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    Dear Hillary: "You talk like a lawyer" is only a compliment among lawyers...

    The latest FBI docdrop references 36 repititions of the old "I don't recall" answer from HRC.


    As, I believe, no less an icon of sincerity than Richard Nixon once deconstructed, it is a statement about one's inner condition, and is not susceptible to contradiction by direct evidence.  


    Thus ending the inquiry without creating exposure to a perjury beef.


    But that is a long way from enhancing one's likelihood of convincing a listener of the veracity of the protestation, and really, if said listener chooses to draw adverse inferences in:re the point-in-chief to which the information sought by the question would have been addressed had the purportedly forgotten data been available, hard cheese.


    More broadly, if the lawyer in "talk like a lawyer" is a Criminal Defense lawyer (like HRC was just outta law school, and good on her) she has the (rebuttable) presumption of innocence to work with, and more importantly, the high burden of "proof beyond a reasonable doubt".


    Out in the world of electoral politics, it ain't that kind of party.


    Hillary is a (deliberately) public phony and private mensch.


    Because that's how we lawyers are.

    She talks like a Public Defender trying a black defendant in Fayetteville.  You don't give away a spec of sincerity, it'll bite you in the ass.



    What a waste of time.

    Guess Hillary could be forgiven for doing what Colin Powell did, over and over (aside from his covering up Mỹ Lai and lying about Iraq at the UN) - but she won't be.

    Powell's just too honest a guy, and likeable too. Someone you'd have a beer with, I suppose - that's too irresistable.

    (crossposted from FB)I think I may have figured out what her major malfunction is...(it's actually not the heart of darkness that she projects--it's being a Public Defender in wanna rough venue for the impoverished (read black) defendant, you got it...) and then after she turns her back on stardom in the nation's capital because of Bills prehensile dick, he turns out to be the scumbag we all know him to be..…


    I was more looking from he point of view of the young Hillary, who was seriously a star out of law school, and FAR more accomplished than Bill,but he goes off to follow his star, and she, with misgivings that turned out all too prescient, goes to Arkansas.


    I know a thing or two about spectacular crash-and-burns when it comes to Marital Fidelity, and let me say that in all my transgressions I never inflicted the kind of public humiliation that Bill rather casually dealt out.


    For someone who pretends to be all free & open about sex, you're really hung up on this stuff.

    While not sure that I grasp the point you are making, I draw your attention to the distinction between sex per se and the boundaries that a couple may choose witihin in which that sex is agreed to occur.


    One may be sex positive and cheating negative without, I submit, intellectual inconsistency.

    Boundaries? file it all under "intellectual inconsistency" - couples, triads or 5-somes can do whatever they want - far from my interest or business, and certainly not part of my concerns about a political candidate, short of banging the spouse of the head of China/Russia or a KGB/Savak/Mossad/Mafia agent. And considering the number of politicians who've been divorced once, twice or three times from banging their secretaries, finding a much younger trophy wife or marrying up the financial scale, I will give some inconsistent but still meaningless kudo points to any who manage to keep their marriages together after some such scandalous outing.

    kudo points, per your post...


    Uh, divorced once, then kid out of wedlock, and then a 2nd marriage at 47. Congrats on 28 years of marriage, but not sure what was the scandalous marriage-damaging event they overcame as per my comment, unless simply not having one.

    Ah, I see that I have misconstrued the thrust of your (over?) detailed exposition.

    Perhaps only fair, as you appear to have gone off on something of a tangent.

    My point had nothing to do with the wisdom of Hillary's decision to ride out the shitstorm that is a marriage to Bill, it was directed at understanding what her inner experience of the reality as it set in (when the bloom was still on the rose, as it were), and the consequences for her wider view of the value of sincerity and transparency going forward.




    Why do you say "shitstorm"? What a judgmental old scold you are. Why don't you just forgot about their homelife and conjectures about her "inner experience of reality" and focus on what matters, knowing (I presumed - not so sure anymore)  that people's behavior in relationships is often very different from such qualities like "sincerity and transparency" in other aspects of their life. Pretty much everyone will lie about their sexual escapades, no? whether building them up, hiding them, regretting their lack....

    BTW, the Clintons have been together 45 years, married for 41, which puts them just below the mean 45 for the US despite the publicity (divorce rate is 41%). But like the Clinton Foundation and anything else involving them, it must somehow be bad for them to be together so long. Fill in kvetching here __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ __________ _________ ________ ______   _______  _______________   ____________   _____________   _________ 

    Do we know these people?

    (This whole conversation is beyond me.  I'm staying out of it.  I know nothing about marriage.)

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