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GOP AZ Border Sheriff, Ex-Lover a Gay Mexican

The Arpaio-like border defending Arizona Republican county sheriff, and leading GOP rising star for candidacy for Congress, reportedly maintained a profile at the gay website adam4adam under the name studboi1 and had a gay Mex pal, who says Babeu threatened him with deportation if he talked about their relationship, link to screen capture of studboi1 page.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu — who became the face of Arizona border security nationally after he started stridently opposing illegal immigration — threatened his Mexican ex-lover with deportation when the man refused to promise never to disclose their years-long relationship, the former boyfriend and his lawyer tell New Times.....

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I'm always amazed when Democrats delight in outing a Republican as gay, even more so when immigration is his issue, not sexual politics.  Why exactly is it relevant?  If he was a liberal and thought the border should be more porous than it is now, he could get away with having sex with a parrot, and no one would criticize him.

Dunno.  Maybe it has something to do with hypocrisy?

But his issue is immigration, not sexuality.  And it's not a good idea to believe everything we read.  An admitted criminal accuses him of wrongdoing.  I'll put my money (heh, not that I have any) on the sheriff every time.

Oh boy ... A juicy scandal?

I have a question. What is the basis and facts to support the following statement?

"An admitted criminal accuses him of wrongdoing."

What admission to criminality has Sheriff Bebeu's ex-boyfriend admitted too?




Name-calling is not a substitute for debate.

Just stating the obvious, Donal.  The dude has never posted anything positive or original.

I'll state the obvious - which is that we don't encourage personal attacks on other posters.

Heh Donal ...

I do agree that this name calling should not be allowed around the Dag threads.

But, it's no biggie as far as Richard calling me a "troll."

I answer to that in my comment to tmccarthy's post.


It's not that Babeu is Studboi1, and gay.

It's that he is a Republican, a party renown for gay baiting to get the hate vote, a man who thinks he can do anything he wants to do, including use his position as county sheriff and Republican Party bigshot, to threaten to deport his illegal immigrant boyfriend to get him to shut up so Babeu can run for Congress.

Run on a platform of denying gay rights, sealing the border from people like his compatriot Mexican, while doing whatever the hell he wants to with no accountability (see GWB, Newt, etc), with laws only applying you..... not him, and not his lying hypocrite GOP buddies.

Please explain exactly how he has ever denounced gay individuals.

Please explain exactly how and when Studboi1 ever defended the rights of gays or illegal immigrants against attacks by himself or the Republican Party, before of after he was caught in a relationship with a gay illegal.

Pardon me?  Your hate is overwhelming.

Richard the Elephant: was OK with GWB and his lies and wars, 'overwhelmed' when exploitation of gays and illegals by yet another GOP crackpot is incandescently obvious.

So I am not sure there is evidence that this man was outed by Democrats. The fact is outing someone is wrong Richard, but it was his former lover who outed him, not a Democrat. His lover of course is and was an illegal immigrant, and what is interesting is how this is a great example of what happens to immigrants who are not in this country legally. People like the Sheriff and business owners who hire illegal immigrants hold them hostage to their status as an illegal.

We know for a fact businesses do this through threats, just like the Sheriff. Thing is, since he knew his lover was illegal, he was also breaking the law. The Sheriff harbored an illegal immigrant, and used it against his lover so that no one would know that not only is he gay, (no real Democrat cares about that fact) but that he harbored an illegal immigrant, clearly a violation of federal and state law.

But that brings us to the plight of illegal immigrants and how they are most often held hostage to these sorts of facts. I think there was the case in Alabama at a chicken processing facility, immigrants there were held hostage because of their illegal status, forced to work for below minimum wage, with no protections from labor law because of their fear of getting caught in the country. It's terrible and they are treated as slaves. There is no difference between what the Sheriff did and what the Chicken processing plant did to those illegal immigrant employees. The Sheriff should be fired for breaking the law and he should be charged with extortion. He clearly isn't the kind of guy who should be in law enforcement at all. I can't imagine ever standing up for a person who flagrantly breaks the law he is supposed to uphold.

One time when I was heading back from San Jose to Seattle on Amtrak, I was sitting in the building waiting for a train that was 2 hours late. A young woman from Guatemala was there waiting for her boss to come and pick her up.

My Spanish isn't fluent anymore, but I still have a handle on the language, so she and I had a conversation, she spoke no English. She was in the country illegally, she worked for a Saudi, he and his family they were quite abusive. I gave her some information about help in San Jose for people like her, so she could get out of that situation, but she was too afraid, afraid of ICE. She didn't want to be deported, her children were in Guatemala with her mother and husband, and she was their sole support. So the abuse I fear continued. 

This man, this Sheriff is no different than those people, he took advantage of his ex-lovers illegal status, in order to gain something for himself. I don't think anyone cares that he is gay, I'd feel the same way if he'd done this to his ex-girlfriend, he simply shouldn't be a cop, since he is oh-so-willing to break any law to give himself an advantage.  With this kind of attitude however, he will make an excellent politician, so he has that going for him.

Hi Teresa...

Where is the following supported by the facts?

"His lover of course is and was an illegal immigrant..."

According to the following information "Jose" is indeed here in the U.S. legally on a valid visa.

According to Jose's immigration attorney, Babeu's lawyer falsely claimed the central Mexico resident's visa paperwork had expired, Melissa Weiss-Riner told the Arizona Republic.

Previously up-thread I questioned this Richard fella as to what criminal act "Jose" had "admitted" he had done and I was summarily brushed off as being a "troll."

I could only assume that Richard also incorrectly thought that "Jose" was an " illegal alien" and therefore Jose was a criminal. WRONG!

Even if "Jose" was illegal, BLACKMAIL, especially under the color of authority, is a major FELONY.

And, as far as this Richard labeling me a "troll"? Everything I've read out of Richard I take on face value that he's totally incompetent when it comes to anything that could come close to rational or pragmatic thought.


I could only assume that Richard also incorrectly thought that "Jose" was an " illegal alien" and therefore Jose was a criminal. WRONG!

Alas, OGD, you have misconstrued Ele the Dick, or so I speculate.

Consider the following possibility:

In response to the data obviating any illegality vis-a-vis Babeu's Boytoy's immigration status, Ele attempted, by way of riposte, the epithet "Chollo", meaning that, to him, any person of Mexican ancestry was no better than a gangster, hence "illegal".

Not wishing, however, to out himself as the racist pig he is, Ele tried to translate "Chollo", and in  his ignorance, rendered it "Troll"

That, in any case, is my defense of Ele the Dick.


A GOP diehard made the defense that Sheriff Studboi1 courageously tolerated repeated sessions of gay sex with a dangerous Mexican criminal solely, and exclusively, to out a vicious and dangerous element in our midst. The goal being to ultimately protect and defend our freedoms and way of life.  A mission he did alone and without fanfare or expecting approbation from less stalwart patriots, or traitors who don't vote Republican, who neither know, nor appreciate, the job or the risks GOP leaders like him take day in and day out, fighting the forces that would destroy civilization itself.

To which, one is ineluctably drawn to the old saying,

"They also serve who only bend and wait,,,"

The Sherrif has given for his country, even unto the nethermost...umm, the

The only drawback... Jolly . . .

Will this get in the way of knowing where all the bones were buried in the desert?



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