The mentally ill and the security-industrial complex in schools

    Earlier this week, I noted that no one had yet gone over the line and scapegoated the mentally ill.

    I have just finished reading Wayne LaPierre's remarks, and I'm here to let you know that Wayne has done just that: put out the cat's paw  or trial balloon to scapegoat the mentally ill:

    Page 3, first paragraph:

    "A dozen more killers? A hundred? More? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation's refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?"

    And does it surprise anyone that the solution proposed by the NRA for the children sets up more corporate welfare in the form of private security agencies gaining access to milk from the leathered tit of the military industrial gorgon?

    Roll that first thing around a bit: suck out some of the flavor from that bad boy, m'kay?


    It's too soon to conclude that Adam Lanza's murderous spree is connected with  his Asbergers . It's possible that's as irrelevant as his weight or  hair color.

    It appears Lanza was nursing  hostility linked to a perhaps not wholly untrue belief that he had been treated unfairly during his own stay at Sandy Hook. Maybe he had been. Most people are treated unfairly some times. And get over it. Adam didn't.

    I happen to know several people with Asbergers . None seem to me to   nurse a grudge altho each has had a life time full of experiences which  you could imagine would cause them to. But these are the comments of a layman.The professionals  might disagree. It seems to me that to now they have been strangely silent.

    I'm sure there's a clinical  term for the large number of  people who ,like Adam, nurse a grievance . And another for the much smaller number who do something, harmful because of it.

    One thing is for sure. That term is not Asbergers. But if the people who study behaviors don't speak I fear that there will be a tacit conclusion that the Newtown massacre was the result of Adam Lanza's Asbergers.. And that the proposed remedies will be measures to restrict people with Asbergers when what is needed will be remedies to help those with or with out  Asbergers who are brooding over some supposed  injustice.


    That was no press conference, it was an infomercial. 

    The only good part is that people know an infomercial when they see one.

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