• The sense of hopelessness is overwhelming. Each small step forward seems to do nothing more than propel us faster toward the next tragedy.

      The video came from a body camera the man was wearing, but that didn't stop him. Training? I'm as sick of hearing about that as I am of how...

    • Good human being but dim is what they said about Dubya. The body count would tend to indicate otherwise.

      Brooks is anything but dim. He has been wrong on virtually every topic for 15 years and has never missed a paycheck or admitted error.


      by NCD 7 hours 52 sec ago in David Brooks at the Budget Motel
    • I agree Flavius. He really does try to understand the democratic and liberal point of view. He misses the mark often but he does try. Most other conservative commentators purposely distort the views of the left to smear us and spin for their team. One could have an honest debate with Brooks.

    • I've written this before and not to repeat it would be cowardice: I think Brooks is a good human being. But dim.

      To repeat : if all the seats in if the plane were full except for the one next to me ,into which the cabin staff was going to  seat someone. , Brooks is the only right wing...

      by Flavius 10 hours 10 min ago in David Brooks at the Budget Motel
    • Coalitions form because an organizer reaches out to a variety of groups, Sanders has to reach young people, old people, working class people, retirees, and minorities. If black voters are concerned about racial bias, Sanders has to express concern about racial bias. If he does not address the...

    • I'm the Valet!  Wooo-Hooo!!  Wait. My job is to titillate the crowd?  Oy. 
      Well, I'm a little out of practice, but ...  Let me see if that old leather outfit still fits.

      by MrSmith1 13 hours 40 min ago in David Brooks at the Budget Motel
    • Maybe Brooks fall into this category?  He thinks the population is richer then it is. 


      by trkingmomoe 14 hours 22 min ago in David Brooks at the Budget Motel
    • This is Tom Hart's take on this. 

    • It depends on what happens down ticket.  Democrats have the energy on their side this time.  With these large turnout for Sanders, it looks the dems are ready to kick some butt next election. Even with all of Trumps bluster the voters are not as motivated on the Republican side as the enthusiasm...

    • aa

    • I never thought about such a contingency.

      Man....what an idea.

      I am dumb-faced. although, I have been dumb faced for a decade.


    • No, I'M the manager. There can only be one. You can be the valet.

    • As long as we're 'spit-balling', how about Hillary appointing Obama to the Supreme Court?  Now that would be fun!  Scalia's head would explode.  hahahaha

    • If you have money and media and popularity, this is a hard hike up a mountain.

      I still think that Bernie, even if he loses this quest, makes a difference.

      Bernie makes Hilary change her message.

      all things said, I am really for a woman as President.

      Maybe I am...

    • Trump has a "plan" that Mexico will pay for a 2000 mile electric fence. Idiotic,

      Sanders has real plans but faces political barriers that make accomplishing his proposals as difficult as building Trump's magical fence,.

    • Well, we all need our distractions, from time to time.


      I just do not trust people like Brooks or Sourkraut.

      This passive aggressive crap...there are other variables hidden.

    • Hookers and sex toys?

      Well someone else might say that but I of course can't comment.

      by Oxy Mora 18 hours 12 min ago in David Brooks at the Budget Motel
    • See, you just mention Paul's name and I shed a tear.

      The only reason we have Senator Franken is because he became lost when the plane went down a few miles from where I write this. And Al moved on from his depression and became my favorite senator.

      We lose and then we win.

    • Thank you, Dick. We love him too, in my California family, as though he were Paul Wellstone.

    • I dunno, you have me laughing so hard...

      I hereby render unto Oxy the Dayly Comment?(can one comment on one's own blog?) of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of Oxy from all of me.


      You know, with a guy like Brooks, who knows?


      by Richard Day 19 hours 59 min ago in David Brooks at the Budget Motel


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