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    Maxine Waters: Devin Nunes Is A "Messenger Boy" For "Don the Con Man" Trump!

    I just love this lady!


    She is a low IQ individual?

    I have been thinking about 'themes' for next year?

    Maxine has kind of decided this issue for me.

    You see, Rubio tried this tack upon the Trump sea of bullshit and he lost!

    Some member of Rubio's advisory commission got him to go on a rage; attempting to use the same tactics as Trump.

    Oh look, he is orange.

    Oh look, he is an idiot.

    Oh look, he is a no-nothing.

    Obviously it did not work in 2016.

    However, I have been thinking about 2020.

    How should 'our' candidate handle an idiot, a mentally imbalanced person, a psychopath, a sociopath....


    I watched some of the old debates with Hilary.

    Hilary would say something and Trump would be saying:


    Rubio just missed the beat.

    His rhythm was off, so to speak.

    Our best candidate (who?) should respond trumpwise.

    In my humble opinion.


    At any debate, our candidate should be scripted of course.

    But not scripted PC

    PC does not work.

    The guy or gal of course needs a script and such.

    But Hilary demonstrated that a script is not enough!

    When Trump says:


    Our candidate has to be whispering:

    no, no, no, that is wrong, that is a lie that is bogus, you are ugly.....

    When Trump begins some diatribe about saving coal jobs?....

    Most jobs in this country have been created with the new tech including solar and wind and sea and garbage and....

    When Trump says some other lies, just say:

    I smell whiskey on your breath....



    When Trump talks about equal rights, just yell out (I mean yell out) :






    You get it?

    Maxine has, for sure.

    There is no pc anymore.


    Dumb Don.

    Dinky Don.

    Grump Trump.

    Porno rump trump.

    I detest Rubio, but he had the idea, just tooooo damn late.

    We must not speak to this idiot like he is a human being.

    We certainly must never speak to him like he holds some high office.

    Let us show America what he really is!

    Only after we realize that facts and law and theories and whatever mean nothing, can we really have a chance at attacking nihilists.

    And then we shall be happy



    This is all just one nice spring thought!

    (My god I hate this bastard prick...







    I would like a live chat on this blog!

    Pennsylvania has this House race going on.

    MSNBC says: tooooooooooo early to call. hahahah

    That is because the polls do not close for an hour or two for chrissakes. hahahah

    Outside monies come from the repub pricks.

    Let us see how this ends up.


    One precinct in as for PA right now.

    Dem is ahead with 1 % of the vote in.


    Kornaki says:


    I am watching Chris Hayes right now on MSNBC.

    40% of the country supports Trump. 40% of the country are sociopaths. 

    Trump fired Tillerson via Twitter

    Trumps body man (personal assistant) was escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service. The Secret Service is investigating the guy.for tax fraud and other issues.

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not have a security clearance 

    House Republicans covered up the Russian attack on the United States.

    Evangelicals are giving a mulligan for paying off an adult movie star.

    The nominee to head the CIA approved torture

    Republicans are traitors. Evangelicals are heretics.

    We are in crisis mode. The only thing we can do is vote out every Republican possible. 

    Like Charlottesville Nazis, there are no good people

    Edit to add:

    Betsy DeVos proved that she is an idiot (see 60 Minutes)


    Hi rmrd.

    I hereby render unto rmrd the Dayly Line of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of rmrd from all of me for this here line:

    40% of the country supports Trump. 40% of the country are sociopaths.


    How could I ever accomplish this kind of conclusion.



    Oh I gotta add Rachel's comments on this.

    Rachel keeps attempting to give all her viewers this list of those folks who have left the ADMINISTRATION.

    Then she apologizes cause she cannot list them in large enough letters to ....

    Give us the real impact.

    She calls this



    I cannot stop laughing.

    I am viewing MSNBC

    So now Lamb (the dem) is beating the repub prick 54% TO 46%......

    Oh who cares.




    Remember this special election is due to the resignation of an Evangelical, anti-abortion Republican who had an affair and pressured his pregnant mistress to get an abortion. You cannot make this stuff up.






    Elliot Broidy, is a co-host of the event Trump is attending tonight in Beverly Hills. Broidy is connected to George Nader, the guy with UAE ties being invested by Mueller. (Just reported by Rachel)

    link to an article by Broidy

    OKAY 52% to 48% in favor of the dem Lamb. 

    8:41 PM CDT

    CNN says Lamb is 50.5 % up.

    CNN is saying the dem has a chance

    90% plus; Lamb is ahead.


    as they say

    Pretty tight.

    8.55 cdt

    MSNBC says lamb ahead by one thousand points with 95% of the vote in.


    (and i am an atheist. hahahahahah)


    Here is Kornaki on MSNBC.

    9:03 PM CDT

    this is close folks.

    one thousand votes for chrissakes

    Okay now we have less than 900 votes ahead of the repub.

    Kornaki says we are still ahead; dem lamb is ahead. hahahah

    9:13 pm cdt.

    the end

    now it is 9:24 cdt and it looks badf

    we are still ahead by500 points,



    AHEAD AT 500 +


    96% IN?

    Kornaki says:

    More than half of the absentee ballots come from dems?





    Trump thinks Putie may poison him.

    Like Putie poisons double crossing former agents in England.

    That's why Trump eats out at MacDonalds.

    Jump to 3:40 on this to skip Kimmel's not-very-funny monologue and get to the hottest new collectible. I don't often do art consulting for free, but just this once I'm making an exception:



    Also too: Man-Child President Calls for ‘Space Force’ to Fight Wars Beyond the Skies by our old bud Ed Kilgore, March 13 @

    It's kind of ironic that NCD is talking McDonald's because did this race turn out be a big nothing burger or what?!!!

    All that money spent, get Richard all excited and what have you got? PFFFFFFT, neither side gets bonafide bragging rights.

    Yes, they proved they could win back those 20 Trump points with a moderate Dem. Okay, whoop de do, not that impressed, though, because by November, the district will not exist and they'll have to do it all over again. Come to think of it, the winner is going to be under a lot of pressure to perform to be re-elected in a new different demographic district while still representing the old one. The loser might be in a better position to win in November!


    Yeah, though many are still saying "too close to call" to be safe, espec. as Saccone has not conceded, her pals over at the NBC networks are calling it this morning this way: Democrat Conor Lamb apparent winner in Pennsylvania upset, deals blow to Trump

    All of this (Stormy, too) probably one of those Deep State/Vegetable Underground conspiracies

      This will energize the Democratic base. Trump is unraveling. What respectable person wants to serve in this White House? Stormy Daniels mocks Trump. His body man was physically removed from the White House. The Russian investigation continues. The Republicans are tied to a coverup of the Russian attack. The Russian image is of openly poisoning people and Trump refusing to make a strong statement. Students and teachers are walking out of schools to protest ridiculous Republican backed gun laws. This is a good day for Democrats and the country.

      Anderson Cooper interviewed Stormy Daniels for 60 Minutes. Trump is trying to stop the interview from airing Sunday. Republicans are tied to Trump.

      Adding to the “they are all liars and cheats” meme, Ben Carson lied about being unaware of the $31K furniture purchase. Carson’s emails show that he and his wife were directly involved in the purchase

      New Yorker reporter Eliza Griswold attempts to get the "intensely local" honest analysis of the PA-18 election from intense locals. Recommended.


      [....] This morning, I spoke by phone to Mykie Reidy, one of Lamb’s most committed progressive organizers. She’d gone to bed at 2 a.m. and risen at 6 a.m., too excited to sleep. While campaigning for Lamb, Reidy, who lives in one of PA-18’s wealthy northern suburbs, learned about the priorities of rural citizens in her district, first among them health care. In doing so, she had put aside her more progressive views to join with other Democrats who were more conservative . “I’m not worried about feeding my family,” she said. “I have room in my life to be concerned with social-justice policy positions.” There is, she said, great value in puncturing what she calls the “blue bubble,” especially in support of Lamb, who focusses on issues that most people agree with, including support for workers’ rights and Medicare.[....]

      AA:  Wow.  Way to win an election!  An actual adult!  I’m sure Hal has a different take, but I have nothing but admiration for these people.

      Democrats need to grab to “pro-life” meme to include living children who are hungry; living people who need health care; and living citizens who don’t want to get shot.  It’s time to get savvy about messaging!

      Your take on “pro-life” is important. We need to take the meaning back.


      Everyone's picking on Hal but at least he's always been thinking about making some kind of coalition with some of these people. (unfortunately some of his ideas on doing that also include stuff that turns off a major portion of the committed Dem party.)

      On the other hand, I really thought it totally counter-productive for supporters of the Dem party to post on political websites that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist and that the Dems don't need and don't want any of their votes because they are stupid racists. When I said so at the time, I remember bascially being called a racist as well. That's exactly the kind of political correctness that makes me refuse to register as a Democrat to this day, actually. I hate that,it's beyond stupid. I have a mixed race family with some members that once had racist feelings. I know how it works to change their hearts and minds, I've seen it happen up close and personal, life long feelings change. One thing that certainly does NOT work is to scream "you're a racist and I don't want to have anything to do with you." That does not work. It does not work in personal relations and it doesn't work in getting elected, either.

      Data shows that race played a major role in the white vote for Trump. It is ridiculous not to point out the obvious. Calling out racism is important. Calling out racism and bigotry was a major part of the message of Martin Luther King Jr. Hearts of whites were changed by calling out racism. King called out so-called moderates who were silent. There are many Republicans like Charlie Sykes and Jennifer Rubin call out racism that is allowed to occur in the Republican Party. Micheal Steel was called an affirmative action hire at CPAC. The head of CPAC said that Steel should not be upset but be more understanding. It is unconscionable to remain silent in the face of racism. Trump is a racist. How can you not point out to people who voted for Trump that they support a racist?

      Take a look at the situation in reverse. Tamika Mallory, a black woman, is a co-director of the Women’s March. Mallory has a relationship with Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is an anti-Semite. Should there be no comment on the relationship?  There are demands for Mallory to address her position regarding Farrakhan, Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam rescues men in prison and does good in the black community. Should his supporters not carry the taint of anti-Semitism?

      Shaun King has an excellent take on Mallory and Farrakhan. It will be painful, but she has to address the anti-Semitism, just as Trump voters cannot escape his racism.

      Edit to add:

      If you are black and you point out Farrakhan’s economic aid to the black community, you will be labeled an anti-Semite. Trump voters are labeled racists.


      For those who,like me,never bothered to check on his campaign positions on things until now, this article by Bill Scher @ Politico has a good laundry list of them and it's an interesting mix:

      Why Conor Lamb (Probably) Won/Lessons from the Pennsylvania special election.

      I would just add the cavaet that everybody should all keep in mind the "local, local, local' thing and also that if he tailored anything to the district in particular, this district will not exist very long....I think the only lesson should be that there is at least one item in his platform that would piss off each and every person on this website, i.e. perfect is the enemy of the good.

      Heh, pitiful:

      White House says Dem's upset win came from embracing Trump policies

      @ TheHill

      ​given that nearly the whole damn Trump tribe went down there to campaign. Some might actually buy it but only if Trumpco had totally stayed out of it and acted like they didn't care.

      ​(no it wasn't Huckabee Sanders,it was White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah, he's looking to be the new Kellyanne!?)

      If that's true then voters prefer Trump policies from someone who isn't Trump or endorsed by him.

      Joy is filling in for Chris Hayes tonight.

      And Maxine appears.

      I love this.

      Too soon (at least for me) to get a link.

      It is just fun to hear Maxine and I include this comment so I do not forget about it.

      Joy points out that Trump thinks the new Air Force fighter jet has Romulan cloaking technology and can’t be seen if it is right next to an enemy jet. Trump is an idiot!

      rmrd...YOU GOT THAT RIGHT.


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