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    Friday afternoon at the Haiku-lodeon 06-08-2012


    How do the living
    deal with the dying, and not
    get stuck in their realm?
    It's difficult. So we must
    tread lightly 'round Life's edges.
    And with all my heart
    I do pledge to thee, my troth;
    my sweetness, my love.

    (Wishing a most happy marriage tomorrow to my friends, Veronica and Stu.)
    Whispering bridesmaids,
    gossip 'bout the men at the
    bachelor party.
    Two little dogs rush
    onto the elevator ....
    But-their hopes-are dashed.
    tanka haiku: With a glass of milk,
    juice and toast, cereal makes
    a balanced breakfast.

    Good to know if you have got
    Vertigo and crave corn flakes.
    With Spondylitis
    Iritis might smite us and
    Eye won't be happy.

    Don't try to spite us
    when it comes to Iritis
    all-right-us means 'drops.
    Kittens often purr
    when close to those they love ... and
    to those that feed them.
    She proposes roses,
    he jokes, (or kids), orchids. The
    flowers remained mum.
    A red-haired man sits
    next to her. We can't see him.
    Her angel is here.
    Her world's no larger
    than the size of her bed and
    the depth of her dreams.
    If you want the world
    to be your oyster, it helps
    to know how to shuck.
    Strumming a banjo,
    he sang that Hope was gone, but ...
    it was in his voice.
    Waiting by the door,
    a shy young girl fidgets with
    a yellow wrist-band.
    On a cloudy day
    with intermittent rain, a
    laugh can still break through.
    tanka haiku: it's rare, one event
    inspires two new phrases
    which mean the same thing;

    Caesar said, 'the die is cast'
    as he 'crossed the Rubicon'.
    Lingering in dreams
    she floats through circumstances
    which replay her life.
    Japanese maples
    rustle noiselessly outside
    while my mother sleeps.


    Don't feed that damned cat

    Now look, kittens everywhere

    Anyone got milk?






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