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Just another Friday afternoon at the haiku-lodeon

This week's heap of haikus: 
 If you choose to use
a magnifying glass, know
that you will find flaws.
A winter sunrise,
the wind wakes my face, the air
makes steam from my breath.
Tanka haiku: 
Two well-worn pathways,
begin from where we're standing.
Both lead to sunsets.
    Choose to walk the dusty trail,
    for paved paths hold no challenge.
Repressed laughter still
echoes through the chapel of
the funeral home.
There's nothing greater
anyone can give us, than
our own awareness.
 That their love endured
such long separations, showed
hearts of tempered steel.
 At her mom's bedside,
with no blessings to bestow,
she could only cry.
 Through a painter's eyes,
and a poet's soul, you'll find
beauty in the world.
Double haiku:  Oreos and milk
are the double martinis
of the pre-school crowd.
 Plate-fuls of cookies,
like magician's assistants;
blink your eye, they're gone.
 Do you ever stop
and think about how diff'rent
your life might have been?
I saw a robin
this morning, perched on a branch ...
wearing a sweater.
Waiting patiently
for the next train to New York,
I make up stories.
Singing counterpoint
lets harmonious couples
blend their diff'rent tunes.
On my stroll last night,
I met a man that I knew
in my distant past.
Friends never bother
with your harshest critics for
they know your true heart.
Will you dance with me?
We can waltz through all life's storms,
if you take my hand.
The candidate spoke
for more than twenty minutes,
but convinced no-one.
He was so sleepy,
he spread the raspberry jam
on both toast and hand.
Double haiku:  Her heart wept when she
found some old love letters and
forgot who wrote them.
Love letters revealed
the seeds of her broken heart
and now, the harvest.
Shadows thrown upon
a brick wall by passing cars,
flee into doorways.


 If you choose to use
a magnifying glass, know
that you will find flaws.
I was the only guy in my law school who graduated without glasses! ha
I have had both eyes operated on over the last decade.
Sunglasses would have done the trick.
But a few months ago I actually purchased a magnifying glass  so that I could read the relevant info on my drug store purchases as well as some grocery store coupons. haahahah
Oh and the cold.
I once posted about the severe cold up here in '04? and Q shows up and tells us that every year in late January he exists in 40 below temps and his breath falls unto the ground like broken glass. Two weeks and we had two days.
The seasons do not match our age!
I suppose that I am somewhere in the beginning of December--if I had eschewed certain vices it might have been November. haahahah
That's all I got! ha

Thanks DD.  I've had lens replacement surgery on both eyes, (and then lost the sight in one due to glaucoma.)  I get very frustrated with all the 4pt. and 8pt. font sizes being used.  It takes a really good magnifying glass to make stuff that small readable even with reading glasses.  If it's on the computer, I usually give up and just cut and paste the tiny type into an email or word document and raise the font size to a more readable level.  I have lost all willingness to struggle when I read.  Prescription drug labels are the worst. I don't even bother now,  I just skim the accompanying literature instead of trying to get pertinent info off the bottle.   Cheers. 



I am sorry, sincerely sorry.

But when one suffers from the same or similar probs, what the hell is a mother to do?

I do know this.

A thirty year old would have no idea what to make of your current ocular status.

It is like you wake up one morn with a new disability; you attempt to cope with it and you move one until your disabilities overtake your abilities.

If you know what I mean.

I love the manner in which you cope. I hope I can do the same over the coming years without whining about it.

You are a brave and innovative soul!


My 'ocular status' makes going to 3-D movies pointless.  

My philosophy is that anything can be coped with as long as you maintain two qualities;  a willingness to adapt and a sense of humor.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with both.


My Dear Mr. Smith,

Here is a font trick I learned some years ago to help with my own failing vision; press down on the "ctrl" key and at the same time use the center scroll wheel on the mouse. This action will cause the font to get bigger or smaller depending on which way the wheel is turned.

I just read your haikus in an easy reading 16 pt. font. No fuss, no muss. cool


Fantastic!! Thanks flowerchild!!

When the clouds permit,

balloons for the funeral

refract a cold light.


Nice moat.  I apologize in advance for the silliness of my variation:


refract a cold light
using a too hot iron;
laser, singe the blues.





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