Sanctorum 2012

    “President Obama once said that he wants everybody in America to go to college.  What a snob.” -- Rick Santorum - Troy, Michigan, Feb 25 2012

    "The Latin phrase sanctum sanctorum is a Latin translation of the biblical term: "Holy of Holies" . -- Wikipedia

    While President Obama speaks about the U.S. keeping pace in the global market, Richard 'Rick' Sanctorum uses God to ground his opposition to equal rights (for minorities) and equal access (to higher education).  Sanctorum's platform would lead to a terribly weakened America, unable to defend itself in the modern world.

    The images were adapted from Creative Commons and public domain materials. Please use for any democratic purpose. -  copy, distribute, put it on t-shirts, get the message out:  A vote for Sanctorum is a vote for devolving a great nation.

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    Reminds me of that band Devo; short for devolution.

    "Are we not men?"

    Thanks!  arc

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