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    Early-bird Friday special at the Haiku-lodeon ...



    This week's heap of haikus:


    Sun’s up, day’s begun.
    What’s to come will not be fun.
    Letting go is hard.



    Our hearts are widest
    when we put aside our thoughts
    and let ourselves feel.



    haiku-radio: "Ah, here we are in
    Allen's Alley. Let's see if
    Titus Moody's home ..."

    "Howdy Bub ... Radio? Don't
    care fer furniture that talks."

    Fred Allen - 5/31/1894 - 3/17/1956






    tanka haiku: My neighbor's daughter
    has a lemonade stand which
    offers free cookies.
        A lousy biz'ness model?
        Yeah, but then, so is Facebook.







    My oak tree offers
    shade to both friends and strangers ...
    Cool breezes extra.






     Sometimes in my dreams,
    I meet you in Times Square and
    we are "us" again.







    It takes letting go
    and willingness for one to
    find Elysian Fields.





    The words some fear most;
    "I've become my parents" ... aren't
    always set in stone ...






     He's considered dull;
    just muddling through Life ... yet
    his heart slays dragons.






    Chaos is ordered;
    Ordinary orderlies
    are out of order.






    tanka haiku: Sunny, Summer days
    running through fields, resting 'neath
    the shade of an oak.

        Then we ride bikes to the park
        and play baseball 'til dinner.






    Blistering come-backs
    bounced through his head, but all he
    could say was, "Oh YEAH?!"






    This haiku chain from last week's comments section deserves repeating:

    Verified Atheist: I step outside, breathe
    Nature is wearing perfume
    Flowers are harlots

    A Man Called Lulu: Flowers are harlots
    most purchased for their beauty
    this john loves them all.

    MrSmith1: Scarlet harlots thrive
    in my garden, but you should
    see their pimpernel.






    Blistering come-backs
    bounced through his head, but all he
    could say was, "Oh YEAH?!"

    The story of my life summed up in 17 syllables. How sad is that?

    I have problems with the form. hahahahah....but...




    I marched to the store

    At dawn with frost in the air

    I wore winter clothes


    I marched once again

    Midmorn in the sun in sweats

    My view t'ward the pond


    I repeated the journ

    At noon in a short-sleeved shirt

    A bright sunshine shone


    A year's wear in hours

    With wonder and awe I saw

    A year in a day


    A year in a day

    Changes can be so awesome

    You blink and miss it


    Consider the Tao

    And you think you know the way

    The Tao can vary


    We think that we know

    But can you deny what shone

    A year in a day



    Wow, DD.   Thank you for that.  Truly inspiring.

    A year in a Day
    Unlike a year in a Smith
    asks, "Who's Tao art thou?"


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