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    "WMDs in Iraq: Oh My!" Said Bush to BFF Blair in '03. "ICBMs in Iran: Oh No!" Says Obama to BFF Cameron in '12.


    "WMDs in Iraq: Oh My!" Said Bush to BFF Blair (2003).  "ICBMs in Iran: Oh No!" Says Obama to BFF Cameron (2012).



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    Except for the big difference: Bush was arguing that diplomatic solutions in Iraq, including an embargo and weapons inspections, had failed while Obama is arguing in favor of diplomacy and international sanctions.

    Really! Somehow I don't think that Bruce intended this with his post, but the two pictures are kinda like comparing a pair of apples with a pair of oranges:

    Britain to Join Obama in Discouraging a Strike on Iran
    By Mark Landler and John F Burns, March 12, 2012

    WASHINGTON — Britain will add its voice to President Obama’s in discouraging an Israeli military strike on Iran when Prime Minister David Cameron begins a three-day visit here this week, a senior British diplomat said Monday.

    “The prime minister is pretty clear that he does not think military action against Iran would be helpful,” the diplomat, Peter Westmacott, Britain’s recently appointed ambassador to the United States, told reporters. “We do not regard that as the right way forward in the months to come.”

    Mr. Cameron, he said, supports Mr. Obama’s vow that Iran will not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. And, like the president, the prime minister believes military force must be preserved as an option. But an Israeli strike, Mr. Westmacott said, could “unleash a whole variety of different consequences” and might backfire by strengthening the Iranian regime and the resolve of the Iranian people to acquire nuclear status.

    “We are, all of us, concerned about what might flow from a decision to take precipitate military action,” he said.

    Mr. Cameron, in his talks with Mr. Obama, is expected to press for tighter diplomatic and economic sanctions, said a senior British official in London. “There’s a lot more to be done to turn up the pressure, to turn up the dial,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the talks with the White House [....]

    Britain has been less fixated than the United States on talk of war with Iran, in part because of the American presidential election campaign, in which Republicans candidates have criticized Mr. Obama’s policy as not being tough enough on Tehran. Supporters of Israel gathered last week in Washington for a conference of the pro-Israel lobbying group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

    Mr. Cameron said he believed that Mr. Obama’s warnings during Mr. Netanyahu’s visit about the consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran had “changed the situation,” in terms of its likelihood. As for Britain, he said, “We’ve been very clear: If there was an Israeli strike, we wouldn’t support them.” [....]

    Or, you might say the pictures show two neo-cons compared with two not-neo-cons. Actually, you don't have to, because Martin Kettle over at the Guardian, is doing just that; he doesn't like it, though:

    Cameron and Obama ended the neocon era. But the era of Assad goes on

    By Martin Kettle, March 14

    David Cameron and Barack Obama buried the neocons in Washington. But the west will pay a price for the quiet life [....]

    But I guess we shouldn't bother Bruce with news and facts, he's got imagined simplistic fear-mongering memes to sell with Photo Shop? And I do mean to sell, hoping to make some cash on "revolution" propaganda.

    Like most marketing minded folks, he isn't too interested in reality.

    To this round of commenters:

    This is not about "neoconservatives" anymore than it is about "neoliberalism", you clueless clowns.  When are you going to learn to see through the labels, pull back the curtain, and recognize that all along there has been only one "wizard"?


    Wait... you believe in wizards?  Awesome.

    He's still waiting for that letter from Durmstrang.

    This might help.

    OIC, silly me: plotting to go to war with Iraq and plotting to stay out of war with Iran are just so incredibly similar! Wizards all! And you are such a genius for pointing out in picture form that plotting is plotting!

    “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”-- Robert Heinlein

    That sounds vaguely like a "GBCW" comment, but somehow I doubt it…

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