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    Time Magazine Selects Mass Murderer As Person Of The Year 2012

    When Drones Fly Children Die

    Time Magazine has selected a mass murderer as Person of the Year for 2012:

    Drone strikes approved by corporate fascist puppet president Barack Obama kill 49 innocents for every 1 “suspected terrorist” they hit.

    When drones fly children die, and the American Sheeple who do nothing to stop it are as guilty of murder as their “elected” leaders.


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      What is your source for the statement that drones kill 49 civilians for every "suspected terrorist" they hit?(I like that you won't acknowledge that even one of the dead has certainly been a combatant). The New America Foundation says that close to four out of five of the dead have been combatants.

    The Bureau for Investigative Journalism says that, in Pakistan, the number of innocents killed by drone strikes are anywhere between a fifth and a third of the total.

    You and your fascist regime propaganda sources are full of shit:


      I think my sources have as much legitimacy as yours', and I had two to your one.  "Forty-nine to one" is rather hard to believe on the face of it. The U.S. government isn't a facist regime, facism means more than killing innocents in  a defensive war.

    Bruce should explore some of the alternatives here.  Would more or fewer civilians be killed if we stopped using drones in favor of cruise missiles or high altitude bombings?

    Bruce -- I deleted your last comment.  Please refrain from "Doxing" your political antagonists at Dag.  That's not acceptable here.

    FYI:  Marked your last comment as spam until MM can look at it again.  As he said, we don't publish names, addresses and personal info on dagblog.

     Did he publish my address and personal info? If he looked into my personal info, he will find that I was briefly jailed because of a protest against the Iraq War, which--I think--is evidence that I am not just an apologist for the United States, as he thinks.

    It wasn't the info of a regular Dag user.  But we guard Daggers and non-Daggers alike.

    As for your bona fides, Aaron... nothing you've done in life or written here is meaningful to IBB, who most loves the sound of his own voice and will tolerate nothing less than total agreement from others, lest they choose to live as sheeple.

    Bruce, please respect our terms of service. If you violate them again, your account will be suspended.



    Then suspend me and be damned, Obamapologist...

    Ha! I thought that said ophthalmologist!

    I probably need to get my eyes checked.

    I've heard that the fifth circle of hell is reserved for ophthalmologists. And blog moderators. 

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