as though to lend authenticity and substance to something clearly not a quote.

      Unlike me, here, quoting you:

      Instead, we should...
      by barefooted 9 hours 27 sec ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Hal, that speech just broke my heart.  I want that man to live a life that gives him comfort.  He deserves it.  He may decide that going after the presidency is what he has to do, but I sincerely hope he has the courage to just say no.

      by Ramona 9 hours 5 min ago in Please, Joe, Don't Run
    • Good one, Oxy!

      Inside his wallet
      was a lonely place to live,
      Single sawbuck sighs.

    • Thanks NCD for your response.  Here's my reply:

      1) It's true the next President could reopen the Arctic but Hillary Clinton (whose poll numbers - after a welcome (to me) lull - have rebounded strongly) has said she's against drilling there.  If she wins the Presidency and...

      by Hal Ginsberg 9 hours 29 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Thanks CVille Dem.  I appreciate the criticism and will work to be a little less effing predictable in the future.

      by Hal Ginsberg 9 hours 35 min ago in Obama's Arctic Hypocrisy
    • Like the black Confederate, the myth of the loyal black slave who would die for 'Massa was created in the south by Lost Cause apologists. You have been bamboozled.


    • You don't have to keep your resolve on my account. I interpret it as inability to defend the charlatan you used as a source. For example, the Richmond Howitzers were not integrated they had a black slave. Slaves at Bull Run fought the Union at gunpoint. Yet you embarrass yourself by containing...

    • Thanks Ramona.  Great post.  I think you're spot on with respect to what is best for Joe Biden and his family given his speech at the Atlanta synagogue.

      by Hal Ginsberg 9 hours 57 min ago in Please, Joe, Don't Run
    • Just because Trump is coming, as you say, from outside the political cesspool doesn't mean he's not coming from a cesspool.  It just smells different.

      I'm surprised the clerk is a Democrat, too--not because Democrats are so perfect, but because religious bigots don't usually like...

      by Ramona 10 hours 1 min ago in The Nothingness of Donald Trump
    • I'd be surprised, too, Momoe.  I'm going to stop pushing for it.  

      by Ramona 10 hours 18 min ago in Please, Joe, Don't Run


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