Second Thoughts on "Three Myths"

    I started this as a comment on Dr. Cleveland's brilliant piece but it goes in a sufficiently different direction that I decided it would be hijacking "Three Myths ".

    This will be taken as an affront by many of  but my reaction to the unfairness of a "legacy" taking the spot at ,say , Tulane that should have gone to a deserving minority  is like JFK's famous remark in a different context: "Life isn't fair".

    Without question everyone should have an education.

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    Halloween (1978) theatrical poster.jpg

    Okay, so I am minding my own business and I find this gem?



    And on the 7th day...

    Unemployment % 

    1929   3.2        2007    5.0       sub prime band was playing *

    1930   8.7        2008    7.3       Paulsen kneels before Nancy Pelosi

    1931 15.9        2009     9.9      GM, Chrysler,AIG and the world, saved

    1932 23.6        2010     9.3      Obamacare passed in "Reconciliation"

    1933 24.9        2011     8.5    

     1934 21.7       2012     7.9

    1935 20.1       2013     6.7

    1936 16.9       2014     5.6

    1937 14.3      2015      5.0

    1938  19.0     2016      4.7

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    Sam Shepard Stealth crop.jpg

    I was just viewing some rerun of NCIS-LA and I saw Miguel Ferrer. He was a major character in this long running drama.

    Miguel died recently.

    He was a son of one of my favorite actors of all time.

    McCain was a hero. Again

    The Republican attempt to kill Obamacare was instead killed by John McCain last night.

    Shortly before midnight McConnell presented the latest of his many attempts to replace Obamacare. The exact details don't matter because the intention was to pass a bill, any bill, in order to create a vehicle with which to set the stage for a House/Senate conference. With Collins and Murkowski standing firm McConnell needed all the other Republicans.

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    I was taken aback (think of the effrontery, ha!) by this new White House Spokesman?

    Of course this guy is another Goldman/Sachs piece of crap. hahahha

    Oh and with nice greasy hair (I guess Charley Sheen sets the mode for this class of idiots?)

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    A Simple Animation to Open One's Eyes

    One must leave their bubble . . .

    To see the world around them through these eyes...






    Kaepernick Part II

    A recent discussion on Colin Kaepernick's inability to find employment in the NFL swiftly divided into two camps. One group saw the Kaepernick ban in the tradition of other black athletes who faced punishment for speaking out against injustice. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were punished for raising their fists at the Olympics. Ali was stripped of his heavyweight championship for refusing to serve in Vietnam. For the first group, Kaepernick received similar pushback as Ali, Smith, and Carlos. All were accused of disrespecting the country. 

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    Voting on Trumpcare Today - Speak Out!

    Today Mitch McConnell is calling a vote on 'healthcare', though no one knows what they are going to be voting on. It is critical that we flood Washington with phone calls, emails, tweets, and if you are close enough, your bodies. Call your Senator's local offices, and stop by those home offices if you can. We MUST let them know in no uncertain terms that there are hundreds of millions of us who do NOT want this shredding of the Affordable Care Act, nor the massive transfer of wealth from those receiving Medicaid to the top of the economic structure.

    This site will give you links to both phone and email access to all of our senators:


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    On n'me fait pas foutre!

    You will no doubt have heard that France's top general has rsigned in protest against Macron's cuts to the military budget.


    That, of course, is not the big story.  


    His exit line "I will not be fucked!" sets the standard for subordinates refusing to cave before what they deem bullying (ed note: I'm with Macron on the substance, but, soit.).


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    Is Anyone Keeping a Tail on This Weasel?

    He's back . . .


    May 27, 2017 | BlueDot Daily | Patrick Simpson

    Yes, Trump’s Russian Scandal Is Real, Does It All Trace Back to One Guy


    June 22, 2017

    Bloomberg | By Bill Allison and Ben Brody

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    Over the week-end, a White Australian Emigrant female was killed by the police.

    This nice lady had called 911 because she was concerned about events happening outside of her home.

    And this lady went outside to converse with someone in a car a few minutes later.

    She evidently was discussing something with the driver of a car.

    A squad car showed up.

    And one of the cops shot her dead at the scene.

    Trumpcare: Killed by Right Wing of GOP

    Senator Moran, (R-Kansas) "Freedom - this could lead to single payer" "keep the government out of health care" "need innovative solutions".

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    Sun white.jpg

    I had the opportunity to see my son three times in 15 days time?   The first visit had to be at the end of June

    On the second meeting, on July 2nd? he produced his pixies and we all went to the park.

    Do you realize that a five year old and a two year old can feel sorry for you?

    We had a great time.

    Anyway, I called my son a few days ago to discuss nonsense.

    He put me off; he said he would call me back in an hour.

    The first letter in

    the July 9 Times begins, sadly, …..”.Bret Stephens...starts off promisingly…...He cites…... Kenneth Arrow about how insurance discourages people from shopping around”

    Why “Sadly” ?

    Because this  demonstrates that  Stephens - the relatively  new  Times opeder  recruit, presumably intended   to bolster its insufficiently conservative bull pen-  got away with a shoddy journalistic trick.   

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    Trump dogged by dementia charges, ducks any unscripted scrutiny

    Trump's unchallenged superiority during the campaigns, primary and general, was his sensitivity to the visual production values and the optics of his personal presentation. (ed note: odious as we humans found it, his voters thought differently.)


    Of late, between a cascade of disorientation episodes cruelly video'ed by a vicious press





    24 Hours: Seven Deadly Sins of Republicans

    Over just one news cycle, Republicans, Republican supporters and the Republican base displayed at least 7 whatever you want to call them, sins, blunders, vices, character flaws and defects.....

    Robby Lobby, illegal and unethical purchase of thousands of ancient artifacts from the war torn Middle East.

    Hobby Lobby is the corporation that in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, won the right to deny birth control coverage to women they employ due to their deep religious principles.

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    NRA Calls Racist Radical Right to Arms

    The National Rifle Association (NRA) has released an "advertisement" that is a clear call to white supremacists and the Radical Right to rise up. It removes the veneer that the NRA is focused on protecting gun rights, instead putting forward a narrative that looks more racist radical right. This video is clearly crafted with the far right as the desired audience. The tone, images, and message are all characteristic of media out of this movement. What is chilling is not so much the video itself, but that it is produced by one of the most influential lobbies in Washington. It is the NRA, and its ability to mobilize a highly reactive membership, that holds the ears (and votes) of legislators. Below is Bill Moyers and Michael Winship's response to the NRA call to arms. My discussion resumes following their's.

    The second worst failure in

    Bret Stephens' Saturday Times Oped was his * falsely reporting the supposed  content of this  reference 

    "Kenneth  Arrow crisply described  the biggest insanity (Stephens ' word, not Arrow's) back in December 1963 "Insurance " he wrote "removes the incentive on the part of individuals, patients, and physicians to shop around for better prices for hospitalization and surgical care."  

    Arrow himself would  not have categorized  this as the" biggest insanity" in health care since he went on to state that 

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    Plato Silanion Musei Capitolini MC1377.jpg

    For the first time in five years, I am streaming The West Wing on Netflix.

    We need some reprieve from reality sometimes.

    Here is one scene from one of my favorite dramas that really caught my eye:



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