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    Truthiness Jumps the Shark

    Starting with a post-op on Bennett's poor response to a NYT op-ed calling for a full military response to George Floyd/police brutality protesters (with the editor *not reading the op-ed before publishing*).

    But also noting that up to *12%* of the nation participated in these *mostly peaceful* protests, so say 30 million. Imagine if the 3000 Jan6 protesters were 30 million, what destruction would have happened.

    And the flakiness if it all just gets amplified - little way to slow down false or misleading facts from those with a platform to work from (hint hint Elon...?)


    Here's a guy that disagrees with you, he thinks the media has emphasis on "everything is about Trump" and that that's a warped priority

    It's odd how quiet the media has been on the largest financial scandal since Enron.

    SBF and FTX stealing money from millions of people gets rewarded with puff pieces from "trusted" outlets and they try to cover it up with stories of "The IRS getting Trump's Returns."


    — Malcolm FleX (@Malcolm_fleX48) November 23, 2022

    And I think: get used to that, it's how a lot of educated millennials and GenZ think. That GenX and Boomers still control what's covered and too many have Trump Derangement Syndrome. When Trump's an old guy like Biden who is going to die soon.

    Huh? The story i posted just above was about WaPo publishing 3 Trump related ledes as an "all about Trump" front page, incl his hardly surprising announcement since he's been running 2 1/2 years already anyway. And while Supreme Court ruling on his taxes, or his rape lawsuit or his NYC lawsuit are as newsworthy as his latest self-adoring speech, none are in general as newsworthy as a multi billion crypto meltdown, or a dozen or more other important stories, while the latest Elon pronouncement is already old news as well.Will Maggie have to get a life finally?

    Slap on wrist for GOP kray-krays targeting & trying to disenfranchise black voters:

    Yglesias says moving left got the clicks and this was the influence of Facebook in the 2010's, among other things in this essay -

    first cut available at the link -

    I mentioned recently to former Book Club guest Brad DeLong that I needed some fresh ideas, and he suggested writing about what I learned from my time co-founding and working at

    To revisit that period of my life is to revisit a time when I learned an enormous amount about myself, business, friendship, and everything else, so much so that I can hardly conceptualize it. I’ve approached the subject with trepidation that anything I try to say will spiral into a sprawling epic the length of Moby Dick. But it’s a subject that’s been rattling around my head for a long time, and I recently gained some clarity when I mentioned offhandedly to a younger journalist that I thought I’d failed with Vox and she was surprised because Vox is still there, running articles and putting out podcasts and employing lots of people. And while I don’t love every Vox article, they are producing a lot of great stuff like Rachel Co…[....]

    he tweeted the second cut, which covers that point -

    which has this notable reply

    and here's the third cut he tweeted, which has a lot of replies stating that it's the same in many other fields

    p.s. this comment here at Dag always stuck in my my mind:

    [....] NYTimes has become so mealy-mouthed woke, it is practically unreadable.

    by EmmaZahn on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 5:55pm


    First comment there.

    So it's you and Marcy vs. Yglesias and Emma and me.

    'Truthiness' is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

    I don't listen to Fox cable and it's rightward competitors but nowadays I do look at a lot of Fox local coverage on crime and I gotta say: that's mostly factual with little 'truthiness". I realize that in many cases, they are promoting those stories on Twitter, while the other networks aren't as much until recently. Still, one could easily argue that the others are purposely ignoring it; I did. There might be a reason that they turn on Fox News at the dentist waiting room and the bank line? Because during the day, they actually do local news rather than political spin?

    I also admit I do look at covearge that Murdoch has ordered in an anti-Trump vein. Because it's politically interesting to me.

    You talking to me? (there's nobody else here) or who?

    Just pointing it out, don't know where else to plop it:

    Olbermann, Greenwald and Taibbi walk into a bar....

    Sigh, how long the disinfo...

    Sometimes just ridicule is the best response:

    They found Trump's laptop, he has naked babies in his file, it's true because some guy told me so.

    — Jack The Hat (@AlexGre36024221) December 7, 2022

    always good to keep in mind that the nutsos have always been with us - 1/3 of the population has always voted wack, they used to call in to the CSpan morning show to rant about what they heard on conservative talk radio the night before; now they have the internet to play with instead. (I remember I noticed Limbaugh's way of dealing with them was to pick one out to humiliate for like 20 mins.where he disagreed with everything they said, so that they came out of it using HIS talking points rather than theirs. Now they don't have that filter...)

    You'd never guess from reading Taibbi that a federal judge only 2 months ago weighed in on the damage Louis DeJoy did to mail delivery, and its effects on mail-in voting that the administration that appointed DeJoy was totally against because they thought it favored Democrats. [After their wailing about it for months/years, it undoubtedly does - as evidenced in reluctance of Repubicans to use mail-in for Arizona & Georgia contests recently - but that's not the fault of the Postal Service. But Matt says "ostensibly" by the Trump Administration even though it was loudly proclaimed & acknowledged that DeJoy was getting rid of supposed unneeded mail sorting machines & resources months before the election along with limiting USPS worker overtime that'd likely be needed during vote counting, all which DeJoy did without approval from his oversight board, and the judge just put in sanctions to make sure it never happens again.]
    Taibbi has never looked worse. And yeah, when he writes outside of his compromised areas, he can really write. But now he seems completely uninterested in actual journalism, and more interested in a huge paycheck from his new authoritarian sponsor.

    Feb. 2022 Pew poll says American adults want 'every side' coverage way more than journalists do

    "Journalists should give every side equal coverage even if one side and one side only is blatantly lying" - try that poll and see how it comes out.
    "Should we give Adolf Hitler equal time to explain his concerns and point of view?"
    "Guy who shot down 20 kids in a school wants his time on the front page too to explain how he's misunderstood."

    here's a possible example (Pres. Biden tweets) of trying to catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar? only Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy's not getting with that program, he wants to do the 'slay evil' narrative wherever he can?

    You mean the Elon M*sk who pals w criminal Right Wing operatives & is being ALLOWED TO DESTROY TWITTER, the social media network the world RELIES on for rapid news, disaster communications & global events? Who needs CRIMINALLY INVESTIGATED & shld NOT BE REWARDED W GOV'T CONTRACTS

    — Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (@woogie_boy) February 16, 2023



    Musk denies

    half of Americans think the MSM is spinning:

    such a perfect example in my feed right after I returned to it after posting the above:

    In general I'm asking "did they get basic indisputable facts right, or did they crib from someone else's coverage, leaving details a mess? Did they ask the harder questions they should've, or let someone spin without any resistance?"

    That doesn't get into whether they had the same political preferences as me or not.

    We discovered just in October during Danchenko's trial that the FBI had shut down it's 2016 Alfa Bank DNS investigation after *1 hour*, just assuming there was nothing there.  That was information worth knowing, vs the mistaken idea they investigated. Who was on that beat, and what questions did they ask the FBI even as reams of misleading stories were written?

    Matt Taibbi's spin on Twitter-gov coordination ignored that Hunter's persinap porn would not be allowed on any mainstream social media site, stolen or not - yet some "journalists" reported/transcribed congressional hearings w/o noting that Twitter obviously had to meet to take down *some* of the laptop material, whatever the other issues were. (the difference between a hard drive image - data - vs a physical laptop is also germane, just like when Hillary's "server" - a collection of dispersed virtual  cloud instances for a specific customer, not a particular machine - got hacked).

    When Trump came after Cuomo on the nursing home bit, he and Barr were trying to score political points and give Cuomo uncomfortable choices during a pandemic - possibly a huge abuse of power that cared little for the health of aeniors. *That* basic preface should have remained with the story, not just whether Cuomo handled it properly by the book or whether he had contributions from that industry that affected his decision, which is also germane. It's a bit like reporting the shooting of the black teen with a knife without noting she was seconds away from stabbing another teen girl.

    It shouldn't be that tough to get most of the *basic* details right and correct where deficient, before we get into the difficult differences in core worldviews. (I'm sure making GLaaD completely satisfied with their reporting will be difficult).

    Explaining why Gaetz won't be charged and why it was always likely he wouldn't (having a huge convicted liar+participant in crime) as your sole accuser w/o additional concrete evidence means real world courts won't touch - a case case to have a reasonable chance of guilty to be brought, it's not "take em to court and let a jury sort it out", which is why people remain in a muddle about what Garland's doing.


    oooh interesting

    The Lincoln Project taking advantage of the Dominion suit news to say:

    .@FoxNews is the disinformation arm of the GOP. It is an outrage machine that preys on the anger and rage of Americans. Rewind and listen to this past episode of the podcast with @ReedGalen and @JulietJeske of @DecodingFoxNews:

    — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) February 17, 2023


    Nice the internet gives us unique opinions

    I saw that BUT on the Catturd account his Tweet was countered by a "Reader Context" addendum with a whole bunch of links

    go and vote the "Reader Context" addedum "helpful", every little bit helps

    And then this:

    So if 20% of blacks aren't sure it's ok to be white, and 1/5 say it's definitely not ok to be white, that's a bit disconcerting.

    - 18% blacks - being white definitely not ok

    - 8% blacks - being white prolly not ok

    - 21% blacks - I'm not sure if being white is ok (or maybe i don't know any or just haven't thought about it).

    At the end of the day it's just 130 blacks (likely voters?) answering, but it's a bit weird.

    related developments summed up:

    also here is a conservative black guy I just ran across

    another even better, with disgusting video:

    it's not imaginary

    'Misinformation isn't just on the right'

    Media Matters retweeted this thread:

    dupe on purpose of what I just posted on the Woke thread, with his 2nd tweet added

    this goes with that

    Leslie Stahl's MTG softball

    Fox opinion cites "lies" with no specifics, while telling a rather whopping lie about FDR (that he promised not to send America's boys to war in 1940, and when Japan attacked Dec 1940 & Germany declared war Dec 1940, more than a year later, he did).

    I'm pretty sure they never used "lie" in a headline about Trump, but could be wrong. But Biden's fair game.

    Interesting that the big news of Tucker Carlson being axed by Fox (no doubt because his lying arrogant self cost Murdoch Inc. too much money) is overshadowing Don Lemon being axed by CNN (and the public niceties there lasted about a NY minute)

    Pretty cold. But he was mean to Nikki Haley, said she was "past her prime".

    Does that even count as a Tucker insult, there are so many?

    In light of other huge layoffs including media,
    it's just part of the flow - 15 years was a good run.
    Much of the value is automated data analytics,
    not the team providing insight.

    Mercury retrograding? What dat?

    ICYMI, Musk & Yglesias are having a spat which might interest you

    As I said it sounds like the Twitter Files reporting on this will be interesting — will be eager to see that the gang does with the info that’s surely coming their way.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) May 13, 2023

    Follow the thread back thru Musk to get the full gist

    Hyperbole galore:

    ^ comes to mind that the reason for the invention of Godwin's Law is ancient history that few remember - nowadays there's Nazis everywhere, around every corner

    Perhaps the most devastating effect of A.I. imagery exemplified here:


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