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    Confusion Breeds Violence

    Hello all. I have alot to say about all these shootings, which is unfortunate but this is the place to do it, right?

    Some of you added me on Facebook and I really appreciate it. The SSRI group I help with has really taken off and we get brilliance regularly out of it. Stuff like this:

    what leads to these shooting is a mix, a soup if you will, of reasons. They are "perfect storms" that we are unwittingly creating. A kid that has never seen one of these game, has never been on a drug, has been for intents and purposed to the outside world "odd but normal" can still end up slipping over the edge. WE are poor parents, poor educators, and poor examples of human being to our developing minds. It leads the most intelligent of children into a world of confusion, frustration, and even anger. Left without a place or ability to speak out vocally, they speak out with actions.

    That is from Dwight Sablack, a regular on the group. Dwight is really progressive. We have alot of conservatives on there too - several of us are Mormons, even. All of us had negative experiences with these medications.

    Sablack's comments show that the problem is deeper than medication. The reason so many young people act out is because they are being brought up in total chaos and confusion. When you can't speak it out, you speak with actions. The generation before mine created this confusion - things were not perfect but they were not chaotic like this before.

    Take care, everyone.

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