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    A Wake up Call to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Tom Perez and all Americans

    The #WarEagle is loose...


    Auburn University Alum Charles Barkley in Alabama at Doug Jones' Acceptance Speech.

    (my bold highlight and underline...)

    Watch and listen to the CNN interview here.

    Georgetown’s anti-union position is contrary to its commitment to social justice

    As a 1990 graduate of Georgetown University’s law school and the father of an undergraduate, I was disappointed to read that the university is attempting to thwart the unionization efforts of working graduate students [“Georgetown declines to support union effort,” Metro, Dec. 7].

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    Collins to McConnell: "Say 'hello' to my little friend"; McConnell "Hello, Doug"

    The miseries of Mitch McConnell (may they increase beyond measure...) just grew exponentially by virtue of the Alabamapocalypse. Now, each Republican Senator (Susie, I'm talkin' to you...) is the crucial last senator.


    Where before, it was thought that having one vote to spare,  McConnell might at need stiff Collins while fronting off Ryan's declared recalcitrance to cloak his own bad faith.


    Now, he's another 25 billion in the hole towards his do or die number of 1.5 Trillion, which will give him problems on his right flank.


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    The Dumpster's Sexual Misconduct: Opening the Can of Worms

    Happy Holidays . . .

    Nikki Haley said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation" that "women should always feel comfortable coming forward and we should all be willing to listen to them."

    Nikki Halley video portion here--> starts at 5 minute mark



    Don't throw away your

    confederate dollars. The South Will Rise Again.

     Let's see

    o only 15% of white Alabama males voted for Obama

    o Roy Moore rides a horse to the polls.One horse;two horses assesses. 

    o There was majority support for his posting  the 10 commandments in a court room

    o And of his hostility to gays

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    The 1970s, 2010s: Who Programmed the Simulation?

    The world does seem in dire straits indeed and has for roughly the last five years or so. The seeming progress of Barack Obama's election cascading in to regular civil strife and civil war in the United States, where racial and gender harmony, worked on for so many decades, appears torn to shreds. Cities are on fire, under fire or being torn apart. A rivalry with Russia, which is held responsible for the election of Donald Trump has been stoked again between America and the rest of the west. China is on the ascent, as is intolerance, cultural malaise, fear, despair and disappointment.

    All of this seems horrible and is until a thought comes in. We've been here before. A friend of mine, Larry Bernard (who can be seen commenting on comic book movies) told me that "all Obama and Trump did was take us back to the 1970s." During his election, Barack Obama was compared to Kennedy for many reasons, from his charisma to his minority status. According to Roger Stone's book, Donald Trump was personally told by Richard Nixon during the 1980s that he would make a "fine president" and Trump's tacit support of Roy Moore in Alabama reflects Nixon tacit support of segregationist George Wallace.

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    California Marijuana Act: Flipping the Finger at Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions

    Snap a bowl Beauregard . . .


    Pursuant to Prop 64 as of Nov 9th, 2016

    On November 8, 2016 California voters approved Prop. 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), by a margin of 57-43%. Prop 64 makes the following changes to California law:

    Don't go Al

    Franken should assume all the accusations are honest and should  call each of the women  and apologize.  Some one -not his wife- should be  present  listening which he should tell each of the woman at the beginning  of the call.

    No recording of course.

    He shouldn't announce he's doing it. Just do it. Telling them  he d prefer them not to publicize the call but that was up to them.

    And then get on with the rest of his life. In the Senate.




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    Sam Seder.jpg

    All we have on cable is MSNBC.

    Now CNN does a good job from time to time but this channel always needs to present on its panels some right wing piece of shite.


    Trump Fires 42,000 FBI Agents, Threatens Parks in California

    President Trump has fired 42,000 FBI agents after tweeting "the FBI is in tatters." He is assigning Kellyanne Conway, recently appointed as Opioid Czar, as Acting FBI director, with the power to temporarily appoint Trump campaign contributors and unemployed alt-right gang members as agents.

    Trump has issued an executive order that the main mission of the FBI will be to investigate and imprison Hillary Clinton

    Trump's lawyers maintain he has the power to do whatever he wants as he is President and a Republican.  A Republican's only sworn duty is to pass tax cuts for the rich, exploit women seeking control of their bodies, and further loosen gun laws.

    Trial by headline

    Roy Moore, Al Franken, Bill O'Reilly ,Charlie Rose ,John Conyers etc. etc. are guilty of the crime of being accused of sexual harassment. 

    And Giles Corey was found guilty of being a witch and pressed to death...oh that was in  17th century Salem.

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    There are home video presentations on cable that primarily focus on people falling down.

    And the audiences laugh.

    People falling down make people laugh because people have awful tendencies at times.

    This video involves Matt Lauer cross examining Bill O'Reilly is just hilarious at first blush.

    Dec 7 Net Neutrality nationwide protest


    Website HERE found via an email from PEN America:

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    President Trump took time out from his exhausting schedule at his Mar-a-Lago resort over the Thanksgiving Day

    Holiday to say 'he took a pass' on being named Time's 'Person of the Year' Award. Why did he supposedly reject this designation?

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    The Anger They Carried

    It was and is a daily burden made worse with the onslaught of daily acknowledgment by a large variety of men who have committed acts of aggression and harassment against women and children. I hear the cries of both sides screaming, "our side is not as bad as the other side" but I just don't know if that's true. Sure there are degrees of bad and evil, Roy Moore is one evil human being so used to gaslighting his victims he continues to use those methods to gaslight all of Alabama. He preys on children, and there is no doubt that he is the most toxic of males who uses his position in society to prey on those who cannot protect themselves.

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    Amnesty for Pussy Grabbers! Stop the carnage!

    Buckwheat called the meeting of the Woman Haters Club to order, and entertained the motion by Brothers Thrush, Rose and Halperin that Brother Trump be reprimanded for giving away the great secret and leaving all his brother celebrity pussy grabbers holding the bag (so to  speak...).


    Charlie Rose spoke first in favor of the motion to censure.


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    Image result for sailor kiss photo


    I think that there has been a cultural change world wide of course, but also in this country.

    Take a look at this iconic vision relating to VE Day.

    Victory over Europe.

    Did this sailor know this woman?

    Did the lady consent to this approach from the sailor?

    Why did peeps from the forties cheer this photo without question?

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    For Mr. Day: The Hollywood/Celebrity Drug Fad in Early 1980 and the Innocent?

    In another thread Dick posted the following . . .

    "Cosby as an example was extraordinary. As far as my consciousness. This man did more for racial identity than anyone except for MLK for chrissakes. And there he is. Drugging innocent women and then....."

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    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states:

    Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Utah Senator Lee says

    Having read the detailed description of the incidents, as well as the response from Judge Moore and his campaign, I can no longer endorse his candidacy for the US Senate.



    A Pelosi/Raskin Townhall

    A raucous standing room only crowd greeted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-8) at Rockville's Luxmanor Elementary School cafeteria early Saturday (Nov 4) morning. The Democratic representatives along with several Montgomery County residents came to discuss the dangers to Maryland and the nation that they see in the Republican House tax bill.

    Speaking first at the town hall he had organized, Raskin attacked the plan for being largely composed of corporate giveaways. These include a drop in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 12% on income currently stashed overseas and 10% on profits from transnational activities. Deriding the bill as the “billionaire tax break and job cutting plan,” Raskin noted also that the Republican plan slashes $1.5 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid over a decade.


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